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81 Tides Of War Part One

 Misaki was very happy that Chief Takahara and his men were willing to join the Nagasawa clan. Once they got their systems and started leveling up. With their previous military training, they would be a force to reckon with.

"Okay, for now, we will need to take an inventory count. We need a list of what weapons we have and the number of working exoskeleton suits. Anything that is damaged that can be repaired needs to come with us as well. We need a full headcount of soldiers and civilians. We have to pull everyone we can out now while the monster count is still reasonably low. There is no telling how fast the monster population will grow.

"General Utsumi I will leave the soldiers and equipment counts to you. Chief Takahara, the citizens trust you. I will need you to explain to them what is going on. Give them a choice. They can either come with us or stay here. If they choose to stay here then they will be left to their own devices. We will only give them one chance to come to the Nagasawa clan for refuge with us escorting them. Otherwise, they can still come but they will need to do so on their own."

After saying this Misaki took out a piece of paper and started to draw a diagram.

"The trip back will be very dangerous. I am not sure if any lives will be lost or not. We have five people here who can effectively kill monsters. Along with Ra'thar that makes six. Ra'thar and Mimi will be at the forefront. This will at least ward off the monsters ahead of the escort. Astero, Angel, and Testu will be at the back. I will be taking up the left and right flanks. Soldiers in exoskeleton suits will make out the outer perimeter while other soldiers will surround the civilians keeping the civilians in the middle.

"Our main concern is civilians being picked off from the sky. So we will need people who always have eyes on the sky. We will be escorting thousands of people a long distance. Normally this would be about a thirty minute walk. With this many people, it will turn into a two hours walk, maybe more if we are attacked by monsters. This will also cause disorder and fear in the citizens. Mimi's main job will be to use a protection shield to cover the citizens as soon as a group of monsters approach and maintain it for as long as she can. This will mean no heals for anyone.

"This escort mission will be long and grueling. But if we push through and keep our eyes out for monsters at all times we should be able to get back to the Nagasawa clan's base with minimal losses." Misaki continued to run down every aspect that they needed to watch out for.

Monsters were vicious and not afraid to die. Once they attack they attack to kill. They, of course, would try to dodge any incoming attacks but just getting hurt would not cause them to run away. It was kill or be killed when fighting against monsters.

After planning out the course of actions Misaki was about to wrap things up when she got a message from Ra'thar. "My Lord, a large group of humans are making their way here. They are all level 10 and over."

Misaki's face turned black. "Ra'thar by large how large are we talking?"

"My Lord, at least a thousand or more. That human female from before is in the lead. At the speed they are going it will be about five minutes before they arrive." Ra'thar answered.

"Okay, thanks Ra'thar. Do not attack unless you are attacked first." Misaki wished now that she had killed Eriko before. But to have so many Full Divers already means that she had been setting up as soon as the monsters started showing up in the real world!

Misaki turned to Chief Takahara and said: "It seems Eternal Games could not wait. I don't know if their target is me and my team or the military itself. I am not sure if they want to coax you into joining them or wipe you out completely so no remnants of the old government are left."

"I will get my men ready for combat. You just give the signal when we are needed." Chief Takahara had already taken Misaki as his new leader. She had all the qualifications to be one. Her planning was always in depth and never she second guessed what she was doing. If things needed to change mid fight she would do it. He had heard what She did on the battlefield when she was defending the wall before the Ogre showed up. When it did it took her no time at all to start formulating a new plan and she even had time to warn those around her as well. In a new age where the younger ones had more knowledge of the ongoings of this new world. She was a perfect leader.

Misaki nodded her head as she headed to where Ra'thar was with Chiho and the rest. "Ra'thar what's the situation now?"

"My Lord they are all standing a distance away. The human female from before is walking towards me now." Ra'thar replied.

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Misaki hurried her pace and met up with Ra'thar who placed his hand on the ground so that Misaki and her team could climb up onto his shoulders. Watase Eriko's eyes squinted upon seeing Misaki and her team. Giving a "Humph" she did not proceed any further but yelled out in a loud voice: "Miss Misaki, I will ask that you do not get involved in this. As the new leader of this new world, Eternal Games will be wiping out what remains of the old government. Although we are at war with you and your Nagasawa clan. It is in both of our best interests to get rid of the old system!"

Misaki let out a laugh. 'This Watase Eriko has lost her mind. It seems that after gaining a system she has become power hungry and thinks she is the queen of all.' "Miss Watase I will say this now. You are not going to touch anyone here. If I recall correctly your Eternal Games Building is on the northside of Main Street. The road splits the city in two. While my Nagasawa clan resides on the southside of Main Street. Let's use this as a dividing line. The south belongs to the Nagasawa clan while the north belongs to Eternal Games. What do you say to this?" Misaki was trying to use some diplomatic means to split the city for now. In order to keep the fighting down to a minimum for a while.

"Hahaha! Miss Misaki, you seem to not understand. Eternal Games now owns all of Japan! You have no right to decide where the dividing line is!" Watase Eriko was furious. She had already planned to take over all of Japan. She would start with City C and then expand from there!

"Then it seems negotiations have failed. Since that is the case and now I see anything south of Main Street as my territory, then I can assume you are invading my lands with the number of people you have brought." Misaki's eyes turned cold. Her voice was domineering. Her Demon Lord like aura spread out as if a god had descended down to earth. Ra'thar felt its whole body shiver as it felt the aura coming from Misaki. It was only Misaki that did not seem to notice this aura.

"I-If you want to think of it in that manner then yes I am invading your territory!" Watase Eriko felt a little fear when she looked into Misaki's cold eyes. She could feel the air in the area suddenly change causing a chill to run down her spine. But as the leader of Eternal Games, she could not back down or show any signs of this fear to Misaki.

"Then that is all I needed to know!" Misaki raised her hand above her head and a large fireball formed in the sky. She looked at the people behind Watase Eriko and smiled before lowering her hand and causing the fireball to fly towards the large group of people behind Watase Eriko.

Watase Eriko was still new to this whole battle thing so she was stunned at how decisive Misaki was. With no hesitation, she started to attack her people. After being rooted in place for a few seconds she quickly shouted out: "Attack!"

A loud roar filled the air as the thousand or so Full Divers all shouted out their battle cries. Magic spells filled the air as they flew towards Misaki and the rest.


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