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61 The Base

 Grandpa Nagasawa saw everyone taking their time to look at everything causing him to get a little impatient. "Alright, enough gawking! Let's go! Drop your things off and head to the second floor meeting room in forty minutes! Brat, Chibi, you and your friends will follow me to the fourth floor. The rest of you settle on the third floor. Tetsu you handle who goes where." After tossing out his orders he dragged Misaki and Chiho along with Chizuru and Shinji down to the fourth floor so that they could settle in.

Misaki was amazed at how well the sub floors were organized. Each apartment had two rooms, a kitchen, and a bath. It was not as big as her previous apartment but it was still a decent size. Each room was furnished with all furnishings including a tv. Misaki opened her inventory and took out a bunch of clothes and other things and filled the dresser that was built into the wall. She also hung some clothes up in the closet. She went room to room and unloaded all the things she did not need in her inventory but was needed in her daily life. "That should be good. Now I should head up to the meeting room."

Misaki exited her room by pushing the button on the wall to the side of the door causing it to open and slide into the wall. She then pushed another button on the outside to close it. After swiping a card that Grandpa Nagasawa gave her on the card reader next to the door, the door locked and she continued her way down to the elevator.

Each floor in the base was separated by almost fifty meters of earth, rock, and cement. This was to ensure that if anything were to happen on one of the floors it would not affect the other floors. The fifth level was almost two hundred and fifty meters apart from the fourth floor where a geothermal plant was located that powered the base. In total the whole five sublevels were about six hundred meters below ground.

Part of the reconstruction was to line the inner walls of the subfloors with the same material as the walls outside. Which was done in one day. This gave all the walls in the sublevels a black color until they were painted white. Grandpa Nagasawa at the time did not know if there were any monsters that could burrow in the ground. He did not want to risk the chance of such a scene where a horde of monsters entered the base through the walls.

Misaki walked down the hallway that was lined with long pipes and wiring. All the plumbing was visible for all to see. So any kind of leak or faulty cable could be dealt with quickly. Misaki reached the elevator at the same time as Chiho. "Chiho, Grandpa amazes me. He had such an awesome base just sitting there doing nothing."

"Yeah, this place is quite amazing. Even the power plant downstairs is of a technology that has never been released and still to this day the government has no idea about it. I used to come here all the time when I was younger." Chiho said proudly.

"At least he never got rid of it. Otherwise, we would not have such a great place to keep us safe. At least here we can train and get ourselves ready for the real thing in the real world. It makes me wonder how many groups out there are preparing themselves right now." Misaki really did wonder what new powers will emerge if entire governments are destroyed.

"Whatever the case as long as we are alive we can always fight another day." Chiho did not care about anyone or anything else as long as her friends and family were safe.

The two got off the elevator and made their way to the meeting room where many people were already gathering. There was a large one hundred and seventy seven centimeter tv mounted on the wall. It was turned to a news station where a newscast was reporting about the monsters.

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"I am standing here on the front lines where a large number of creatures or what the army is plainly calling monsters are destroying everything in their path. The JSDF has given up on evacuations because the monsters are moving too fast. They have spread out from City A and are continuing to spreading outwards. This is also not the only location where monsters had appeared. There are many more locations around the continent that have also been overrun with monsters. There is no sign of them slowing down any time soon. If you have a place to hide then please hide. I can only wish you that you all at home can stay safe. "

"It seems that City A is already done for. I wonder how long it will take them to reach here." Misaki mumbled to herself. If the JSFD is unable to stop the monsters or contain them. Then all of Japan would most likely be overrun. Misaki could only sigh because right now she was not able to do anything. She was not in any position to help others right now. The best course of action would be to farm and level up as many people as possible and get them systems.