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64 Discreet Update

 Misaki looked wide-eyed at Grandpa Nagasawa. "Grandpa what did you say?"

"I said I see the damn game information in my peripheral vision! But forget about that why the fuck am I a little girl!?" Grandpa Nagasawa had an ugly face on. Not only did he see the game information but he turned into a damn little girl!

"Grandpa we will figure that out soon first we need to know if everyone has the HUD in the peripheral vision or not." Misaki ignored Grandpa Nagasawa's plight and looked at the two Nagasawa clan members who both nodded their heads. She then turned to Tetsu who was currently standing there in a daze bouncing his new masses of fat on his chest up and down. "Tetsu you can play with yourself later when you are in your room, do you have the HUD in your peripheral vision or not?"

Tetsu's face went bright red as he heard Misaki's words and quickly put his hands down and nodded his head. He was too afraid to speak since he knew he had already been caught. Misaki let out a laugh seeing Tetsu's actions before clearing her throat and saying: "Okay since Tetsu is out of it you two and Grandpa. Using her mind think about opening your inventory as if you were in game."

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Grandpa Nagasawa did as Misaki asked and his eyes opened wide seeing the 3D menu screen appear in front of him. "I'll be damned it actually worked! This is pretty neat. Let's see if I can take anything out." He then proceeded to take out a potion from his inventory and then put it back. He did this a few times before he was satisfied. He had found that have a system was very handy and seemed to have forgotten that he was changed into a little girl.

"Okay, the last thing we need is one person to volunteer to go into the game that has not created a character yet. If I am right the update that Eternal Games did discreetly without any notification not only reduced the amount [XP] per kill but also made it so everyone would auto get a system just by logging into game. If this is true then that will make things easier for us. So who is willing to test this out?" Misaki asked. There were only a few people in the room besides those who had just logged out of the game.

"I will do it Young Miss." The one who had spoken up earlier volunteered.

"Okay, I will leave it to you then." Misaki smiled and nodded her head.

The young man went over to one of the chairs and put the Full Dive gear on and logged in. Not more than ten minutes later his body shined brightly before his figure grew bigger. His muscles expanded to eight times to what they were before. His skin even turned a slight tinge of green. All of his clothes ripped and were barely hanging on him. He looked like the Bulk from Farvel Comics.

"Seems he picked orc as his race... '' Misaki said as she witnessed the changes in the young man's body. She was happy that his pants did not tear too much at the crotch or she would have seen something she should not have.

After another ten minutes, the young man logged out and carefully took off his Full Dive gear. In a deep orcish voice the young man said: "Young Miss it seems you are correct after logging out I also have the game information in my peripheral vision."

Misaki smiled and nodded her head. "Thank you. You can go ahead and log back in and try to get some levels. Remember to set your timer for eight hours. Do not play more than eight hours at a time."

"Yes, Young Miss!" The Young Man did not seem to be bothered by the changes in his body or his torn clothes as he quickly went back to the chair and sat back down and logged back into the game.

"Okay! We need another meeting! Call everyone to the meeting room!" Misaki had to explain the changes to everyone.

Twenty minutes later...

"Thank you all for gathering here. There have been some drastic changes to the system and in game. As you can see from Grandpa and Tetsu, the character you create in game will also be your real life appearance. So for those who do not wish to have any changes to their body, I would suggest just using your original body look. But this comes at a cost of benefits you would gain from having a race. Each race has its own traits that can greatly benefit you in game and out of game. So I would highly suggest going for a race other than human. If you want to stay close to your human original look then elf race is probably your best bet as you can see from Chiho or Fei as you can see from Chizuru and Grandpa. Well, Grandpa is not the best example because he actually hit the random button. Which I suggest you do not use or you might end up like Grandpa and Tetsu. There are many races that have traits to them that resemble humans in some way. It's up to you on which you would prefer. You can also mix and match up to five races to get many benefits as I did." Misaki explained.

"Mitsu!" Chiho's voice rang out as she ran up to Misaki.

"Yes?" Misaki was about to continue but was interrupted by Chiho.

"Quickly come with me for a minute! Your horns are growing rapidly if this continues your tail might do the same!" Chiho whispered to Misaki.

Misaki reached up and touched her had to find two fully grown horns on her head. She also felt the waist of her pants begin to tighten so she quickly said: "Excuse me for a moment!" Before running out of the meeting room with Chiho. The two ran right into the closest bathroom and locked the door.

Misaki quickly lowered her pants and underwear just in time as a dragon's tail fully emerged from the top of her butt right where the tail bone was located. Misaki let out a sigh of relief as this did not happen in the meeting room. Since her pants might have ripped apart and her lower half would have been exposed to everyone. She looked at Chiho as if she was her savior. "Chiho thank god you noticed! How embarrassing would that be if my pants ripped off me!" Misaki opened her inventory and was about to take her armor out but paused for a moment then doubled tapped the armor to bring up the options for it. She then selected equip and in a bright flash of light, her armor pants appeared on her body!

"To think that this actually worked! I wonder...." Chiho stood there in a daze as Misaki picked her underwear and pants up off the floor and put them into her inventory. She then did the same thing as she did for her armor pants and just like before another bright light flashed and her pants and underwear both appeared on her body and were modified to fit her person. "It worked!"

"Mitsu, this is?" Chiho walked around Misaki amazed at what she was seeing. The spot where Misaki's tail came out through her pants and underwear were perfectly altered to fit her body perfectly!

"Looks like I will not need to worry about clothes and armor not fitting me correctly anymore! This will also help everyone else as well! Come let's head back to the meeting room!" Misaki said excitedly. This new finding was very good. After seeing how the young man earlier had his clothes ripped to shreds when he finished making his character, she now knew it would be wise to have those who would be creating characters to do so in their rooms without clothes on. Before going to the now dubbed "Full Dive Room" by the other Nagasawa clan members.

"Mitsu..." Chiho was following behind Misaki quietly called out.

Misaki stopped her steps and looked at Chiho."Chiho what's wrong?"

"Can I touch your tail? Although I have touched it in game but this is not in game. This is real so I really want to know what it feels like." Chiho blushed a little. She knew she was asking something weird but this was the first time seeing a dragon tail in real life.

"Sure go ahead. To be honest I do not feel any difference having it. I feel the same as if I was in game so it is not too bad. The only thing that I do not understand is why it took so long for it to grow out." Misaki replied.

Chiho smiled and excitedly touched Misaki's tail. It was cold and rough and not as amazing as Chiho had thought it would be. It felt just as it did in game. She even accidentally cut her hand on one of the scales since they were sharp and hard. Her cut did quickly heal within a few seconds. Disappointed Chiho let go of Misaki's tail and said: "It feels the same as in game... Let's go."

Seeing how quickly Chiho lost interest Misaki couldn't help but laugh as the two walked back to the meeting room.