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71 City C Defence Part Four

 "Mass Bombardment!" Shinji shouted out. Hundreds of fireballs formed in the air. They swirled and sizzled as they waited for their next command. Shinji dropped his hand down and the fireballs all zoomed past Misaki like bullets firing at their targets. The smashed into the monsters below creating a crater about fifty meters wide where they landed. The hundreds of monsters that were once there were either ejected by the blast or incinerated instantly. Chizuru, casted a protection shield on Misaki to block the residual blast of debris that flew up from the explosions. Misaki landed in the center of the crater with her sword stabbed into the ground. She was bent down on one knee with her sword hilt clasped within her hand. She slowly got up and looked around her to see a mass of monsters seemingly staring at her in a daze.

To those who were up above who watched Misaki land only one word came to mind... "Cool!" Misaki's entrance was very cool looking to those who saw it from the outside.

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Chiho saw that Tetsu was standing there in a daze so she walked up behind him and said: "What are you waiting for? Get going!" Before cruelly kicking him off the building towards the ground below.

From up above, Misaki heard a girl's scream as a dark shadow formed over her head. "Ahhh!" Tetsu who had been kicked off the building came crashing down. Misaki quickly dodged to the right causing Tetsu to land face first into the crater.

Misaki laughed dryly as she asked: "Tetsu are you okay?"

Tetsu lifted his head and spit out a mouth full of dirt. He got up and dusted himself off before turning his head skyward towards the building and shouting "Young Miss that was cruel!"

Misaki let out a chuckle as she helped dust Tetsu off. It was only when sounds of howling monsters did the two return to being serious. "Tetsu you have health potions on you right?"

"Yeah, I have over a thousand. The labs have been producing them in large batches. They have even improved them by adding ginseng and some other herbs to them. Right now they can heal up to 5000 [HP] within ten seconds." Tetsu replied as he watched as a group of monsters came running towards them.

"Okay then gain their attention and I will kill as fast as I can. Angel, Astero try to kill as many as you can that are heading towards us to give us some breathing room. Mimi, concentrate all buffs and heals on to Tetsu." Misaki gave out her orders as she slashed out with her sword reaping the lives of two Ice wolves.

"Will do!" "On it master!" "I will keep as many as I can off you!" Three separate answers rang out over the group chat.

The first wave of monsters came rushing towards them. These monsters were mainly all level 20 and would not do much damage to Tetsu who had had high defensive stats. Seeing the group of monsters drawing near Tetsu yelled out "Provoking Shout!" This was an aoe taunt that would agro all the monsters around him.

Once the Tetsu had the monsters' attention, Misaki went to work cutting them down. Monster after monster fell by her blade. The stench of blood filled the air which made for a huge difference compared to in game. Misaki felt like she was going to puke at first but slowly she became immune to the smell. So even as it splattered onto her armor, on to her skin and soaked her hair, it no longer fazed her.

It had been twenty minutes and Tetsu's [HP] was starting to get low even with Chizuru's heals.

"Tetsu, the first wave is almost dead. Take this time to heal up! I will pull agro off you so take a breather!" Misaki yelled to Tetsu before yelling out: "Provoking Shout!" Waves of magical energy undulated out and smashed into the oncoming monsters. This caused them to turn their attention to Misaki who then pulled them away from Tetsu to allow him to heal up. "Mimi change healing and buffing to me!"

"Already on it Master!" Chizuru replied quickly as she started buffing Misaki with attack power and magic power buffs. She then casted a protective shield and a speed boost to Misaki.

"Thanks!" Misaki jumped up over the heads of a few monsters swinging her sword out slicing into their necks decapitating them where they stood.

Misaki moved quickly as she landed on top of the back of a large flame bear. The flame bear was angered and tried to swat at Misaki but unfortunately, Misaki was already airborne before it's paw even came close to hitting her. She sliced right through the large paw that was almost the same size as her and stabbed right into the fire bear's brain. It roared out in pain before its eyes dimmed and fell to the ground.

