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65 Leveling And Farming

 Misaki walked back into the meeting room where many eyes trained on to her. Her new appearance was really eye catching. Misaki ignored the stares since they were to be expected. She walked back up in front of everyone and smiled as she said: "As you can see this is what I look like in game. Why my transformation was slower I do not know. And if anyone is wondering what my race is, it is Demon Lord. Now, as a precaution from now on no one is to create their character in the Full Dive room. I suggest you bring your equipment to your own room where you can lock the door and take off your clothes so that they do not get ruined. After you finalize your character and enter the game, find a chance to log out. Take a few sets of clothes and stick them into your inventory. Use the equip button when you press on said clothes to then fit them to your body. The clothes should auto fit accordingly using the game system. So remember to create your characters in your room. We do not want any accidents where someone accidentally exposes themself for all to see. We still have young people here that should not see certain things just yet." Misaki said this not only to save herself from seeing something she did not want to see but also because there were many young kids from the clan members' families.

"Okay, that ends the mee..." Misaki stopped suddenly when she happened to see something that caught her eye on the television on the wall. "Quick turn that up!"

"This just in. The president of the United States Of America, in a desperate measure to try to wipe the monsters out before they spread any further, detonated a nuclear warhead over the city of New York. New York City was the epicenter of the first monster horde in the United States. After searching the area with drones the United States has informed the governments around the world that nuclear weapons will not work on the monsters. I repeat nuclear weapons are of no use on the monsters. To those who are watching this, I suggest barricading your homes and stocking up on foo..." The newscaster did not even finish what she was saying before she ripped her mic off and ran off. It was evident that she was going to do as she had just said.

"Alright as you can see normal weapons have no effect on the monsters. Our current tech can not do anything against them but weapons made from resources from ingame will! As you level I expect you to farm resources and fill your inventories! These are your top priorities! For better resources that can only be found in dungeons, we will form raid teams! But first, let's get everyone to level fifty before we form these raid teams. For now, I want you all to form teams of five. One tank and one healer per team you can all decide on your own. That's it for today! Gab your full dive gear and go make characters. Those who do not get full dive gear today will get one when the next batch comes in." Misaki finished the meeting and wanted to log back into the game so she could at least escort the two other Nagasawa clan members to a safe area. It was then that it dawned on her. How was she supposed to wear her helmet with horns on her head?

Misaki looked at her full dive gear in her inventory, tapped on the button and hit the equip button. She was hoping that her Full Dive gear would form to her body and still work correctly. The Full Dive gear equipped to her body. The helmet morphed to fit her new set of horns allowing them to pass through the top of the Full Dive helmet. Misaki let out a sigh of relief as the loading screen appeared in front of her eyes after she switched the helmet on.

A few days passed and more Full Dive gears were brought in; they now had over one thousand sets of Full Dive gears in stock while five hundred of them were in use by all the Nagasawa clan members. Leveling was a grueling task now that [XP] gain was reduced. This did not stop them from leveling though. The Full Dive room was always packed full of Nagasawa clan members working in tandem to level and farm resources. Misaki and her team were dragging Tetsu and Grandpa Nagasawa into dungeons which gave a higher [XP] amount. This helped them level fairly quickly bringing Grandpa Nagasawa to level 29 and Tetsu to level 25. It would only be a matter of time before they caught up to Chizuru and Shinji. Teams could only have five people in it unless it was set up as a raid group. Which allowed Misaki to have six members in her team at this time. This was to ensure that everyone was still getting [XP]. although as the highest member Misaki was still not getting any [XP]

On this day though as they were making their way through the Golem King's Lair. They had arrived at the boss's room. They had already been here many times with each reset of the dungeon. Each time they reached here it was always some low level monster that spawned in the boss room. Misaki stood outside the door and then turned and looked at her group. "So I know we have done this dungeon many times but in order to cause a reset, we need to kill the boss. Although it is disappointing to see such a crappy monster in the boss room every time but we still have to do it. You never know we might get lucky and get a decent boss this time. If we do there could be valuable resources to be had!"

Everyone looked at Misaki and gave a bitter smile. They knew that she was trying to hype them up. When the door opened and they entered the room. What greeted them was yet another cute blue slime!

"Alright I give up I am done with this place! We will need to find a new dungeon!" Misaki yelled out in anger.

"So where is this decent boss you were talking about!?" Chiho teased as she poked Misaki's side.

"Don't pick on Master!" Chizuru who was watching at the side jumped into between Misaki and Chiho with her arms spread out in a protective manner.

"Mimi she is not picking on me she is just teasing me since I gave such a grand speech a few minutes ago." Misaki rubbed her nose. She felt a little embarrassed about what she had just preached.

"Oh... If Master says so." Mimi gave Chiho a glare before latching on to Misaki's arm. "Where should we go from here?"

"I do not know. The forum has only been spammed with complaints about the reduced [XP]. I do not think many are able to get into a dungeon and if they do find one it's better to level inside one than to level outside the dungeon since the [XP] is higher. Which means I do not think many would release this information readily. What do you all think? Should we search for a new dungeon and hope to find one with a real boss inside?" Misaki asked. She did not know if they should waste time on trying to find a dungeon with a real boss instead of just continuing to level up and gather what resources they can.

"I think we should just continue as we are for now. No point in wasting time." Tetsu spoke up. He had barely said a word since the whole leveling process started.

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"Okay, then we will just keep running this until we can all levels close together," Misaki said.

"Chibi, Brat, I am going to go assist the other clan members. We need to get all of our levels up as soon as possible. The new weapons from the ores we have collected should be done soon. So I will be able to fight without issue soon. Also, new sets of armor should also be done in a few days. Brat, your team's armor will be done tomorrow." Grandpa Nagasawa said.

"New armor!?" Misaki's eyes lit up. She had been waiting for this. She also got them to make her a new sword that used the starlight ore as well. The starlight ore was to be used for the blade while the branch off the tree of life that she got from killing the Treant King would be used for the hilt. Just knowing that these new items were coming made Misaki excited.

"Yes, the new armor is going to be ready as well. Okay, I am going to log out. This old man still has work to do." Grandpa Nagasawa said as he stepped into the teleporter to exit the dungeon.

"Okay since Grandpa is done, why don't we take a break as well. I am sure our bodies are hungry by now." Misaki walked forward and also stepped into the teleporter. Chiho, Chizuru and the rest also followed along.

After logging out instead of taking the Full Dive gear off manually Misaki lifted the vizor and opened her character screen and unequipped it from there. She found that this was much more convenient this way. Misaki really wished the others could level faster since she had not made any progress in level for almost a week now. With everything that had been happening she still wished she could get some more levels herself. She figured it would be almost a week before she would be able to finally start leveling again.