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78 Declaration Of War

 Misaki looked at the figure walking over to her, Chiho, and the rest. It seemed that Eternal Games was laying in wait. Not only that they also attacked her and the rest. Frowning Misaki said coldly: "Miss Watase, what is the meaning of attacking me and my team? You are not the owners of this city nor this country and from what I gather you even seem to have lost control of the Full Dive system." Misaki looked at all the levels of the people coming towards them. They were all still relatively low. Even Watase Eriko was only level 59.

"Very observant..." Watase Eriko had to applaud Misaki for her ability to notice the fine details in things. It was true that they had lost control of the system and even their [XP] rate was reduced. But they still had access to the store so they could give [XP] Boost to her and her people. But even then the leveling was very slow.

Misaki looked over all the people standing behind Watase Eriko. She was pretty amazed at the number of people that had shown up there were around two hundred of them. "Lord, shall I kill them?"

Ra'thar could sense the hostility coming from the group of people who had just shown up. He did not like how this Hostility was being directed towards its Lord! "No, it's fine for now I will give you the signal if we need to fight."

"Yes, my Lord." Ra'thar stood tall and proud as Misaki adjusted herself and leisurely laid down on her side and propped her head up with her hand. She truly looked like a Demon Lord as she casually laid on Ra'thar's shoulder.

"Miss Watase if I say no to your demands, what will you do about it?" Misaki asked.

"I do not want to have to use force to get what I want. Just be a good child and hand over the ogre. It is of no use in your hands. We are coming into a new age and only Eternal Games's has the right and ability to rule within this new age. As the CEO of Eternal Games, this makes me the new Queen of Japan!" Watase Eriko said in a righteous tone. It seemed as if every word she said was, fact. She thought of Misaki as nothing more than an insignificant ant that should bow down to her.

Unfortunately, she did not get the reaction she thought she would. "HAHAHAHA! Miss Watase, did you smoke some kind of weird drug this morning? Yes, we are moving into a new age. This is a given with how most of the population of Japan is now dead and most likely the same across the world. But that does not make Eternal Games the sole ruler of Japan. You have power and the means to do certain things but you forget something..." Misaki paused and looked at Watase Eriko mockingly.

"And what is this thing that I forgot?" Watase Eriko was starting to get impatient. She came here to secure the ogre to build up Eternal Games's power. She knew right now was not the best time to be fighting with Misaki and her group. But if she was forced to do so she would.

"You see the Nagasawa clan is a lot more powerful than Eternal Games at this time. Not only are we more powerful but we have the ability to rule over this land as the sole leaders. But at this time we are not striving for this ideal. But if Miss Watase is bent on trying to fight with us I do not mind feeding my friend here with some of your subordinates..." Misaki gently patted Ra'thar's neck with her hand. This caused Ra'thar's eyes to beam with excitement at the mention of food.

Watase Eriko gritted her teeth. She could not leave here without gaining something! If she could not get the ogre she could at least kill one or two of Misaki's people to reduce some of the power of the Nagasawa clan! "Then you leave me no choice! From this day forward Enteral Games declares war on the Nagasawa clan!" Watase Eriko then raised her hand and lowered it as she shouted out: "Attack!"

"Tetsu, protect Mimi at all costs. Mimi, concentrate everything you have on Angel and Astero. No need to worry about me, these guys are too low level to do much harm to me and my [HP] regeneration is off the charts for my level. Plus I have Ra'thar to protect me as well. Right Ra'thar?" Misaki gave out her commands as she got up and readied herself.

"I will protect my lord with my life!" Ra'thar said as he let out an ear piercing roar.


Those from Eternal Games that were charging forward suddenly got hit by the vocal waves from Ra'thar that had a stunning effect. Seeing this Misaki yelled out: "Commence Attack!"

This was the first time Misaki and the rest had fought against humans in the real world who had systems. Except for Misaki who killed the large fat man and maybe Tetsu, this would be the first time Chiho, Chizuru, and Shinji would have no choice but to kill another human.

Fireballs, energy arrows, and many other spells flew back and forth some collided in the air causing massive explosions to sound off. Misaki jumped to the ground and charged towards the melee fighters. She could not let them get to her backline. Ra'thar, ran next to her sweeping his arms down, swiping anything that came near him. Misaki was not afraid of anyone coming up from behind them because the whole area there was sealed off due to the buildings that had fallen down.

Misaki ran up to the man who was standing in front of her. He was of the orc race, his big muscles and green skin protruded out of his clothes making him look like a giant compared to Misaki. Before the man could even attack, Misaki stabbed her Queen's Blade into the ground and used it as a vaulting pole to hurl himself into the air pulling the sword along with her. She did a front flip and got herself above the man in front of her. With no hesitation in her movements, she stabbed down stabbing directly into the man's head. Her feet landed on the man's shoulders. The man had no idea he was already stabbed in the head. He reached up to try to grab Misaki only to miss as she jumped up and did a double front flip before landing on the ground behind the man. Her sword was pulled out along with her, causing a spray of blood to shoot up into the air like a water fountain. The man's body staggered a few steps before falling face first into the ground in a pool of his own blood. She did not stop there and she stabbed out towards the next man reaping his life as well.

Watase Erkio who was standing in the back watching what was happening stood in shock at how violent Misaki was. She did not think a fifteen year old girl could be so bloodthirsty that she would not hesitate to kill someone and she did not even stop there in only a matter of a minute she had killed three people on her own. But the facts stood right in front of her. She had already lost fifty people in a span of only a few minutes. Most were killed by Ra'thar while the rest were done by Misaki, Chiho, and Shinji. Seeing how the odds were against her, Watase Eriko quickly issued an order for everyone to retreat. "Retreat!" Watase Eriko glared at Misaki as she yelled out: "As of now you may be stronger but do not forget we have [XP] Boost that will allow us to level faster than you! So what if you got a high level ogre? In a few months, you will not be able to even touch even a hair of my Eternal Games! Remember this Miss Misaki, Your Nagasawa clan is now at war with us!"

Misaki watched Watase Eriko's retreating back and the members of her group following behind and let out a long sigh. She turned around to look at Chiho and the rest and said: "How are you all? Did anyone get hurt?"

"Fine here! Tetsu protected us well!" Chiho answered.

"Good. But what about emotionally. Those were humans after all." Misaki wanted to know what their mental state was like since they had just fought and killed humans for the first time.

"Strangely I do not seem to feel anything."Chiho answered first.

"Same here..." Chizuru said. "It's weird, normally I would be bothered by this kind of thing but I feel nothing. As if this was a natural course of action."

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"Yeah, Misaki this is weird. None of us feel sick or any kind of trauma for killing other humans." Shinji added.

"Might be something to do with the system. But this is good. Because we are now at war with Eternal Games... Sorry guys this might have started because of me." Misaki realized that they were now at war with Eternal Games because of her actions.

"Misaki do not worry. You did this in the best interest of the Nagasawa clan and us." Chiho said with a smile.

"Yeah do not worry we will follow you no matter what. All of your ideas and thoughts have always shown that you were right. Your choice this time could be wrong but at the same time, it could not be wrong. If anything we do not know what Eternal Games would have done if you did in fact handover Ra'thar." Shinji said.

"Your right. Plus I can talk to Ra'thar telepathically so it would be wrong of me if I gave Ra'thar up." Misaki noticed there was a number change on her hud. "Oh! I leveled up!"


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