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58 Everyone Has Their Own Plans

 After picking up Grandpa Nagasawa Misaki had Chiho, Chizuru and Shinji help him level up some while she went and picked up Tetsu. The problem was that Tetsu was about a three day trip away.


Military compound outside City B...

While those at the Nagasawa residence were playing Eternal Phantasy. The outside world was in an uproar. "Chief, we can't stop them! The horde has already broken through the second defensive line!"

"These damn things just appeared out of nowhere an hour ago! They have already stormed their way through City B!" Chief Takahara had never seen such things in his life. There were hundreds of monsters spreading outwards from City B where they first appeared. "Is there an estimate on the death toll? How are the evacuations coming?"

"Sir we can not say what the death toll is right now. And for evacuations, we have rescued about one thousand people at this time. We are also evacuating the citizens of the neighboring towns and cities. It's just sir we do not have room for so many people!" The young soldier said with an aggrieved expression.

At that time hurried footsteps could be heard as the door to Chief Takahara's office was swung open. "Chief Takahara! It's bad! More have shown up to the south and west. Not only that but they have shown up in mass hordes in the United States, Europe, Russia, China, and practically every other country out there. Sir, we can not request aid from any country because they all have the same issue as us!"

Chief Takahara sat back in his chair and closed his eyes as he got lost in thought. After a moment of consideration, he had no choice. He picked up the phone and made a call. "Sir we need to change the threat level to red. You need to evacuate as soon as possible. My Men and I of the JSDF will do what we can to help the citizens but I will be calling off all evacuations."

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"I understand Chief Takahara. Just do what you can. If things look too bad, pull out. I can't lose my Chief on the battlefield just yet!" Prime Minister Hamakawa said.

"I understand Sir." After Chief Takahara hung up the phone he looked at the two men standing in front of his desk who wore anxious expressions and said: "Cease all evacuations and reorganize the men to go to the front lines! Do everything you can to slow their movements. Even if you need to build trenches and basic traps just do it! I do not want the lives of the civilians that have been lost and those that will most likely lose their lives to be in vain! We need to stop their movements and at least contain them if we can not kill them!" Chief Takahara was at a loss of what to do. They have used guns, tanks, and even bombs but nothing has worked! The damn things just could not be killed.


Eternal Games Headquarters...

"Have you shut down the game?" Watase Toshi was standing in front of a group of people in a meeting room.

"Sir we have tried to shut the game down but the neural network that the game was built upon is no longer listening to our commands! We have tried to shut it down many times but it is not working. It is almost as if it is its own entity now! And it's not like we can just pull the plug since it's not connected to anything!" One of the workers said frantically. He had tried everything but his team could not shut down the neural network. The neural network did not run on anything but a special power source called mental energy. It was a top-secret project that they had worked on to work with the full dive system to make the most realistic world using the power of people's brain waves. Unless all humans in the world died, it would never run out of power!

Watase Toshi sat back into his chair and let out a long sigh. "Eriko what do you think? After running the test with the information we got we found that the neural network was the cause of everything. Now monsters are running amok all over the place!"

"Toshi come with me for a minute." Watase Eriko got out of her chair and walked back to her office. Watase Toshi followed behind her.

"What's the matter Sis?" Toshi was confused as to why they were having a secret meeting.

"How many in the company do we have with systems at this time?" Watase Eriko asked.

"We have around one thousand employees in this building and about half of them have gotten systems so about five hundred." Watase Toshi answered.

"Then our company will at least be safe for now. Since that is the case don't keep trying to shut down the neural network. We will boost our employees' stats with custom items just for them. Our headquarters will be safe because of this. We should start mass farming in game and higher a few blacksmiths to make our weapons. We have five sublevels in this building. It's time to turn them into an R&D department. Our world is about to change. I have a feeling the Nagasawa's are already doing the same as us. I have heard that one of their old warehouses is under reconstruction. They seem to be bringing in a lot of medical equipment and things to make forges with. If I am not wrong Misaki was the one who sent me that email. If that is the case we should help support her a little. Let's move out the new update to tomorrow, remove the play timer, and add in a bonus one hundred status points. Also leak out the ability to get a system within Eternal Phantasy do not say how to get it but just say it is possible. I have a feeling the world order will change and the ones who will rule it is us..." Watase Eriko's tone voice was very serious and her eyes glowed with excitement.

"Alright, we will do it as you say. I will let those with systems know. Lets put this plan into action now."