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63 Bodily Changes

 Tetsu looked very aggrieved at Misaki who was laughing at him. But what was worse was that he could not refute her words. The only issue was that Tetsu who was making such a wronged looking face looked very cute which made Misaki laugh even harder. "Young Miss please stop laughing!"

Misaki wiped the tears from her eyes as she said: "Okay! Okay! I'm sorry it's just such a contrast to your normal look. " Although Misaki stopped laughing the two other Nagasawa clan members did not. They were literally on the ground rolling around holding their stomachs.

"If you two do not stop laughing when we log out I will make sure your training is tripled.'' Tetsu's words officially shut up the two other Nagasawa clan members.

"Okay, now that we are all together we will be heading back. Tetsu, for now, dump seventy percent of your [Status Points] into [Vitality] and the rest into [Strength] and just continue that trend. As our main tank, you will not need to do much on attacking so you will only need to worry about keeping the enemy's attention. I will look through Mimi's magic books later and hope that there is some kind of skill to provoke enemies." Misaki only wanted Tetsu to play a meat shield. As long as he had the [HP] to take attacks and kept the monsters focused on him, Chizuru could keep him healed and buffed while Chiho, Shinji, and her focused on dealing all the damage.

A few in game hours later Misaki had found something to be strange. Tetsu who had been with her for a few hours and he had just reached level three. Which was very slow. "Tetsu how much [XP] are you getting per kill? These monsters are all level twenty." By Misaki's calculations Tetsu should be close to level 5 by now and not level 3.

"Around 15 [XP] per kill..." Tetsu replied sluggishly. He was never a person who enjoyed video games so to be dragged around to kill monsters for so many hours was really boring to him. What was worse was that the amount of experience per kill was very low! With no sense of accomplishment, he really wanted to just quit. But when he thought about the monsters in the real world and the fact that the master had spoken his words he had no choice but to suffer. He did, however, wish he could chop off the two bouncing melons on his chest!

"If you are only getting 15 [XP], I think Eternal Games might have lowered the [XP] gain..." Misaki gritted her teeth. Did this mean that Eternal Games was trying to make it so that they would be the main power if things turned south? Misaki could only speculate Eternal Games move by lowering [XP] gain. "Sigh... I think we will not be able to level others up like this so easily anymore. I will need to take people through to get systems earlier than level 20. We will keep moving for now and kill our way back towards Grandpa and the rest. "

Thus Misaki, Tetsu, and the two Nagasawa clan members headed off to meet up with the rest. After a good eight hours, Misaki called it a day and logged out. The second floor of the base had one large meeting room and another large room that was converted into a Full Dive room. Where many reclining chairs were set up in rows. Misaki who had just logged out felt that her Full Dive gear was a bit tighter than normal. She also felt a bit of pressure in her lower back right where her tail bone was. She ran her hand through her hair and her hand froze when she felt a protrusion on the top of her head near her forehead. There was not just one but two on either side of her head! Quickly she touched the top of her butt and felt another protrusion there as well! "No way..."

Chiho, who had just taken her gear off, heard Misaki and asked: "No way what? Wait Mistu!?" Chiho's mouth dropped open as she stared at Misaki. But she did not get an answer from Misaki instead Misaki was looking at her strangely!

"Chiho your ears... And your face..." Misaki pointed at Chiho's ears which were no longer round but more pointed. This also made Misaki check her own ears to find that they were also pointy! She wanted to go run to the bathroom and look in a mirror but from across the room, a young girl's scream rang out.

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"What the fuck!?" Misaki looked over and her eyes went wide at the scene before her.

"Grandpa!?" The robust old man that had tattoos all over his arms was now very small and looked just like his character in game!

Misaki quickly looked over at Tetsu and her face blushed. Tetsu's shirt was very tight to his skin and two large melons were doing their best to keep from bursting out! Misaki had no idea what was going on! Everyone had their appearances change to that of what they were in game. But it seemed her body changes were not fully developed yet since her horns and tail were not fully developed. Misaki looked over at the one who was watching over those who were in game with a questioning gaze.

"Young Miss it happened about two hours ago. All of your bodies started to glow and then this happened. We just now got the delivery of Full Dive gear. So I was not able to go and notify you of what was happening in real life." The Nagasawa clan member said. He really had no idea what he should do since he had never experienced such an occurrence before.

Over in the corner, Grandpa Nagasawa was still cursing everyone, everything, and their mother. Chiho hated seeing him freak out like this because it was bad for his heart. "Jiji cursing is not going to fix anything. You are not the only one who had changes. All of us have."

"Yes, all of us have but we need someone to test if this is going to happen to anyone else." Misaki cut in. It was important to know if this was a one time thing or what.

"Why do I still see the damn game information in my peripheral vision?" This question from Grandpa Nagasawa made everyone freeze.