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80 Building An Army Part Two

 Chief Takahara went into deep thought. He knew it was true that this world was now in a new era. It would no longer be the same. The young girl in front of him is a great example of this. Not only did she fight head on with monsters and kill many of them. Something that his own military and government could not do. But she also subjugated the huge ogre and made it her follower. Right now there was nothing left of the old Japanese government system. So he and his men were all basically mercenaries.

Misaki did not press Chief Takahara to answer her question. She sat quietly at the side as she conversed with Ra'thar who was sitting outside telepathically. "Ra'thar how are things out there?"

"My Lord, there is nothing out of the ordinary, only a few fire wolves have passed by but they did not stop since I was sitting here." Ra'thar answered. Ra'thar was highly intelligent due to its intelligence stat being high. It was just very simple minded. Which was an ogre trait. But that would mean nothing now since it was now one of Misaki's followers. Its simple minded trait could no longer be used against Misaki.

"Good. If you see any humans trying to get in, detain them. Any human who is trying to get into the shelter with you sitting there is more than likely an enemy!" Misaki was keeping her guard up against people from Eternal Games. It was going to be hard to figure out who is who. So from the time, Watase Eriko said that Eternal Games was declaring war she decided to trust no one that acted suspiciously.

After thinking for a while Chief Takahara finally came down to a decision. "Miss Misaki, You said you were going to war with Eternal Games is that correct?"

"Yes. But it's not going to war, we are already at war with them. Right now Nagasawa clan's power is greater than Eternal Games. That is only because we have Ra'thar. In the future, they will be able to out level us. Their CEO Watase Eriko already out levels me by six levels but that means nothing because she only has a higher level and little to no combat knowledge. They have the ability to boost their [XP] per kill in game. So they can level a lot faster.

"But that is different now. Monsters are spawning in the real world which means while they are safely leveling up within the game we can use the monsters in the real world to get just as much [XP] as them even more by risking our lives. But what's more, is that if we kill some of their people there is a chance we can gain some of their [XP] pots for ourselves.

" In the last battle before I left to head here, I collected the bodies of those members that me and my team killed. I was going to feed them to Ra'thar as a treat. But when I added them to my inventory I also gained the items they had in their inventory. Besides a bunch of useless junk, I spotted a large number of these [XP] pots. I have about three hundred of them right now. And what's more, is that they are a 200% boost to [XP] per kill. Which means one [XP] pot will give us about triple the experience. So if I kill a monster in the real world that is worth 200 [XP] with the boost I will get 600 [XP]" Misaki was surprised when she found these [XP] pots but with everything that happened with Chiho and Chizuru both kissing her and all the other events she never did get a chance to mention it to the others. Each of these [XP] pots lasted for seven days. That was seven days of real world time. This meant if Misaki and her team worked together and killed real world monsters they could stay ahead of the game. She would keep one hundred of the [XP] pots for her and her team while distributing the rest amongst the stronger members of the Nagasawa clan and members who had just gained a system. This would help boost their levels faster while they played safe in game and get them ready for real world combat.

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Chief Takahara was surprised to hear all this. To think the spoils of war in this new era were ways of quickly raising one's level. "General, what do you think?" Chief Takahara turned to ask General Utsumi.

"I for one say yes. If it was not for Miss Misaki giving such a decisive command, me and my men would not be alive right now nor would the engineers and construction works who were building the wall." General Utsumi answered.

"Mmm. My thoughts exactly. Combined we have over five thousand soldiers. This includes the best military strategists in the country. We have some of the best minds in Japan here. Miss Misaki, we are willing to follow under your command. But we will never go against our morals. We will protect the citizens at all costs before anything else." Chief Takahara's main concern was the people who were left alive. Japan had suffered greatly and the amount of Japanese still alive was not many.

"That is understandable. I do not want anyone to go against their own morals. But I will say this, the Nagasawa clan is at war with Eternal Games. This means we will be killing some of these citizens that you are talking about. I do not know how you feel about this?" Misaki Wanted to build an army that could keep the Nagasawa clan safe from its enemies. If they were not willing to kill enemies then she could not rely on Chief Takahara and General Utsumi.

"Those that Misaki considers enemies will become our enemies as well. Our morals are mainly limited to killing women and children. Well, I guess I should say, defenseless women and children." Chief Takahara had to change his mindset now that age means nothing when it comes to levels. If a child of say ten years old had a way higher level than you and wanted to kill you. Then you would have to either kill the child or die by the child's hands.

"Un! I feel the same way. I will never harm anyone who does not wish to harm me or those around me." Misaki felt strongly about this. She had no issues of killing those who meant her harm but she would never want to harm the innocent.

"Alright, then we have a deal. I will inform my men and those in this shelter. As for getting them to your base..." Chief Takahara was a little worried about safely getting the group of citizens to a safe location. There were just too many of them at this time.

Misaki thought for a minute before calling Chiho and Tetsu in. She filled them in on the details and asked: "What do the two of you think?"

"Well, that depends. Five thousand soldiers is a lot. We have space for most but not all. We would need to greatly expand the base and even take over the surrounding area. Luckily it is mainly all warehouses around us so taking them over would be easy and this does not count the citizens either." Chiho said.

"Misaki you said that there are many engineers and construction workers, yes?" Tetsu asked.

"Yes the troops that made it back brought as many as they could with them." Misaki answered.

"Then we can have them camp out in the base and we will need teams to stand guard around them while we put them to work to expand our territory. This way we can fit everyone. I believe the power supply we currently have is enough to power an entire city if need be. But you would need to ask Master about that." Tetsu felt optimistic about creating a bigger base they could build it underground and above ground as long as the workers had protection.

"Then this will work. We will have escort missions set up to bring back supplies and equipment. So we can build the base up quickly. We will start with outer walls and temporary housing that is strong enough to withstand the attacks of winged monsters. Along with making a warning signal to warn people of incoming monsters. We also need to figure a way to create a barrier around the whole base as well." Misaki's mind was turning as idea after idea were flowing through her mind. Never did she think in such a short timeframe she would be planning how to build a small city in the middle of the turning point of a new age.


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