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62 Not Just Monsters

 In the meeting room, everyone was gathered. Grandpa Nagasawa looked over everyone before opening his mouth and saying: "As you might have already heard City A has already been overrun with monsters. The death toll is already in the thousands. We can hunker down here for one year with our current supply of food. I have already bought every full dive helmet in the City C. Not including the ones we have already. We now have enough Full Dive gears to get three hundred of you systems. People with systems will fall under the brat's command. You are to listen to her when it comes to being in the game and on the battlefield against monsters. I know this has all been said before but I want to make sure you all understand this. If you do not listen to her while in combat against monsters you will be tossed out to said monsters as to feed them. Alright, I said my words. Brat you take over."

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Misaki who was standing at the side had no idea why she was suddenly being told to take over. She had no idea what she should even talk about! Clearing her throat Misaki stepped forward: "Ahem... Well, mainly our first goal would be to acquire as many resources in game as possible. In order to not be caught unaware of the ongoings of the outside world. I will need one person each time we go into the game to level and gather resources to stay on stand by in case we get attacked. You will keep watch above ground incase our base is attacked by monsters. If we do come under attack you are to quickly log in and notify us of what is going on. We will start doing drills on this as well. It should take no more than five minutes from the time the person on stand by sees that we are under attack to login and notify us and log out. Once notified all others should quickly log out. I want the forward team up top and ready for battle by the time the five minutes is up.

"If things continue as they are the monsters will soon overrun the JSDF. Once they do there will be no way of stopping them unless you have a system and a weapon made from materials in game. There are just too many monsters and the JSDF weapons do not seem to be able to do a thing to the monsters. Otherwise they would not have stopped evacuations. So do not expect them to come and help us at any time. I know I am young but as of now, I am the strongest person here. I will do everything I can to protect this base when the time comes.

"But preparation is key! We need to farm resources from the game world and bring them into the real world. This is the only way to truly win in a battle against the monsters. I know this will sound awful but let's take the time the JSDF is giving us by laying down their lives to begin digging our foothold on the new world that might spring up in the weeks to come. Only then will we be able to stand strong in the new world." Misaki paused for a moment as she looked over the five hundred-ish clan members who were standing before her. Some of them had faces of uncertainty. Some had faces of fear. She knew that not knowing what the unknown future that lay ahead of them, would cause a lot of different feelings. Seeing all this made Misaki remember a very important factor. If things go as it seemed. Monsters would not be the only enemy they would need to look out for. This thought made Misaki knit her brow. But if it came down to the safety of her, her friends, and those of the Nagasawa clan she would not hesitate to take a human life if needed.

Misaki took a deep breath before continuing. "One thing we also have to remind ourselves, monsters will not be the only enemies. "

"Young Miss what do you mean?" One of the clan members asked.

"What do you think will happen when monsters start destroying everything around us? Power outages, famine, diseases, and many other things I do not want to even think about will happen. Human beings are not a nice species. At first, we will talk about supporting each other and standing together and fighting to the end. But then what? Once food supplies start to run low and criminals see that laws have no hold on anything any longer what do you think will happen? Humans will turn on humans! What they do not have they will raid others and take from them. Stealing, killing, and other atrocities will end up happening. We will return back to our most basic instinct of survival. Our gate should not be opened for no one once that time comes. Only those who are friends, family, and working for Grandpa should be allowed through our gates.

"With that said everyone should have an idea of what our plan is. So, for now, Grandpa, Tetsu go back to your rooms and log in. Chiho and the rest of my team will do so as well." Misaki finished her speech and walked back towards the elevator. Her throat felt dry from talking so much. She wondered what tomorrow would bring.

Fifteen minutes later Misaki was logged back in game. She already had two of the Nagasawa clan members with her and had already leveled them to level 10. She only had about an hour's worth of game time until she met up with Tetsu.

Who would have thought that when she finally arrived at Tetsu's location instead of finding some burly bald man with a large shield she met with a big titted young woman that looked to be in her mid twenties. "Tetsu? Is that you?"

Tetsu nodded his head. His face was completely red. He still could not get used to this body. He actually had these two huge melons on his chest and the thing that used to hang between his legs was no longer there! Misaki saw Tetsu's expression and burst out laughing.


"Haha! To think the Tetsu I know would turn into such a beautiful woman!" Little did Misaki know that when she logged out she would not find such a thing a laughing matter anymore.