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73 City C Defence Part Six

 Misaki's answer really stunned everyone in her team. "Misaki, do you have a plan? Because as of now I don't see any way of defeating a level 250!" Chiho was worried that Misaki planned to do something dumb that would endanger her life.

"Hmmm... Still working on it. All I can say is that the buildings are going to be a very dangerous place to be as well as the safest place to be at the same time." She said this because the buildings would give plenty of cover to deal damage without being readily seen. But at the same time if the boss decides to smash the building then it would also be a very dangerous place to be. "You guys do not need to worry about dealing with the boss. I only need you all to kill as many adds as possible. Tetsu I want you to head over to where Angel, Mimi, and Shinji are. You can watch their backs and protect them as you guys move from building to building."

"Wait, Master, are you planning to fight the boss alone?" Chizuru wondered just how Misaki was planning on achieving such a feat!

"Yeah. Well, I can move more freely by myself. Not to mention my stats are pretty much off the charts for my level. Plus I know if I need to retreat or not. I just have a feeling this will be a long fight." Misaki frowned, she remembered how long it took to kill the Golem King at level 2. This time around she would need to be moving around a lot unless she can get the boss to get stuck someplace. But that was not likely to happen since it was an Ogre and if it got stuck it would figure a way to get itself unstuck. "Anyway, Tetsu and I are heading your way to meet up with you. Then I will go scope out an area for the battle with the boss."

"Whatever you do Misaki do not get yourself killed..." Shinji spoke the words that everyone wanted to say at this time. They all knew Misaki was capable but to fight something over two hundred levels higher than her in the real world is basically a suicide mission!

"Don't worry I will do everything I can to stay alive. Like I said if I feel I cannot win I will retreat without hesitation. I will be trusting my back to you guys. So please keep the adds off me as much as possible." Misaki knew her battle ahead of her was going to be tough. But this did not discourage her. It was more like the thought of the danger somewhat excited her. 'Wait... If I'm getting excited about the upcoming fight with a boss that with one wrong move will squash me like an ant. Doesn't that make me a thrill seeking junky?' Misaki could only smile bitterly at herself.

It took almost forty minutes to make it to Chiho's and the rest's location in the center of the city. This was mainly due to the fact that on top of killing monsters on the way they also had to deal with large crowds of people who were fleeing monsters. Misaki met Chiho and the rest on the fiftieth floor of a large skyscraper. They had been camping out there picking off as many winged monsters as they could.

"Okay, you all know the plan. Tetsu will do his best to protect you guys while you deal with adds that might come at me while I am fighting with the boss. I was planning to go and find a location to fight the boss but this area is not too bad." Misak was originally planning to search the city a bit for the right spot to fight the boss but this place was pretty good. There were many tall buildings and the current building she was in had a good view of the location. It would enable her team to take care of adds easier and give her more comfort room while she is fighting the boss.

"I will do whatever I can to keep the boss from attacking this building so that you guys can stay safe. If you feel that you are in danger or need to move to a closer location just be careful. Mimi, do not cast any heals on me unless I am about to die. I do not want to risk you grabbing boss aggro and only then do so only if your life is not in danger." Misaki wanted to make sure her team was not in any danger since this was a decision she had made on her own. She would not be able to live with herself if one of her friends died because she had decided to try to kill the boss.

"Master! What do you mean only if "MY" life is not in danger? Am I supposed to just let you die because I might get killed in the process of trying to save you? No! Not having it! If your life is in danger I will stop at nothing to save you!" It seemed Chizuru had her own thoughts on this subject. The normally submissive Chizuru actually went against Misaki's words! Misaki was surprised to hear such an outburst from Chizuru but she somewhat understood what she was saying.

"Mimi is right Misaki. We will not leave you behind just to save ourselves. We have always had the choice to walk away from this plan but yet we are still all here. Our world is changing rapidly. Our original way of life is no longer. This monster horde is proof of that. And from what we know monsters are still spawning at great numbers as well. If we do not take a stand here now, what we have left may be lost. So no matter what Misaki, we will not hide in some building. We will be on the ground with you, to do what we can to support you." Chiho stepped forward, she also did not want to leave Misaki behind no matter what. Not if it meant watching Misaki die.

"The girls are right. I will also see this through to the end."

"The same. I already fought a monster horde with you. So what if it's a level 250 boss! We just got to kill it right!?" Shinji and Tetsu both stepped forward as well.

Seeing how resolute everyone was, Misaki couldn't help but let out a sigh. She looked at her team, her friends and smiled. "Okay, you guys win! Just be careful. I do not want to lose any of you either."



A loud explosion was heard as the half built wall at the edge of the city was completely destroyed. The Ogre boss that was as tall as a skyscraper waved what seemed to be a large tree trunk and smashed through the wall that was being built. Having a larger entrance into the city the monster horde flooded into the streets. Some forced their way into buildings as they were able to smell the people who were hiding inside. Horrific screams could be heard due to people being eaten alive by said monsters.

If the surviving people of City C thought that the winger monsters were bad they now knew how terrifying these monsters could be. Unlike in the game where monsters roamed in a set location, this was the real world. Monsters acted just how you would expect them to act. They were savage beasts that were very aggressive.

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"Since the boss is now in the city we will need to lure it this way. We will also kill as many monsters on the way as we can. We only want to gain its attention but we also do not want to allow the boss to know our exact location. So we will use the hit and run technique and kite the boss to the tall buildings. Make sure you continue to move no matter what and do not let the boss get too close to you." Misaki figured if they were to fire off an attack at the Ogre boss and continuously move they should be able to pull the boss to the location they wanted without much fear of being hit by its attacks. The only issue was that the buildings they fired from would most likely be destroyed.

"Are we going to move in a group?" Tetsu asked. He was the slowest out of all of them so he did not know if he would be able to run fast enough.

"No. Only me and Angel will pull the boss. Tetsu, Shinji and Mimi, I want you all to stay here and keep any adds cleared out. We want to be able to fight without any interference." Misaki knew only her and Chiho would be able to pull the boss like this since they were the fastest out of everyone here. She also knew that she could not leave Tetsu and Chizuru alone to try to kill the adds. That is why she had Shinji stay behind to help.

"Alright! Does everyone know what their jobs are?" Misaki looked around after everyone nodded their heads Misaki shouted: "Then let's do this!"