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67 A Request For Help

 Three days passed and the monster horde was spreading quickly. The JSDF numbers have been dwindling and suffering from soldiers deserting their posts. The inability to stop the monster hordes which seems to be growing in size had spread fear across all of Japan. The death toll could no longer be counted. At this point, it was easier to count the living than the dead. In just a short time the monsters had pushed to the edge of City C, where the final defense line of Japan was now located.

Misaki and the others were currently finishing up the last run that would allow Tetsu to finally be in Misaki's leveling range. They had originally thought that they would have a lot more time before the monsters made their way to City C but the monsters spawn rate was getting out of hand. There were millions upon millions of monsters which far outnumbered the number of humans alive in Japan now. This was also the same for other small countries. Larger countries had more time and were doing their best to create walled cities to keep the Monsters at bay. City C was one of the only surviving cities left and the army along with the government offices were frankly trying to build a wall around the entire city or at least a good portion of it.

"Misaki I leveled up!" Tetsu yelled out in a cheerful voice.

"I noticed! I finally got some [XP]! Congrats Tetsu!" Misaki yelled out. She was very happy to see her [XP] bar move! "Okay let's call it a day then. It just so happens that we are at the boss room. So we can exit and log out after poking whatever is in there." They never did find a decent boss in the Golem King's lair. It was always a level 1 to 5 monsters.

After logging out, Misaki saw Ogata waiting for her at the side. "Young Miss, your team's weapons are finished!"

"Really! Perfect timing! Tetsu Just hit level 49 and I can now gain [XP] again!" Her entire team was now level 49 except her who was level 52. They had spent more than twenty hours a day in game grinding the levels to be where they were at now. Now knowing that they had new weapons to assist them in their future runs Misaki was very happy!

Misaki and the others went with Ogata to a small meeting room where Ogata took out a set of weapons for Misaki and the rest. "Young Miss, your sword was fashioned in the same design as your current one. It also came out to be a rare item as well. The starlight ore was also combined with graphene just like your armor was. I did some tests and found that adding the graphene mix that our labs make, boosted the attack as well as added [Defense] and [Magic Defense] to the sword. It also increased its sharpness. I used part of the branch off the tree of life for the hilt which gave it a self repair future as well +50 [HP] healing effect for the user every five seconds."

Ogata handed Misaki the black sword that gleamed coldly as the light reflected off of it. Misaki quickly equipped it to find that it was very light. She also realized that the blade was a bit bigger than her other sword. Seeing this she quickly checked its stats.

[Queen's Blade MKII]

[Attack Power] 1000

[Defense] 500

[Magic Defense] 500

[Passive Skill: Queens Determination]

[+50 HP regeneration every five seconds.]

"This brings my stats to what..." Misaki quickly opened her character screen to see her stats.

[Player Name] Misaki

[Race]Demon Lord

[Level] 52

[XP] 45979/57600

[HP] 15447/15447

[MP] 2960/2960

[SP] 100/100

[Attack Power] 235(2012)

[Magic Power] 78(81)

[Defence] 115(8582)

[Magic Defence] 18(7618)

[Fire Resistance] 5%

[Status Points] 0

[Strength] 145(612)

[Stamina] 375 (588)

[Vitality] 468(734)

[Intelligence] 173(271)

[Mind] 10 (15)

[Agility] 10(15)

[Dexterity] 10(15)



Storm Snake Boots, Storm Snake Skirt, Storm Snake Chest, Storm Snake Gloves, Storm Snake Panties, Storm Snake Bra, Starlight Graphene Phoenix Circlet, Starlight Graphene Chest Plate, Starlight Graphene Greaves, Starlight Graphene Shoulder Guards, Starlight Graphene Wrist Guards, Starlight Graphene Hand Guards


The Queen's Blade MKII


Nature Control, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Wind Magic, Small Heal

[Passive Skills]

Demon Lord's Creator, Vampire Sustenance, Demon Lord Racial, Golem Kings Might, Treant King's Grace, (From Weapon) Queens Determination

"Looks like I will not need to put any points into anything but intelligence for a while. At least this gives me a chance to boost my [Magic Power]." Misaki was very happy about this.

