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79 Building An Army Part One

 Misaki was really happy to see her level was now 53. She had been at level 52 for a while now. Looking at the 10 [Status Points] Misaki decided to just leave them for now. She would wait a while and really see what she might need to up next. Right now although she could use the speed boost, it was not a mandatory thing at this time. Her strength already gave her plenty of speed and her natural instincts outshined anyone when it came to dodging. She decided that if by level sixty she did not need any more points for anything else she would dump it all into agility to make her a lot faster than she was now.

"Misaki what should we do next?" Chiho asked.

"First we need to go pick up Watari Yuri..." Just thinking of the kiss she received from Watari Yuri made Misaki blush. Chiho could sense something was off and the pinkish cheeks that Misaki was sporting were not a good sign! She felt another threat had appeared! Clearing her mind Misaki came up with an idea. "Chiho do you still have your earpiece we got from the military?"

"Yes, I do why do you want it?" Chicho asked.

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"Yeah, I want to see if I can bring in a brigade of the military to join the Nagasawa clan!" Misaki's eyes glowed. If she can bring Chief Takahara and those under him to her side then the Nagasawa clan would not need to worry too much about being overrun by Eternal Games in the future. Pressing the button on the earpiece Misaki said: "Chief Takahara can you hear me?"

Chief Takahara who was sitting in a shelter with General Utsumi standing next to him. The two were going over strategic maps in order to try to build a safe haven for the survivors. When they heard Misaki's voice coming over the radio Chief Takahara was surprised and quickly answered. "Yeah I can hear you loud and clear Miss Misaki are you and your friends okay?"

"Yeah, we are fine. I have taken control of the Ogre. He is now one of my followers. But more importantly due to the battle monsters have flooded the city. I have to ask what is left of the old government." Misaki asked this first because if the old government system was still there then it might be hard to get them to switch to her side.

Chief Takahara let out a dry laugh. "You are basically speaking to the last of the government. The plane the Prime Minister was on was taken out by winged monsters. All the top officials of Japan are no more. It is just me and General Utsumi and about five thousand men in total."

Hearing this Misaki figured this would make things easier. "Chief, give me your location. I will be bringing my team with me to meet you. There are a few things I need to discuss with you."

Chief Takahara gave Misaki his location and Misaki told him she would be there within the next hour. She quickly made her way to the games shop where she hid Watari Yuri in the hidden storage located in the floor. Misaki knocked on the metal cover and shouted: "Watari Yuri It's me Misaki are you okay?"

A voice full of sobs replied: "Mi-Mi-Misaki!" The cover to the storage flew off as Watari Yuri jumped out of the hole and flung her arms around Misaki. She buried her head into Misaki's neck and started crying. Chiho was startled at this scene but seeing the girl crying softened her heart as she stood next to Watari and patted her head.

"Chiho, can you and Chizuru take care of Watari? We need to head out quickly but she can't go anywhere like this. " Misaki asked.

"Yeah, that's fine." Chiho and Chizuru pulled Watari Yuri into the bathroom and helped her get cleaned up.

While that was going on Misaki stood next to Tetsu and asked: "Tetsu how many unused full dive helmets do we have left?"

"Young Miss, we have around eight hundred." Tetsu replied.

Misaki looked around and then went to the back storage. A big smile formed on her face when she saw box after box of Full Dive gear. "Seems they got a delivery before the monsters showed up. It seems to be about two hundred sets here. Tetsu, Shinji, help me take all these!"

Very quickly the three went to work and stored all the Full Dive gear into their inventories. "Tetsu when we get back, order a few people to work on expanding the residential floors of the base. Also, create a new training space off both residential floors. Then also start working on a space for markets. Monsters are still pouring into the city. We can bring in as many refugees as we can. Take in those with skills first. If I can bring in the military personnel then we will have a larger force to work with. Also, get the labs to start working on creating our own full dive gears. For now, we can only search the city to find more. Today we hit a jackpot so let's hope we can get more sets quickly."

The biggest problem was the lack of unused Full Dive gears. Misaki figured if they could create their own then they would not need to worry about no one being without a system. Misaki wanted to bring as many people as she could to her side. But this would require them being able to protect themselves and also help with certain tasks in game and out of game. Their world was no longer the same. There was no telling how many humans were still alive in the world. Their survival relied on the game and the real world now.

Misaki watched as Chiho and Chizuru both walked out of the bathroom. They both seemed to have sullen faces. Confused, Misaki asked: "Chiho what's wro.. Mphf!"

Chiho did not let Misaki finish her words before pushing her lips against Misaki's! Shinji and Tetsu both stood there stunned! Once Chiho was done before Misaki could understand what was going on, Chizuru did the same thing! Once Chizuru finally broke her kiss with Misaki, she said: "We will not lose!"

Misaki stood dazed for a moment trying to figure out what was going on! 'What are they not losing to!?' She could not wrap her head around what they were talking about. What's more, she wanted to know why they just kissed her! "Uh... Umm... Chiho? Chizuru?" But both Chiho and Chizuru completely ignored Misaki and did not even look at her. Which confused Misaki even more!

Still confused, Misaki realized they needed to get going so she tossed the whole incident to the back of her mind and wiped her lips before saying: "Alright let's get going!" Although being kissed three times by people girls at that. There were important matters that needed to be handled first.

Twenty minutes later Misaki and the rest who were riding on Ra'thar's shoulders finally arrived at the location given by Chief Takahara. Chief Takahara who was waiting outside with a group of soldiers was shocked to see Misaki show up riding the giant ogre. "Chief Takahara, it's good to see you again!" Misaki said as her and the rest were let down to the ground by way of Ra'thar's hand.

"Misaki this...?" Chief Takahara was nervous. Seeing such a large monster he did not know what to say.

"This is Ra'thar he is one of my followers now." Misaki said nonchalantly. "More importantly I need you to listen to what I have to say."

"Alright, why not come into the tent to have a seat." Chief Takahara gave another glance at Ra'thar before turning and heading back into the tent.

Misaki followed after him along with the rest of her team. Ra'thar took a seat outside the tent and waited for Misaki to be finished. "Chief Takahara, I will be frank with you. Our world has changed. Humans are no longer the dominant species of this planet. In order to survive, we now have to change according to the situation. As of today my team along with every person of the Nagasawa clan are at war with Eternal Games. While I was talking with my team they deliberately fired magic attacks at us and also demanded me to turn the ogre over to them. I refused and Watase Eriko, one of the CEOs of Eternal Games declared war on the Nagasawa clan. One thing led to another and we ended up fighting. Our side killed fifty of their people and as you can see we are alive and well here."

Chief Takahara was taken back by this information from Misaki. It had not even been a day yet and the powers that had prepared had already started going to war! "I understand all this but what do you want from us?"

"What I want is simple. Soon City C and all of Japan will end up being split into two factions. The Nagasawa clan and Eternal Games. The Nagasawa clan wants to help the surviving people and give them the means to survive in this new world. This, of course, means the military personnel that is left. I want to invite you and your men into the Nagasawa clan. We currently have around one thousand Full Dive gears in stock that are not in use. And we are going to start researching how to reverse engineer the Full Dive gears so we can make our own. By having a gear one is able to gain a system after they log into game. I would like to invite you and your men to join the Nagasawa clan and we will provide you with the gears you need to gain your systems and survive in this new world. Only thing is that you will be under my command. What do you think, Chief Takahara?"


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