"Tetsu the monsters are getting stronger this fire bear is a level 40. I have a feeling that the waves of monsters will progressively get stronger. If that is the case we will need to dig in and create a place where our backs are protected. Let's shift towards the building. We can use it to protect our rear. Shinji! Angel! Clear a path towards the building for us we need to dig in! You go first Tetsu I will cover our retreat!" Misaki was getting the feeling that something was controlling these hordes. The change in levels of the monsters was too drastic to be acting as they are. This thought became more prominent when she saw the ice wolves and then a fire bears. These two types of monsters are supposed to be natural enemies within the game.

A mass of arrows and fireballs ran down onto the landscape causing the monsters to split apart creating a path towards the building. Tetsu went first and ran towards the building. Misaki followed behind him, killing anything that tried to take advantage of their retreat.


A loud screeching sound sounded out causing Misaki to look up into the air. "Fuck! Wind Rocs! Shinji! Angel! Turn your attention to the sky! Protect Mimi at all costs! Tetsu and I will deal with the ground!"

Chiho's and Shinji's faces paled as their eyes laid sight on the black mass of winged monsters that were now bloating out the sky. "Misaki! There is more than just Wind Rocs in the sky! There are devil bats and many other winged monsters that I have never even seen before!"

"Fuck! Okay, for now, take down what you can if they get too close and you can not hold them back, retreat to the inside of the building. Do worry about Tetsu and me. But let me know before you retreat I will need to contact Chief Takahara and tell him to pull all his men back!" Misaki knew the situation was not looking good. Not only were the monsters' levels getting higher but now they were dealing with flying monsters. Little did she know that things were going to go downhill fast.


A thunderous roar echoed across the sky. It was so loud that it almost ruptured Misaki's and everyone else's eardrums. Off in the distance a large figure three times as tall as the building Chiho and the rest were standing on could be seen. Its large body stood tall and bulky off in the distance. It was only then that Misaki started to feel the vibrations of the large monster's footsteps.

Misaki laughed bitterly as she saw the large monster. "Change of plans just retreat and fall back as far as you can. That thing is Level 250 elite. I am sure its a boss of some sort! It's an Oger type monster. They have high intelligence and know how to use weapons and magic. Its name is Ra'thar."

The monster was two hundred levels higher than her. Sweat dripped from Misaki's face as it mixed in with the dried monster blood on her skin. She knew that Testu and her were in a bind at this moment. They were already surrounded by monsters which meant any escape would be very difficult at this time. "Tetsu I made a bad call. I had no idea there was a fucking boss in this horde! And it had to be a damn Oger!"

Misaki ran the numbers in her head as she tried to come up with a plan of action. There had been too many unforeseen variables that she did not think of. Their current location gave them no cover whatsoever. Fighting something that huge and of that level would only be possible within the city using the buildings as cover. "Okay, guys new plan. All Nagasawa clan members retreat and head back to the base. If anyone from the military tries to stop you just toss them out of the way. Be rough if you have to. I want you all to go get a good rest and go level up. My team Angel, Mimi, Shinji fall back into the city and find a spot with a lot of tall buildings. Tetsu, break that wall behind you. We will use it to escape into the city. We are abandoning the wall construction..."

"Misaki be careful!" "Yes be careful Master!" "Misaki if you do not meet up with us I will find you in the afterlife and slap you!"

"Misaki if I break a hole in the wall now, the monsters will flood into the city." Tetsu said.

"It's fine! By the time the big guy gets here the whole damn building will be brought down. Right now we need to think of a way to kill the big guy, while at the same time as fending off the monsters. The best way to do that is not in an open space!" Misaki knew she was sacrificing many but she had no choice, she could not fight that large monster in the open. If they can bring it down it might disrupt the chain of command of the monster horde. Which would at least save the people who are hiding in shelters.

Misaki touched the earpiece in her ear and said: "Chief Takahara, General Utsumi, Sorry to say this but you all need to fall back and find shelter. The wall project is a failure! I repeat fall back and find shelter! The wall project is a failure!"