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59 New Update!

 Those of the Nagasawa residence had no idea what was going on in the outside world as they worked hard on raising the levels of the clan members. Their information right now was a little lacking due to their focus on gaining systems. Before the group was going to log in for the second time after a two hour break Misaki once again stood in front of everyone. " More Full Dive gear will be coming tomorrow. So more of you will be getting picked up and brought to where Grandpa is currently leveling to get power leveled by Chiho and the rest of my team. The current people already in game will be picked up on my way to meet up with Tetsu today. Tetsu you will be getting picked up tomorrow.

"For those who will be creating characters tomorrow, we will go over who will be doing what. We will try to keep preferences in mind. Although Eternal Phantasy is a classless game I will still be pushing a class system on to you all. Once you log in do not distribute any status points as of yet. Once we meet up in game we will go over game mechanics and other things. Remember this is not just for playing to have fun but also to use for training and gathering resources. Once we gather a good amount of people we will be heading to a high level dungeon to allow everyone to gain their systems. You can die in the game world and respawn. But in the real world if you meet a monster you will die for real if you are not careful! So please take this seriously."

Misak continued on explaining the ins and outs of the game a bit before finishing the meeting. Those who already had Full Dive gear all logged back in to continue what they were doing. Four hours of game time went by and it was midnight in the real world. Misaki was currently fighting a few monsters that were level 49. They were not hard to kill just annoying since they were a bird species and of a wind element at that. They looked like large eagles but more like a Wind Roc from Chinese fantasy. They were very fast and it was if they were playing with Misaki as they would fly low and Misaki would try to jump up and try to kill them with her sword. Right before her sword would touch them they would fly just out of reach and chirp away at Misaki as if they were laughing at her. The reason why she was not using magic was that she was practicing how to use parkour to kill flying enemies with her sword in case she ran out of [MP]. Unfortunately, these birds seem to have noticed this and decided to use Misaki as a form of entertainment.

While she was doing this a system message popped up on her in front of her.


[Live Update Implemented. New Changes Added! Please Read Below!]

[New Stat Added: Vitality]

[Each point of Vitality adds 10 Health Points. All points allocated to Stamina have now been refunded.]

[Stat Intelligence Changed!]

[Each point in Intelligence now raises Mana Points by 10. Points distribution not refunded.]

[Game playtime restrictions have been lifted. You may now use the timer as an alarm to set to allow you to know how long you have been playing for. You will no longer be forced to log out of the game.]


[Private Message From Game Master!]

Seeing this new message pop up Misaki quickly opened it.

[Miss Misaki thank you for your help with the information that you have sent us. We at Enteral Games would like to give you an extra 100 Status Points. We know this is not enough but we still have to keep the game somewhat fair.

Sincerely Eriko

P.S. Even if the information did not come from you please think of this as an apology for our misdeeds.]

Misaki read the messages and did not care about anything else except the fact she got an extra 100 [Status Points] for free. Misaki quickly fired off a few fireballs at the chirping birds in the air roasting them into fried chicken instantly. She then opened her character menu. "Let's see..."

[Player Name] Misaki

[Race]Demon Lord

[Level] 52

[XP] 45879/57600

[HP] 530/530

[MP] 2960/2960

[SP] 100/100

[Attack Power] 235(1087)

[Magic Power] 78(81)

[Defence] 115(387)

[Magic Defence] 18()

[Status Points] 453

[Strength] 145(612)

[Stamina] 375 (588)

[Vitality] 15(23)

[Intelligence] 173(271)

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[Mind] 10 (15)

[Agility] 10(15)

[Dexterity] 10(15)



Beginner Chest Armor, Beginner Legs Armor, Beginner Boots Armor


The Queen's Blade MKI


Nature Control

[Passive Skills]

Demon Lord's Creator, Vampire Sustenance, Demon Lord Racial, Golem Kings Might, Treant King's Grace

"So the Intelligence change really boosted my [MP] pretty high! Let's see I have 453 [Status Points]. That would make 4530 extra [HP] get!" Misaki quickly dumped all her [Status Points] into [Vitality].

[Status Points] 0

[Vitality] 468(734)


"Thank god I have a passive that gives me +100 [HP] every five seconds out of combat. Otherwise, this amount of [HP] would take so many potions to heal or I would need to sleep for a night ingame. That would be such a waste!" Misaki looked at her new health points and mana points and was very happy. She would not need to worry about running out of mana and health for a while now.

This new update was very good for Misaki. After happily closing her character window Misaki wondered why they pushed the update out a week earlier than what Watase Eriko had told her. She also found that it was funny that they made a guess that it was her who sent that email with the information on how to gain a system.

"Now that I have adjusted my stats I should continue my journey. The gameplay time restriction was also a nice thing as well. I wonder why they decided to do that though..." Little did Misaki realize that her assumptions about the monsters invading her world had actually come true.