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57 Jiji?

 Sitting on a ratted old bed in a long brown shirt Grandpa Nagasawa looked down at himself completely shocked. "Small hands, small feet, long curly blond hair, and the thing that should be there is completely missing... What the fuck!" He felt really wronged. He had no idea what he was doing so he hit the button that said randomized and hit accept. He did not think that it would result in such a world shaking disaster! As Grandpa Nagasawa was about to curse some more a message popped up in front of him.


[Player Misaki Wants to Voice Chat!]

Hitting the button Grandpa Nagasawa heard Misaki's voice in his head. "Grandpa I am sending you an invite now."


[Player Misaki Has Invited You To Team!]

After Grandpa Nagasawa joined the team Misaki was finally able to see where he was. "Good! Grandpa spawned in the same village I did when I started. It's not far from here. Let's go pick him up and then make our way to Tetsu. But first, we have to kill the boss here to leave the dungeon."

Currently, Misaki, Chiho, Chizuru, and Shinji were standing outside a large door with many engravings of golems on it. The door itself was at least ten times the size of Misaki. She pushed open the door and the group walked into the boss's room. The room lit up to reveal a large round blue... "It's a damn slime again! Only bigger!" Misaki really wondered if this dungeon was bugged! Not waiting for the rest of the team to react Misaki walked up to the large slime that was about three times its normal size and stabbed it with her sword! There was a loud popping sound and Misaki was once again covered in slime juice for the second time in her life. "I give up... This dungeon hates me..."

A white teleportation magic circle formed in the room. This was the exit to the dungeon. Once you entered it, it would bring you outside the entrance of the dungeon. Misaki, however, did not rush to leave. She instead took out her wooden hut and walked inside before closing the door and not letting anyone in. It was not until twenty minutes later that Misaki came back out all nice and clean. "Okay, we can leave now..."

After exiting the dungeon and spending a few in game hours walking to the village that Grandpa Nagasawa was in, they finally arrived at their destination. "This is the place. Grandpa is waiting inside."

When they entered the village they were met with what seemed to be a large disturbance. What's more, was that a small little girl with long blonde hair was running towards them. "Brat it's about time you showed up these people are ridiculous! They keep trying to make me wear these colorful skirts!"

Misaki, Chiho and the rest were staring at the young girl wondering why she was talking to them and why she called Misaki a brat. Misaki who was the most confused said: "Do I know you?"

"What do you mean do I know you?" The little girl looked very annoyed.

Misaki looked at her map and saw that the marker for Grandpa Nagasawa was right on top of them. Which meant... "Grandpa?"

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"Huh? Jiji!?" Chiho was the next person to react. "Why do you look like that? Don't tell me you a lol..."

"Chibi stop your thoughts right this instant! This old man hit the random button and hit accept. Who would have thought that it would turn out like this!" Grandpa Nagasawa was very disgruntled. But on the tiny little body, it actually looked kinda cute...

As they were talking, a woman from the crowd ran out and started screaming at Misaki and everyone else. "Hey what are you doing to my daughter!?"

"Listen, lady, I have told you many times this morning I am not your daughter!" Grandpa Nagasawa yelled out. He has had this damn woman chasing him around all morning trying to get him to wear a pink frilly dress!

"Of course you're my daughter what else could you be!?" The woman yelled. One could tell she was getting tired of Grandpa Nagasawa's attitude. "Now get over here and get changed! How can you run around in a nightshirt!?"

"Mam I am sorry to say but this is no longer your daughter. She is now a changeling. So please think of it as your daughter being sick and unable to recover." Misaki did not want to beat around the bush so she gave it to the woman straight.

"You're lying! There is nothing wrong with my daughter, she still looks the same! Changelings have parts of their body change!" The woman argued.

Misaki was having enough of this whole thing so she walked over and pulled back grandpa Nagasawa's hair revealing a set of pointy ears. "Your daughter is no longer human, she is now a Fei. Mam, you have my condolences..."

"Nooo! It can't be... My daughter! Give me back my daughter you monsters!" The woman let out a shrill scream as she charged at Misaki.

Misaki did not want to harm the woman so she moved quickly and appeared behind the woman chopping the back of her neck gently. The woman slumped over into her arms. Misaki then spotted the doctor who she had met before and walked over to him. "She is just unconscious. She should wake up in a little while. When she wakes up, tell her that a demon lord attacked the village and took her daughter away. Are there any abandoned buildings in the village?"

"Yes, there is." The doctor smiled faintly and pointed to a few buildings. He somewhat understood what Misaki was about to do. Misaki looked at the buildings and then shot a few fireballs at them. Shen then waited for them to catch on fire enough to show a good amount of damage and then put the fire out.

"This way it will seem as if you are not lying. To the rest of you, I am sorry for disturbing your day." Misaki bowed and turned around to join her team. Before she left she caught a glimpse of an older woman who was staring at her from the back of the crowd. Misaki smiled and nodded her head. The woman saw this and a few tears rolled down her cheeks. This was precisely the mother of the body Misaki had inhabited.

"Let's go!" Misaki said as she led her team out of the village.