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75 Fighting Ra’thar The Boss Ogre Part Two

 Misaki frowned, she could hear the sobbing in Chiho's voice. Now she really felt bad since she never intended to make Chiho cry. "Angel, I promise no matter what I will tell you what's going on and not leave you in the dark anymore." Although she was only unable to answer for a mere five seconds it still caused Chiho to panic. Which made Misaki feel bad but good at the same time because she could always count on Chiho being the one who worried and cared about her the most.

"You better keep your promise this time or I will kill you myself!" Chiho yelled.

"I will. I promise." Misaki let out a sigh as she thought: 'Why are women so hard to please? It's not like I was quiet for that long it was only five seconds!' It never dawned on Misaki that she was also one of these hard to please women.

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Seconds ticked by turning to minutes as both Misaki and Chiho waited for the Ogre boss to leave its berserker state. They ended up waiting for a whole tens minutes before the Ogre boss finally calmed down.

"That Ogre really did a number on those buildings..." Misaki was looking at five buildings that were smashed into dust by the Ogre.

"I wonder if there were any people inside them." Chiho said her eyes a bit sullen. She wondered if there were people inside the buildings if this meant her hands were now stained in blood.

"Angel it does not matter if there was or not. They had the chance to leave for a shelter a long time ago. If there were people inside it's their own fault for still being there in the first place. Besides, Angel, one of these days our hands will be stained with the blood of other humans. My father always told me that if there is no choice between them and me it's better to kill than to suffer." Misaki said. She could tell what was on Chiho's mind without even being able to see her.

"I know. Jiji says the same thing all the time. You would think with my family background I should be used to such things." Chiho's family was not simple. She knew her, Jiji had his hands in many things, some that might not even be legal.

"Family background means nothing. You are you and that is all that matters. When it comes down to this new age that our world is heading into, I think the new rules will be survival of the fittest. Those who are strong can do as they please while those who are weak will have no choice but to try to get strong or suffer under those who are stronger. I guess it also depends on what new powers emerge as well." Misaki had a feeling that the Eternal Games would be one of these emerging powers while the Nagasawa clan would be another. But there was no telling how many more would actually spring up. Her main reason for why she thought this way about Eternal Games was because even with all of these things that are going on they still had yet to show their face. She had a feeling that they were playing the wait and see game.

"Mmm... I understand what you are saying. Thanks, Misaki." After hearing Misaki's words Chiho felt a lot better.


"Looks like it's time! Angel, fire away!" Misaki yelled out.

Chiho did not waste any time as she fired off four more arrows which once again enraged the Ogre boss. They continued to alternate as they pulled the boss towards the location they had planned on. It took almost an hour to finally reach the location since they had to stop and wait for its berserker state to go away. There were many tall buildings now surrounding the Ogre boss that were even taller than the boss itself.

"Misaki what is the next move?" The group had finally met up but they had no time to spare because they needed to start the attack on the Ogre boss before it went on a rampage or decided to leave.

"I will make myself known. So it knows that there is prey to attack. But I will only show myself for a split second. I will fire a few fireballs off and let it see me before escaping to a new position. It will be very dangerous but as long as it has seen its target it will still think I am in the area and should not leave. Once I attack it and run into the building and its back is turned towards you, fire off everything you can! Unless you see an add then make sure you call out and kill the add first before attacking. As soon as the Ogre boss turns around, stop attacking and I will start my attack. We will continue this in a counter clockwise motion around the Ogre boss" Misaki explained. She was hoping to go for a ping pong effect. If they can keep the Ogre boss bouncing back and forth between the two groups they should be able to whittle down its [HP] quickly without much risk to their own lives. Her only concern was the Berserker mode.

"One last thing when it goes into berserker mode do not attack at all and retreat to a safe distance. Does everyone understand the plan?" Misaki waited until everyone nodded before saying: "Okay then I will go get into position. Once I give the signal, deal as much damage on it as you can. I have a feeling this will take a while."

Misaki and the rest got themselves in position. Misaki was currently in a building that was across from the others on the twenty first floor. She had broken a window on the far side of the building that looked over a smaller twenty story building. From there she could use the side of the building next to it to slide down to the street level. She was currently heading towards the side of the building she could attack the Ogre boss from. What she did not expect was that the door on this floor seemed to be blocked from the other side. It was not locked but actually blocked off.

"Quit it, leave me alone!" A young girl's sobbing voice screamed out. "Stop! Someone help!"

"No one is going to come and save you! It's the end of the world why not enjoy the feeling of pleasure before we die!" A rough male's voice whose tone was full of lust could also be heard.

Hearing the voices on the other side of the door caused Misaki's face to turn black. She did not hesitate to swiftly kick the door with all her strength causing the door and everything that was blocking it to go flying out the big windows of the twenty first floor. Chiho and the rest were stunned when they saw things falling from the building across the way.

"Misaki!" "Master!" "Are you okay!?" Chiho and Chizuru both asked at the same time.

"Yeah I am fine but this trash in front of me is going to lose his life today!" Misaki was completely infatuated by what she was seeing. A large fat man was holding down a teenage girl whose clothes were half ripped off exposing her bare chest and panties. Misaki recognized the girl as Watari Yuri who was one of her classmates.

The large fat man was furious that his good time was completely ruined by this new person. "Who the fuck is disturbing my good ti.... Oh? What do we have here a cosplayer huh? Not bad, not bad. You are pretty sexy. How about I have some fun with you too huh? Just right except the flat chest. But hey I can't be picky since you brought yourself to my doorstep I wouldn't be a gentleman if I did not take you to heaven right?"

The large fat man licked his lips as he looked Misaki up and down. The large fat man's gaze made Misaki feel disgusted as she walked towards the man with a sword in hand. It was on now that the man realized that the girl he was ogling was carrying a large two handed sword with one hand! The damn sword was two times the size of the girl!

Sensing the killing intent coming from Misaki the large fat man's forehead and back became drenched in sweat. In a panicked voice, the large fat man said: "Wait! We can talk this out, you just want to rescue the girl right!? I'll give the girl to you! Just let me go!"

"No talking needed. You do not deserve to live in this world so I will do all of humanity a favor and dispose of you now." Misaki's killing intent raised as she kept walking towards the large fat man. It was only until Watari Yuri screamed that the large fat man and Misaki realized that there was a large set of eyes staring at them through the window. Misaki formed a sinister smile on her face as she saw the Ogre staring at them. It seemed that her little outburst attracted its attention. "Just perfect I was wondering where I was going to find a trash can to stuff your body into after I had killed you but it looks like one arrived outside my window!"


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