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77 Qualities Of A Demon Lord

 Misaki quickly returned to the area where the Ogre boss was located but now the landscape had completely changed. She could still hear the fighting going on as the area came into view. All of the towers that used to stand nice and tall had been smashed into piles of rubble. Misaki was about to say that she was here when a stray arrow and a few fireballs came flying at her due to the Ogre boss dodging the attack. Misaki was about to dodge when a huge shadow came overhead and blocked the attack for her.

Stunned at what was happening right before her eyes, Misaki saw that the Ogre boss was standing before her with its large hand that had just blocked the attack was hovering over her.


[System Message!]

[Ra'thar wants to become your follower!]

[If you hit yes Ra'thar will listen to you every command and become your faithful follower.]

[If you hit no Ra'thar will become your enemy and try to kill you.]

Misaki was very surprised seeing the message. She quickly yelled to Chiho and the rest. "Stop attacking! Cancel anything you just fired off!"

The fireballs and arrows that were flying through the air all dissipated. "Misaki why did you call off the attack!?" Chicho was the first to speak up.

"Give me a second and you will see!" Misaki said excitedly.

Looking at the message on her screen Misaki quickly pressed the yes button. A bright light shined down on both Ra'thar and herself.


[System Message!]

[You have just unlocked A Demon Lord's secret passive skill!]

[Qualities Of A Demon Lord]

[Qualities Of A Demon Lord is a passive skill that will allow a Demon Lord to gain followers by gaining the recognition of the follower. These followers will always be loyal to the Demon Lord. Said followers will show that they wish to follow a Demon Lord on their own. Some will do what they can to protect the Demon Lord from harm while others will bow down in front of the Demon Lord to show their submission. It will then be up to the Demon Lord to allow the said follower to join the Demon Lords, Demon Army. Each Follower will also have a chance to evolve as time goes on. If the Demon Lord evolves then all followers under the Demon Lord will also evolve.]


[System Message!]

[You have just unlocked A Demon Lord's secret skill!]

[Demon Lord's Subjugation]

[Demon Lord's Subjugation is a skill with a forty eight hour cooldown that once used will try to forcefully subjugate a monster into becoming a follower. Subjugated followers are not as loyal as ones that willingly joined to become a follower of the Demon Lord. There is always a chance a subjugated follower will try to turn onto the Demon Lord. There is also a chance that the subjugated follower will turn into a loyal follower over time if treated right. If subjugation fails then said monster will turn berserker and will stop at nothing to try to kill the Demon Lord who tried to subjugate it. The success rate of this skill is based on the Demon Lords [Mind] Stat. Unless said follower becomes a loyal follower they will not evolve on their own nor will they evolve when the Demon Lord evolves.]


[System Message!]

[New Menu Available!]

[Demon Army Menu has been added to your menus tab. You can organize, call, and recall Followers through this menu. You can also see your current followers stats from this menu. ]

Seeing these new skills and menus made Misaki want to jump for joy. She couldn't help but start dancing. This of course was seen by Chiho and the rest who all stood in shock. "Misaki what the hell is that!? Please do not tell me that that is a dance!" Chiho knew Misaki was good at a lot of things her perfect image of Misaki was completely ruined by the sight of this so called dance that Misaki was doing.

"They always say genius all have one bad trait and that trait is so bad it could cause people to want to puke just looking at it. I now understand what this means." Shinji really felt that his stomach was about to come up.

Chizuru broke down crying after seeing such a scene. "Master, why!?"

As for Tetsu, he was looking up at the sky whistling a random tone acting as if nothing was going on in the direction Misaki was in. That was until what happened next.

The Ra'thar the Ogre boss started to copy Misaki's dance as well so now there was one human, one Ogre, doing the world's worst dance amongst the destroyed buildings. In a way, it was actually a disgustingly peaceful scene. Chiho and the rest came to a unanimous agreement to never said a word about Misaki's dancing ability. This was just not something you could not tell others about!

After a few minutes of dancing between both Misaki and the Ra'thar. Misaki looked up at the large ogre and asked: "Can you understand me?"

Misaki who was just expecting a nod heard a voice in her head. "Yes, my Lord, I can understand you. Is there anything that Ra'thar can do for you, my Lord?"

Misaki smiled brightly when she found out that Ra'thar could talk to her telepathically. "I just want to ask what made you want to become my follower?"

"My Lord when you were talking to that large fat man the sinister smile on your face was enough to even send chills down my spine and then you fed me a tasty treat! " Hearing Ra'thar's explanation caused Misaki to shake her head. Although he was Level 250 he was still a simple minded Ogre.

Misaki thought for a moment and came to a decision. "If I end up killing any more humans I will save them for you later to eat. Since you decided to follow me I will treat you very well!"

Hearing this caused a huge goofy grin to appear on Ra'thar's face. It was the same grin he made when Misaki kicked the large fat man into his mouth. "Ra'thar, my friends are over there can you give me a lift and walk over to them. Do not attack them, they are good people. Now that you are my follower none of my friends will attack you anymore!"

"Ra'thar understands and will apologize to my Lord's friends for attacking them!" After saying this Ra'thar lowered its hand down to the ground and allowed Misaki to climb on to it then brought its hand up to its shoulder where Misaki jumped over to its shoulder and sat down by Ra'thar's neck.

"Guys Ra'thar and I are coming over to where you are at. Come on out the battles over." Misaki said over her team chat.

Chiho and the rest walked out of the rubble that used to be tall buildings in somewhat of a daze. Tetsu who was not as fazed as the rest asked: "Misaki what is going on?"

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"Ra'thar is now my follower. I opened up some kind of Demon Lord secret skill. Which allows me to gain followers." Misaki explained.

"So now Ra'thar is now your follower? Doesn't this make you way to OP!?" Chiho shouted out.

Rubbing her nose Misaki said: "Well for now at our current levels yes. But I think this is a good thing because we do not know the levels of those from Eternal Games. They are the game masters so they might be able to boost their levels quicker. With Ra'thar around the Nagasawa clan will have a new foothold in this new world. Eternal Games will think twice before attacking us for the time being allowing us to gain more levels. That is if they are out to gain power. I could be wrong about this. Also, my skills mentioned something about evolving. This is a new concept that was not implemented into the game. So we have a lot to understand and investigate. And it is not just us who can evolve but also monsters."

Misaki's words put everyone into deep thought. New things seemed to be popping up out of nowhere and there had not been any patch announcements either. So someone or something was adding this new content out of nowhere and was not telling anyone about it.

While Misaki and the rest were thinking a humming sound could be heard piercing through the air. "Misaki watches out! Someone is attacking!" Chiho screamed out as she fired off a few sets of arrows to intercept the attack.

Chizuru quickly called "[Mega Protection!] "

A large shield formed around Misaki, Ra'thar and the rest blocking off the attacks that were not intercepted by Chizuru's arrows. An elegant voice sounded out as a group of people walked out of the rubble of the fallen buildings. "Hmmm... To think you were able to block off our collective attack. Miss Misaki you and you team may leave but you need to leave behind the Ogre!"


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