Ogata also handed over the other weapons. Shinji's small sword, Chizuru's staff, and Chiho's bow were both a combination of starlight ore and a branch off the tree of life. Tetsu's guardian shield was almost the same height as his body. It made for a good defensive shield. Ogata also made him a small sword with the same combination as the rest of the weapons. This meant that everyone now had a bit of [HP] regen while fighting and not fighting.

"If you can get more of the Branch off the tree of life that would be amazing. I ended up using all of it on your weapons. That health regen is very useful and would help the other clan members." Ogata said he was a bit envious since there was no more left after making Misaki and the rest's weapons. He wanted to use some for his own hammer but there was none left.

"If we come across more we will make sure to hand it to you so you can make use of it. Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Ogata." Misaki was really happy with her new weapon. She really could not wait to try it out.

Misaki and her team always wore their armor now that the monster horde was knocking at their door. They wanted to be ready for anything at any time. The other teams were still only in their mid twenties while some were in the low thirties. "Do you guys want to go get some food?" Misaki asked.

"I'll go where Master goes!" Chizuru spoke up first.

"I am feeling a bit hungry myself as well." Chiho quickly chimed in. She would never let Chizuru get the upper hand!

Shinji chuckled as he watched the two girls vying for Misaki's attention. "I'm not that hungry. I think I will go back and rest a bit."

"Same for me. I think I will eat a bit later." Tetsu's face was red for some reason as he said this. Misaki had a bit of understanding of what was going on with Tetsu since every day after a in game session he would run off to his room and not come out for a few hours later. Some of the clan members that pass by his room have heard some indecent noises coming from his room.

"Alright, then I will go with Chiho and Chizuru and get some food." Misaki said as she waved goodbye to Shinji and Tetsu. She then grabbed both Chizuru and Chiho by the hand and headed towards the kitchen on the first floor.

As they got into the elevator and Chiho pushed the up button to head to the first floor after which she turned towards Misaki and Chizuru and said: "I heard they are now cooking monster meat once a day and that the dishes give bonuses for twenty four hours. They are even using plants found in the game as well to mix with the meal which adds even more effects."

"Oh! I heard about the lab checking the effects of the vegetation and meat from monsters to see if they were safe to consume in the real world." Chizuru said excitedly.

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"Any word on the taste?" Misaki asked. She did not want to eat anything that would taste nasty no matter how good the benefits were for you.

"They said it tastes pretty good. Better than what you can find in real life." Chiho answered.

"Then let's try a monster meat dish then!" The three got off the elevator and started to walk down the hall but stopped when someone called out to them.

"Brat! Chibi! We got a request from Prime Minister Hamakawa. He requests our aide in holding the monster horde off in order to finish the wall to save the last city. So that it will not overrun by monsters. He said he would agree to any terms. I told him I would have to talk to the head of the Full Dive team and see what she says. Do you think it would be beneficial for us to help them?" Grandpa Nagasawa asked as he walked up to Misaki and the rest.

"He will agree to any of our terms?" Misaki asked to make sure this was the case.

"Yes, any terms we want, we can get." Grandpa Nagasawa answered.

"Then I do not see why not. Our terms are to let us run a Hunter's Guild in the future and have a full monopoly over it. Meaning no one else is allowed to start up a Hunters Guild. As well as the freedom to do as we please. Also, what we gain is ours and not the governments." Misaki said. She figured that if the Nagasawa clan started up a Hunters Guild it would allow for a good way to keep a high stance in the new world as well as move information around more easily. If they could create a guild in every country at some point the network that would be created afterward would allow for many prospects later on.

"Those should be easy terms for them to agree to. Should I call a meeting?" Grandpa Nagasawa asked.

"Yes, have someone log into the game and have the ones who are level twenty and above log out. We will have clan members who are level twenty and over join the meeting. No one will be forced to fight, it will be up to them on what they want to do." Misaki knew that some people might be too scared to fight a horde of monsters where if they die they will die for real.