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68 City C Defence Part One

 Misaki stood in front of the three hundred or so Nagasawa clan members and let out a sigh. At some point, she had already gotten used to this. "Okay, this emergency meeting is because we have received a request from the government to help stall the monster horde until they can finish the wall around part of the city. The government has said we can name our terms which will secure our future in the new world ahead of us. What I am about to ask is completely on a voluntary basis only." Misaki paused and raised her hand to stop people from asking any questions before continuing.

"I say this because this time around it is a life or death matter. This is the real world and not the game world. If you die here that is it. But I would like to say that it is either we assist the government who has over ten thousand men strong. Or deal with the horde when it reaches our front gate and hope we can win a war of defense and hope the horde passes us by. I will say this now. Even if our walls are able to hold the monster horde off it does not mean that in the feature we will still be fine. We will run out of necessities that we will need in our day to day life. We can not always rely on the game for our food resources. There is no telling what will happen in the future or if the game itself will cease to work anymore. So I must ask for your assistance. My team will be the forward team. I need to know by show of hands who is willing to help?" Misaki finished what she had to say and looked around the room.

Not a single hand was down every member of the Nagasawa clan who was level 20 and above raised their hands. Misaki let out a sigh of relief. She smiled and said: "I will do whatever I can to bring you all back safe! Group up in teams of five! One healer, one tank per team! You all have forty minutes to prepare your selves!"

The Nagasawa clan members all scurried about as they got themselves ready. The first floor became very busy as that was the floor with all the labs and craftsmen. Misaki was on the top level outside looking up at the night sky. Chiho and Chizuru were standing next to her one on each side while Tetsu and Shinji stood behind her. "Mimi do your best to keep buffs up at all times. If you get close to running out of [MP], let us know right away. I do not want any of you to die on me in the coming fight. This will make or break our ability to know if we can survive in this new world."

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"Misaki we will fight with you until the end. That's what teammates do right?" Chiho smiled as she said this.

"Right! Do not worry master I will do my best to make sure everyone is buffed and healed throughout the fight. I have over three thousand [MP] potions in my inventory just in case " Chizuru replied. The group came to an unspoken understanding that they would only use their real names when they were in the base. Outside the base and in game they would only use their character alias.

A large group of people could be seen walking through the streets of City C making their way towards the main defense line. This was the last line of defense to stop the monsters from taking over the last surviving city in Japan. Grandpa Nagasawa stayed behind at the base to protect it in case Misaki and the rest had to quickly retreat back to the base.

Misaki and her group walked through the defense line, she could feel the hostile stares of the soldiers. Misak did not know why they were so hostile towards her group when they were specifically asked to help out. But she also did not care either. As she reached the main tent an older man walked over to greet Misaki and the rest.

"You must be the Nagasawa clan. May I ask who your leader is?" Chief Takahara asked as she looked Misaki up and down.

"That would be me." Misaki said.

Chief Takahara frowned as she said: "I do not think this is time to be joking around. Please tell me who is the leader of your group."

Misaki was starting to lose her patience with the old man in front of her. "If you do not want our help then just say so. We do not mind falling back to our base and letting you continue to handle this mess on your own. I have already told you who the leader is since you do not want to believe me. Then I do not think me or the rest of the Nagasawa clan will be able to assist narrow minded people." Misaki turned around and looked at the Nagasawa clan members and shouted out: "They don't want our help! Fall back! We are returning!"

Chief Takahara's face paled as he watched as the group of three hundred-ish people all turned around at the young girl's command and started to walk away. He quickly stepped forward and shouted: "Wait! You are right I was being narrow minded. I apologize for my earlier rudeness!"

Misaki halted her steps and shouted for the rest to stop. She then turned and looked at Chief Takahara and said: "My group is willing to help hold off the monsters while you attempt to build a wall but I must know the plan of action. I need to know all the details on how you plan to construct the wall as well as how long we are talking about before it will be completed."

Chief Takahara breathed a sigh of relief as he said: "Follow me to the tent I will explain everything there. I'm Chief Takahara, what do I call you?"

"Misaki. Let's hope this collaboration works out and we get this wall up." Misaki said as she shook Chief Takahara's hand.

"Likewise!" Chief Takahara suddenly felt that Misaki was not as simple as she seemed. She had a firm understanding of how to deal with the situation as it arises. Like how she handled his disrespect earlier. There was no hesitation in her actions as she simply told her group to fall back and started to leave.

They all walked over to the command center where many soldiers were running to and fro with documents in their hands. Some were on their headsets giving orders to soldiers out on the battlefield. The sound of gunfire could be heard off in the distance as the soldiers on the front line did their best to keep the monsters at bay. Once Misaki walked in, all eyes turned on her and most had a fierce enmity towards them.

"Chief Takahara, what is with all the hate towards me and my people?" Misaki asked.

Chief Takahara dryly laughed as she said: "It is mainly due to the fact that Japan is almost lost and you Full Divers are just now showing yourselves."

"What the hell do they expect? Monsters range from all different levels. If we went out to try to fight monsters at level 1 in the real world it would be just as good as sending all of my people to their death. Do they not understand it takes time to level up and even more so now that the [XP] gain was lowered!" Misaki was starting to get angry. Why did they deserve such criticism when it was not easy to get the levels they have now. If they did not take time to level there would be no one here to save them.

"During the meeting later I will address this. Here are the documents explaining everything." Chief Takahara handed Misaki over a bit of data.

Misaki took the documents from Chief Takahara and scanned through them. It looked as if she was not really reading them and just shuffling the papers but with her current [Intelligence] stat amount she could easily scan through all those documents in a few seconds. "I see... If you are able to stick with this plan I do not see why we can't get that wall up. "