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60 Moving House

 After picking up two of the Nagasawa clan members on the way to meet up with Tetsu, Misaki still had everyone log out when the eight hour mark was reached. Right as everyone logged out, one of the male clan members came running into the meeting room. "Master! Something major has happened! Young Miss's words came true!"

Everyone looked at each other a bit confused. "What do you mean the brat's words came true?" Grandpa Nagasawa could not make heads or tails of what the male clan member meant.

"Large groups of monsters have appeared all over the world and entire cities have already been overrun!" The male clan member said anxiously. You could tell he was worried about this news.

Grandpa Nagasawa did not get upset he casually asked."How are the renovations of the warehouse going?"

"The four subfloors and power level have already been completed. It is the ground floor that is taking time since it was never really touched. But the power grid has already been fixed and it is now self sustained." The male clan member replied.

"Brat, we are moving operations to the base that you wanted. It has two floors for living accommodations and can fit around five hundred people. Tetsu, get in contact with your friends who trained the brat here. Tell them I want them to stay with me for a while. I want them to train our people." Grandpa Nagsawa turned to Misaki and said: "Brat I want you to be in charge of the Full Dive teams and if we end up becoming under siege by monsters, I will have you lead the groups with systems to handle the monster. It seems your fears were not in vain. I am glad I listened to you." After finishing his words to Misaki, Grandpa Nagasawa then turned his attention back to his clan members. "Listen up you have four hours to get everything packed up and ready to move within this time. We are moving house! When it comes to dealing with monsters the brat is in charge. If you do not listen to her words you will be thrown out to feed those same monsters! Oh and just remember the brat is the strongest in the house so do not think she can not toss you out as feed for the monsters just because she is a young girl. Let's go!"

Misaki was standing there in a daze. She would never have thought that her assumption would ever come true. "Mitsu! Mitsu!"

"Ah! Huh!?" Chiho's voice brought Misaki out of her daze.

"Were you not paying attention? We need to pack up the monsters are taking over entire cities! We need to head to the new base!" Chiho said as she waved her hand in front of Misaki's face.

"Ah..? Okay sorry, I was just stunned is all. I just can't believe that this is happening so soon." Misaki really did not think that monsters would show up in such numbers so quickly. She was just happy that they had made preparations. "But Chiho I thought that the base would not be ready for a few weeks? Why are we heading there now?"

"I can explain that. Chibi doesn't know. When I heard what you told me. I sent some people out to investigate and what I found out was that those monsters had been appearing at an astonishing rate. So I hired ten times more people to get the base, as you two like to call it, back up and running in a working condition. The base has four sublevels and a power level which makes five sublevels total. Two of those sublevels are apartments and can house up to five hundred people. We only have around three hundred people here. I plan to expand the base after we move in, to house more clan members as they return. My goal is to get all five thousand members back and with systems as well. That is after I analyze the situation. If it is safe enough for them to return then I will have them return otherwise, they can stay put and dig in. Each of the Nagasawa bases has at least one bunker in case things go wrong. Brat All I can say is you are really a lucky star to our Nagasawa clan. Because of you, we will not die too easily." Grandpa Nagasawa explained.

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Hours later an envoy of twenty black vans and cars left the Nagasawa residence. Following them were a few box trucks that carried various things. When they pulled up to the new base the walls that used to surround it were now a lot taller and had electrified barbed wire at the top. Not only were they taller but they were also thicker. What really made them stand out though was that they were pure black!

"Grandpa, what are these walls made out of?" Misaki really wondered why they were black.

"Mixture of concrete and graphene and some other things it is basically an indestructible wall. Well, this world's standards pre monsters. " Grandpa Nagasawa put a lot of work into the outside perimeter. He did not know how well it would hold to a monster but he had his team take the findings that were yet to be released to the public and put them to use here. This wall could be hit with a nuclear blast and it would still not be destroyed.

"Grandpa's people are surely amazing." Misaki looked at the wall in awe. She really had to hand it to the people who worked for Grandpa Nagasawa. Just being able to make such a wall was a work of genius.