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69 City C Defence Part Two

 Misaki handed the documents back to Chief Takahara before saying: "So what is the plan of action? Just so you know Full Divers are not very good at working as a military unit. More than likely if we have to follow orders of a military commander that has no knowledge of what we are capable of then you will be pushing us to our deaths before we even get to make it to the battlefield. It would be like ordering a mouse to use an M16 rifle. So how do we deal with this issue?"

A few of the military commanders heard Misaki's words and instantly became pissed off. One of them couldn't take it and shouted out: "Such brazen words for a little girl who has no idea what a real war is!" He was a tall burly man who wore a neat and tidy military uniform with many medals pinned to his chest.

Misaki chuckled hearing the man's words. "For someone hiding in a safe place and not fighting alongside their comrades, I do not think you have the right to talk. Not to mention when the hell was the last time this country was at war!? When have you been on the battlefield!? You people are the ones who called us here. I have a responsibility to bring my people back safe and sound without a single loss of life." Misak ignored the contorted face of the tall burly man and turned to Chief Takahara. "Chief it seems we are not welcome here. We will have to say our goodbyes. I can not risk the lives of my people who followed me here today voluntarily to assist the government if the said government is not able to even show some courtesy towards us. Us citizens who came here to risk our lives to assist in your endeavor."

Chief Takahara was taken aback by Misaki's words as he watched as she politely bowed and then turned to walk out of the tent. It took him a few seconds to come back to his senses! She was right, they were nothing but civilians and had come here to assist. He should not allow his men to treat them in such a manner. "Misaki please wait!" Chief Takahara yelled out. He then turned towards everyone in the command tent. "Let me say this now. Misaki and the rest of her Nagasawa clan members came here to help us. They are not military personnel and are only citizens. They did not have to come here. It was us who requested their help. No one is allowed to demoralize them in any which way. Commander since you want to talk about war so much you will head to the front lines to fight against the monsters."

The tall burly man's face paled. He now wished he never opened his mouth, to begin with! Going to the front line was no different than facing death! He wanted to try to talk Chief Takahara out of his decision but he knew it was no use since Chief Takahara was known for never second guessing himself! He could only hang his head dejectedly and go get himself ready to head to the front line.

Misaki was very happy with Chief Takahara's actions. It showed sincerity and that he was willing to listen to her ideas. "Chief I have troubled you... "

"No..." Chief Takahara shook his head as he waved his hand at Misaki. "It was I who should have made this clear from the start. What do you suggest we do then?" Chief Takahara asked.

"Well from what I can see here we are dealing with many level 30ish monsters within the horde. Most of my people are level 20 to level 30. So I will assign two teams to each section to kill off any monsters that try to push their way through the line." Misaki was looking at this monster horde as if she was dealing with a raid. Her experience with raids could be said to be the highest of all of City C. That was just how much time she spent playing MMOs. She pointed to many spots on the map in front of them as she continued. "The rest of the teams will reinforce the areas that have more monsters. The spots that have fewer monsters you can redeploy those troops to help speed up the wall building. Since the teams, I send there will be able to hold them off. My team will be a forward team. We will be heading for the dense pack of the horde to kill as many monsters as we can."

The level of the monsters was not high so her team alone could take on a large amount with ease. Misaki figured she could handle a large number by herself while her team took care of another batch. The military personnel who were in charge of planning out the missions could not help but give Misaki a bit of praise. Her quick analysis of the situation was spot on and if her group was really able to actually kill the monsters then they could really hold a position with ease with only a few people. But what really got them was that Misaki was willing to head to the main pack of the horde and kill as many as she could. To them what she was planning was no different than a suicide mission!

"Misaki are you sure you want to go in with a team of five to where the main pack is?" Chief Takahara felt the need to ask and make sure Misaki understood that that was the most dangerous position. "That is the most dangerous location and we have already lost many soldiers there."

"Un! It's fine. That little bit of enemies is nothing for my team. Astero can probably knock out a few hundred with a single aoe spell just by himself. With the five of us working together we should be able to hold that area quite easily. Also, that is the key location. If the horde breaks through then any hope of building a wall would be washed away as the monsters flooded into the city." Misaki said nonchalantly she was indeed not lying. Her whole team was all level 49 except for her who was level 52. A group of level 30ish monsters was nothing in their eyes.

The more Misaki looked at the map the more she got a grasp of what she needed to do. Her ability to analyze what should be done and how to go about it really stunned all those present. There was never any hesitation in her plan of action. But this was also how she worked while in a dungeon. She was always adapting according to the situation.

"Alright, then we will go with your plan for your people. How do you want my soldiers to assist?" Chief Takahara asked.

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"Mmmm... Block off anything that might break through the teams in each area until they are able to turn and help. Do your best to stay alive. Your soldiers are using the new exoskeleton right?" Misaki knew that the JSDF used a special exoskeleton which allowed the wearer to exhibit two hundred times more strength than normal.

"Yes, they have the most up to date exoskeleton suits. It's one of the reasons we have been able to hold out for so long." Chief Takahara answered.

"Alright then. With those exoskeleton suits that should be plenty to hold off the monsters in small numbers while my people finish their current targets. I only ask that you do not blame my people if one of your men die. Although we are Full Divers as you people like to call it. The speed in which a monster can be killed is normally based on what level it is. So if a full team of Level 20s is fighting versus a level 30 monster the fight might take a bit longer due to the level difference." Misaki explained.

"I see so there is more to these monsters than shoot to kill or I guess in your case would be, stab to kill." Chief Takahara looked at the large black sword on Misaki's back.

"That would indeed be the case. Please notify your men that they will need to listen to the teams going to their positions. If they do not listen then my people will ignore them and let them die. I have already informed my people that they are not to put themselves on the line for any outsiders." Misaki had a firm stance on this. To her right now the government and these soldiers were nothing more than strangers. She had contacted the military many times trying to get through to her parents but their whereabouts and safety were still unknown. Since then she has not had a good impression of the military.

"Yes, I understand." Although Chief Takahara did not like how Misaki had stated her position. But he held his tongue since the people that were still alive in japan needed this safe haven. Which meant he needed Misaki and her team's help in order to create that safe haven.