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56 Boing!

 Chiho was lost in thought for a minute before she spoke up saying: "Jiji why don't you get a system as well? I would feel more comfortable if you had one too."

"Humph... Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt. This old man will do it. For today you kids rest I will send someone out to pick up a batch of that Full Dive gear. We will do the whole system thing tomorrow." Grandpa Nagasawa paused for a moment before continuing. "You kids will take a month off from school. I want to see how things play out. If those monster things really do keep showing up and the rate that they continue to show up increases, it would not be good for you to be out and about for now. Especially since that company was bothering you. Alright, for now, go do your farming. Your base will be done in a few weeks. You can unload the goods there and the team I assemble will take care of the rest. As for the teacher do not worry I will talk to your Principle. "

The next day the sun came up as it always did. Misaki woke up and frowned when she saw that she was being sandwiched by both Chiho and Chizuru. They were both hugging her like koala bears! She couldn't even move! What was worse was for some reason Chizuru was chewing on her shoulder and it was sending shivers down her spine! Not able to take it any more Misaki used a tiny bit of her strength and... tossed both girls off her!

"Ouch!" Chiho rubbed the bump on her head as she sleepily looked around the room.

Chizuru, on the other hand, was wide-eyed and panicking as she looked around the room because she thought something else was happening. "Ahh! What's happening!? Earthquake!?"

"I am sleeping by myself from now one!" Misaki firmly stated. She had wondered why she had such a weird dream of becoming a sandwich and being eaten. It was because she really did become a sandwich and was being eaten!

Shinji, of course, slept in his own room far from the girls. Grandpa Nagasawa made sure that he was on the other side of the house and even stationed a few of the female clan members outside the girls' door just to be safe. Even though Misaki was the strongest person in the whole house he still did not want to risk it.

After eating breakfast and washing up, Grandpa Nagasawa, Tetsu, Misaki, Chiho, Chizuru, and Shinji plus three others all gathered in the meeting room inside the Nagasawa residence. Misaki took the lead and stood in front of everyone present. "Okay, when you first enter you will be run through a small tutorial and character creation. Once your character is made you will be asked to set a time limit on how long you want to play for. Pick eight hours of game time. Now the main thing is after you enter the game world. You might become what is called a Changeling by the locals. If you are lucky you will not need to worry about being chased out of the village you started in. Just remember if you get into trouble run as fast as you can away from whoever is chasing you. Although you know how to fight it will not be easy if the stats of the pursuers are higher than yours. Once you are safe we will make our way to you and pick you up. With that said please pick your names before entering the game. So I can add you to my list as soon as your character is made!"

"I will just stick with my own name..." Tetsu did not seem happy about being made to play some game but since the old master said he had to he had no choice in the matter.

"Why the hell are games nowadays so damn complicated. We used to play kendama back in my day. It could give you hours of fun! No need for all this complexity!" Grandpa Nagasawa complained.

"Jiji, you will have fun but you still need to come up with a name or we will not be able to find you." Chiho knew how her grandfather was so she had to make sure he would not give up. She did not want her grandfather being at a disadvantage because he got to aggravated by the process.

"Bah! Who cares what the name is! I'll just go with Jiji! Makes things simple." Grandpa Nagasawa waved his hand. He was already annoyed about the whole thing. But he was doing it because he did not want to be left out from such a good thing! Having a system was a good thing!

After settling the names Misaki helped Tetsu into his gear and Chiho helped her grandfather. After they were all set and laying down comfortably on a futon they turned the full dive gear on.

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Tetsu was the first to finish his character creation. As Misaki had asked him to do he picked a shield as his weapon. She said he would be their tank so he would need to block enemies from putting their attention on anyone but him. When he opened his eyes Tetsu felt something was wrong. His chest felt awfully heavy. He looked down and saw two large mounds pushing out the front of his shirt. He reached up with his hand and poked one of the large mounds a few times.

*Boing!* *Boing!* *Boing!* *Boing!*

He then pulled his shirt away from his chest and looked down and saw two round plump breasts underneath. His face turned red as he let out a scream "Ahhhh!!!!" But what he heard was not a man's voice but a woman's voice! "What the hell is this!?"

In another area, there was another loud yell... "What the fuck!"