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76 Fighting Ra’thar The Boss Ogre Part Three

 The large fat man was in a daze. He looked at Misaki and all he could see was a devil. A devil that came to take his life! Knowing his life was about to end he got up from the floor and charged at Misaki as he roared: "I will kill you!"

Misaki cold eyes watched as the large fat man charged towards her. She didn't even flinch as she stabbed her sword into the large fat man's body. "Attack!"

At Misaki's words, Chiho and Shinji both started firing off spells and arrows at the Ogre boss. The fat man who was pierced by Misaki's sword looked at her in horror. "You're a devil!" The large fat man yelled as he coughed up a mouth full of blood. It dripped down his fat cheeks down onto the floor. Blood oozed out of his body where Misakis Large blade had stabbed into him.

Misaki had already gotten used to the scent of blood after killing so many monsters. She only looked at the large fat man and smiled as she said: "I am not a devil but a Demon Lord! In fact, honestly, the one who is truly a devil would be you. You took a young and tried to r*pe her. Me killing you is nothing more than a service to humanity."


At this time Chiho's and Shinji's attacks landed on the back of the Ogre boss's head. The Ogre boss roared out in pain but did not turn around right away because there were still humans right in front of it! Misaki turned her gaze towards the Ogre boss and then turned it back towards the large fat man who was still hanging at the end of her sword but it seemed there was no life left in him. There was a large pool of blood under his feet. Misaki swung her sword towards the window causing the large fat man to slide off the end of her blade. A large amount of blood sprayed out all over Misaki as bits of flesh and bone that was caught on the hooked ends of the blade got stuck to her sword. Misaki frowned as she spun her body into a roundhouse kick and kicked the large fat man's body, sending it flying like a kite right out the window and directly into the Ogre boss's roaring mouth.


There was a gulping sound and the Ogre boss seemed to have grinned at Misaki before turning around and walking in the direction of Chiho and the rest. Misaki was stunned at the Ogre boss's reaction and thought for a minute. 'Was it just hungry?' Shaking her head and dismissing that thought, Misaki who was now covered in blood quickly went and grabbed Watari Yuri by her hand. "Let's go! You can't stay here!"

Watari Yuri was still in a daze. She did not even have time to cover herself as Misaki pulled Watari yuri into her arms and carried her princess style as they ran through the building and jumped out a window. "Angel, how long do you think you can keep the Ogre boss distracted? I have a Watari Yuri from our class here. She was in trouble so I saved her. I am rushing to get her to someplace safe."

"We can give you maybe five minutes! If we keep moving and attacking but by then we will run out of buildings to hide in!" Chiho answered as she was running through an office building.

"That is more than enough time. You guys, be careful, I will be back soon. If the buildings are all destroyed it might work out better for us since there will be more hiding spots. We will rework our plan when I get back!" Misaki said as she held Watari Yuri by the waste, jumped off the roof of the twenty story building, and then stabbed her sword into the building next to it allowing her to slide down twenty stories to the street below.

"Watari Yuri!" Misaki yelled out.

"Huh? What?" Watari Yuri who had been in a daze this whole time was clinging on to Misaki's neck hugging her tightly. Her white skin was now stained in blood that was still on Misaki's body.

"You can let go now and wear this before anyone sees you." Misaki pulled one of her shirts and a pair of pants out of her inventory and handed it to Watari Yuri.

It was then then that Watari Yuri realized that she was only wearing a pair of panties, shoes, and socks this entire time. She blushed from ear to ear as she quickly grabbed the clothes from Misaki and put them on. "Th-Thank you..." She felt sticky from the blood and wished she could take a shower but at this time there was no way to do such a thing.

"Sorry, I do have bras on me but I do not think they will fit you since I do not have much to speak of, to begin with." Misaki looked at her pitiful chest and then at the twin peaks on Watari Yuri's chest and deeply sighed. Although Watari Yuri's chest could not be called big it was still a few sizes bigger than hers.

"It's okay. Thank you so much for saving me... Umm, what's your name?" Watari Yuri asked, her cheeks rosy red as she gazed at Misaki.

"Yeah, you probably would not recognize me now that I look like this. But I am Misaki Mitsu. We used to be in the same class. But for now, I am in a hurry. Watari, I am going to bring you to a place to hide, do not leave that place until I come and get you, do you understand?" Misaki only had a couple of minutes left before she needed to meet back up with Chiho and the rest. So she could not stand around chatting right now.

"Yes, I understand." Watari Yuri nodded her head as she allowed Misaki to once again pick her up into a princess carry and carried her off. She had many questions she wanted to ask Misaki but she bit her tongue since she knew that right now was not the time to ask. She felt her heart throbbing in her chest going, *Ba-dump* *Ba-dump* *Ba-dump*, as she gazed as Misaki and felt the warmth of Misaki's body against hers. She had never felt this way before.

Misaki arrived about six buildings away from where the Ogre boss was located. It was a small building with only one floor. Misaki kicked the door down and brought Watari Yuri into the building. This building was a game shop that she had been to before. She knew there was a storage area that was big enough for about two people to fit in that had its entrance in the back where the floor was made out of metal. It would be a somewhat safe hiding spot for Watari Yuri.

"Okay, you will hide here. I will come back for you. Here is a bit of food and a few books. Just stay as quiet as you can be. And also take this sword just in case..." Misaki took out a few more items from her inventory and handed them to Watari Yuri. "I need to go! I will be back for you!"

"Misaki!" Without even realizing what she was doing Watari Yuri pulled on Misaki's hand and planted her lips on hers before letting go and quietly sitting down in the hole. She then said: "Be careful." Her face blushed a deep red as she realized what she had done. She had no idea why she had even done such a thing. All she knew was that she would have regretted it if she did not give Misaki a kiss at this time!

Misaki touched her lips and blushed slightly. She did not think her first kiss would be taken by a girl! Misaki rubbed her nose and nodded her head without saying a word as she closed the door to the storage space.

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Misaki quickly recomposed herself as she ran off towards Chiho and the rest. "Angel, how are you doing?"

"We are holding up but three of the buildings have been smashed and are now laying on the ground in a heap of rubble. But you were right it did add more easily accessible cover." Chiho answered. The four of them had been moving non stop firing off attacks at the Ogre boss. ducking in and out of the rubble doing their best to stay out of sight.

"Okay, I will be there in one minute." Misaki turned her head to gaze at the game shop she just left one last time before picking up her pace as she ran towards Chiho and the rest. "I am almost to the next level now and killing all those low level monsters got me up to 57400 [Xp]. I just need two hundred more for my next level. Even that fat man gave me 5 [XP]. Let's hope I make a decent amount off the Ogre boss!"

Misaki really wanted to get more [Status Points] so she could raise her agility so that she could move faster. Strength could only boost it so much. She did find out however that [XP] gain was a lot higher in the real world compared to the game. She wondered why this was the case...


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