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70 City C Defence Part Three

 Chief Takahara looked at his staff and said: "Relay these orders! When they see a group of Full Divers approaching they are to fall back to hold the defense line and let the full Divers do what they do. If anyone gets in the way and tries to play the hero they will have to worry about their own lives since the Full Divers will not rescue them." After giving his order Chief Takahara gave a slight smile and said to Misaki: "Misak is there anything else you need before you head out?"

"Yeah, can I borrow a map and a board? I need to give my people a rundown on what they will be doing." Misaki asked. The command tent was not big enough to fit all the Nagasawa clan members and she still needed to assign locations to everyone. So she needed to hold a meeting with them to settle this issue.

In no time at all Chief Takahara got a large board and a map of the area with all defense points pinned out on it. Misaki stood in front of everyone, raised a laser pointer and started to point at certain locations. "Here, here, and here, two teams of level 20 to 25 will be dispatched. These locations that have fewer monsters will have one team of level 25 to 30 stationed there. Anyone not giving a location to defend will move between the defense lines and assist who ever needs help. Remember to call out for help in raid chat if you are in trouble or are being overrun. My team will go here, where the main pack of monsters is located. Do not go to this location. I do not want any of you to get caught up in friendly fire. Remember to be careful of how you cast your spells and fire off skills. Do not hit your own teammates; it would defeat the purpose of us being here if we are taking ourselves out. And the last thing. If your life is in danger fall back! Do not get yourselves killed playing hero! Any questions?"

Misaki looked over all the Nagasawa clan members to see if anyone would raise their hands or speak out. But none of them said a word. She was surprised to see the determination on their faces. As they looked at her. "Alright! Since no questions move out! "

Misaki and her group all headed their separate ways after getting their assigned position to defend. The location Misaki was heading to was the forefront of the horde of monsters. This was where a densely packed pack of more than tens of thousands of monsters was located. It took more than twenty minutes to arrive at the defensive line where a large wall was being constructed right behind said defense line. There were at least a few thousand construction workers running about trying to build the wall as fast as they could. And that was just in this section of the city.

Misaki noticed that they planned to use buildings as part of the walls which would reduce the number of walls they would need to build. Those said buildings were reinforced on the outside to bolster their defense. It seemed more a temporary setup than an actual final product. But still, the idea was very well thought out. Misaki, Chiho, Chizuru, Shinji, and of course, Tetsu all made their way to the command post that was set up just behind the line of defense. There was a large emblem attached to the outside of the tent that signified the 5th brigade.

A well built man in his late thirties came out of the tent and frowned when he saw Misaki and her team. "Kids should not be here. Go back to the center of the city!"

"Sir we are not here to look around we are here to push the Monsters back you should have already been informed of our arrival." Misaki felt a headache coming on. She was getting sick of all these military people shrugging her off just because she is young.

"I do not care who you are, this is my command you need to leave, I do not need help from some kids!" The well built man said in a commanding voice. He did not care what orders he got; he could not have kids running around messing up his command. He turned and waved his hands at two soldiers and said: "Kick them out of here!"

"I will say this once, do not touch me." Misaki said as she watched the two soldiers come towards her. Her words made them pause their steps. "Sir, I am here on my own free will to make sure this wall goes up. I have already told Chief Takahara that I would hold the line here. If you refuse to listen to orders then I will have no choice but to take command here forcefully."

Misaki's words angered the well built man causing his whole head to turn bright red as veins started to protrude from his forehead. "What are you waiting for? Get them out of here!"

One of the soldiers walked up to Misaki and said: "I'm sorry little miss but we need you to leave. You can either do it peacefully or we can forcefully kick you out. "

Misaki was getting sick of all this. She took her Queen's Blade off her back and slammed it into the ground causing the whole area of three hundred meters to form a small crater that was two meters deep. "Sir as you can see I am not here to play around!"

The entire camp was now sunk into the crater. Misaki did not care what damage she did to the camp. To her, it was of no use trying to talk it out anymore. The well built man stared at Misaki in shock. His face even went a little pale as he realized that he had made a serious mistake. He should have realized that a girl who has horns and a tail and is wearing armor was not a normal kid! He had actually taken her for a cosplayer!

"I will repeat what I have just said. If you are not willing to listen to the orders handed down to you then I do not mind taking command by force. Tell your men when they see my group head out to the battle field that they need to fall back or they might get caught up in friendly fire. My Team and I will only watch out for each other and have no time to worry about others." Misaki pulled her sword out from the ground and placed it back on her back.

"Ah! Y-Yes right away, Miss?" The well built man fumbled his words. He was really given a shock.

"My name is Misaki, and this is Angel, Mimi, Tetsu, and Astero. We will be heading to the main pack to whittle down their numbers to ease the tension here. Tell all your men to fall back and cease all shell firing in that location." Misak introduced herself and the rest since the well built man seemed to be willing to listen now. She had hoped she would not have needed to use such a show of force but it seemed that was wishful thinking.

"Then Miss Misaki, I am General Utsumi." He then waved his hand to another soldier and said: "Bring me five ear pieces so that Miss Misaki and her team can communicate with the other teams as well as command."

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The soldier quickly saluted General Utsumi and ran into the tent. No more than two minutes later the soldier ran back out with a box that had five earpieces in it. General Utsumi took the box from the soldier and passed it to Misaki. "Take these. They will allow you to keep in touch with command and also give orders out to those on the front line. I will inform the platoon commanders to listen to your orders."

"Thank you, General. My team and I will now head out. Just tell your men to fall back from the main line as soon as they see the monsters turn around." Misaki gave the General a smile and passed the earpieces out to her team.

Five minutes later Misaki was standing on top of a building that was ten floors high. Her eyes swept over the mass of monsters that were trying to push forward into the city. Seeing all the monsters made Misaki smile. She couldn't help but think of all the experience points she was going to get from killing these guys. Although it would be very little per mob but with the mass amount of them that were there she could get a decent amount of experience if she killed fast enough.

"Astero when I jump, clear me a landing spot. Tetsu, follow after me and guard my back. Angel, fire arrows at anything that gets past me and Tetsu. Mimi, keep our health up. Here I go!" After giving out her orders Misaki gave a battle shout as she jumped off the top of the building!