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74 Fighting Ra’thar The Boss Ogre Part One


Misaki had previously plugged her ears with some earplugs that she took from one of the stores. Ra'thar, the large Ogre boss roar's were so loud that it felt like your eardrums would burst just from listening to it. "Angel, fire an arrow at its eye to get its attention and then move to the next location. I will then fire some fireballs at it right after. If we keep alternating like this we should be fine. Just give a shout if you run into a monster. Remember safety first if you are in trouble just run away and meet up with Tetsu and the rest."

"Misaki, the same goes for you! Just yell if you are in trouble." Chiho hated the fact that Misaki never thought about her own safety.

"I know! I know! I will be careful no matter what I will let you know if I am in trouble." Misaki inwardly chuckled. She felt that it was pretty nice having people care about her. "Angel are you ready?"

"I am ready when you are!" Chiho answered.

"Okay do it!"

Four arrows flew out from one of the windows of a building about three hundred meters away from the Ogre boss. It pierced through the air with a *shuuu* sound. Misaki watched as the arrows weaved in and out of obstacles. Before finally slamming into the Ogre boss's face causing the Ogre boss who had been on a rampage destroying building after building to roar out in pain.


"Five points of damage per arrow! Not bad, that is more than I expected!" Misaki was not lying when she said this. Chiho's damage was a lot higher than Misaki and her team had expected. They thought that it would only be around one point of damage per arrow but they truly guessed wrong since it was five points of damage per arrow. With four arrows she was doing twenty points of damage.

"Yeah, yeah, just hurry up and attack already!" Chiho was already on the move to get to the next location. She, herself, was also surprised about the damage she was able to do. Twenty points might not seem like a lot considering the huge [HP] bar the Ogre boss has but it was a lot for someone of her level.

Misaki quickly got herself into gear as she fired off five large fireballs at the Ogre boss. The Ogre boss who was in a rage and was charging at the building that the arrows came from suddenly got hit in the head with Misaki's fireballs. This enraged it even more and made it pause its steps and turn and charge towards Misaki's location! Misaki who was already on the move thought it was funny how mad the Ogre boss was getting.

"Angel get ready for the next volley." Misaki just hoped that things would keep going this smoothly.

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"Already ready just say the word." Chiho's heart was pounding. She had never done something this thrilling in her entire life. Although she had played many games it was nothing compared to doing something like this in real life! "By the way, how much damage per fireball!?"

"It was one hundred points. About fifty percent more than I had originally thought. Hey, that doesn't matter! Once he is in range, fire away! I am almost at my next location." Misaki said this as she flipped over a railing as she exited the building she was just in. She figured she would need at least a full minute to get to the next location. The speed of the Ogre boss was a lot faster than she had originally thought. So she had no choice but to run as fast as she could. Every second counted when fighting such a tough enemy. If she lagged behind at all she would be squashed flat along with whatever else was around her. "I think on my next few level ups I will dump my points into [Agility]..."

The Ogre finally reached the building Misaki was in when she fired the fireball at it. With no hesitation, the Ogre boss raised the large tree trunk in its hand and smashed it down on top of the twenty story building. The whole building was crushed like a soda can that someone had just stepped on. Misaki face paled. Misaki felt that she was very lucky that she was quick and got out of there otherwise she would have been mashed into a pancake!

"Misaki, Are you okay!?" Chiho asked. Seeing the building get crushed like it was nothing with the tree trunk in the Ogre boss's hand made heart sink thinking that Misaki was in that building.

"I'm fine! I am just happy I was fast enough to get out of there! It's your turn! Fire away! I will be at my next location in thirty seconds!" Misaki was vaulting over obstacles as she dashed through a building trying to get to the next block where her next location would be.

The current building she was in required her to run up to the second floor and jump out of a previously broken window in one of the offices to the adjacent building. The first floor did not have any windows on the side street where she could stay undercover. On their way to the Ogre boss, Misaki had scanned the buildings trying to find the quickest routes so both her and Chiho had prepared their routes ahead of time by making sure windows were broken and doors were open so that their paths were clear. One closed door would mean a loss of a few seconds of needing to knock it down. Those few seconds could be life or death for Misaki and Chiho.

The Ogre boss who was still smashing the building in its rage was once again hit in the head by Chiho's arrows. The Ogre boss once again let out a raged filled roar. Its eyes went completely bloodshot as it charged towards Chiho's location. But just before it got there it was slammed by five huge fires again. The Ogre boss was so mad that it started to swing the large tree trunk in its hand around wildly. Tall thirty to forty story buildings were smashed in two. The upper half of the buildings fell down onto the streets below. It was not known if there were any people on the streets at that time or not. Misaki never even let this thought cross her mind. Her main concern right now was that the Ogre boss seemed to have gone into a berserker mode!

"Shit! Angel, don't attack when you get to the next location. Lay low and wait. The damn boss is in some kind of berserker state." Misaki was a bit annoyed by this since a boss who can go, berserker, was very hard to deal with.

"Misaki what do we do?" Chiho was a bit scared she had been in raids in MMOs where bosses went berserker and it would normally cause a wipe due to the unpredictableness of the boss's actions.

"It's fine. Just stay hidden. We will wait for its berserker state to go away. This works out well for us as well. It will give Tetsu and the others time to clear out more adds. Luckily this boss has no idea what our locations are. If this was a game we would be in a wide open area with no cover. It is only because of this reas...." *GRRRR!* Misaki stopped speaking and turned her head to see a lightning wolf standing behind her growling at her.

"Misaki!?" Chiho felt a chill down her spine because Misaki stopped speaking mid sentence.

Misaki jumped up into the air, did a front flip, and landed on an office chair that was on wheels. Using her forward movement the chair quickly rolled directly towards the lightning wolf. Just before reaching the lightning wolf Misaki pushed forward with her legs causing the office chair to slam into the lightning wolf while she did a backflip. In mid air just before she landed she stretched her body out and then thrust her sword out in front of her stabbing the lightning wolf in its head before landing on her stomach on the ground. This entire series of actions took less than five seconds to do. Because of Misaki using the chair as a distraction the lightning wolf never had a chance to react before it died.

"Misaki!? Misaki!?" Chiho was starting to freak out since Misaki was not replying she was just about to go run to Misaki's location to see what was going on when she finally heard..

"Sorry Angel, a lightning wolf showed up and I had to react fast to kill it. Everything is fine." Misaki felt bad because she could hear the worry in Chiho's voice.

"Sorry, my ass! I thought something happened to you! Don't ever do that again! What happened to shout when you get attacked by a monster!?" Chiho had tears rolling down her cheeks. She really had thought something bad had happened to her precious friend!