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55 Securing A Base Of Operations

 It was a few minutes later when Chiho came back. Chizuru and Misaki were huddled around Shinji who was typing away on the computer. "Mitsu, Jiji said we can have the old warehouse."

Hearing these words made Misaki really happy! "Chiho that's great news! Now we can create a decent training center and also a place where we can craft armor and weapons... Chiho... By any chance do you know anyone we can one hundred percent trust to help butcher and maybe forge weapons for us?" Misaki really thought she was asking a lot. But having such people to assist them with crafting would help a lot.

"Actually we do have a few people that are very loyal to the Nagasawa clan that can help. To be honest I was thinking the same thing. If we have such a huge warehouse it would also make a good place to act as a base in a way." Chiho had the same thought as Misaki. They had many many kinds of materials from all the farming they have done. The Nagasawa clan had people who specialized in a lot of fields.

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"Oh, you twerps are making a base out of the old warehouse!?" Grandpa Nagasawa came walking into the room.

"Jiji!" "Grandpa!" Misaki and Chiho both got up and ran over to Grandpa Nagasawa.

"Brat I just got off the phone with your father and told him the situation. Due to the outbreak of these creatures your father has been extra busy. When I told him you were staying here he felt rest assured. He also wanted to know why you haven't called him! Your mother and father have been worried about you since those things have been showing up." Grandpa Nagasawa knew that the girls knew about the monsters. In order to allow both Chizuru and Shinji to stay at the Nagasawa residence, Chiho and Misaki came clean about the systems and told them about the monsters. It just so happened that he already knew about the monsters but the systems were a whole new thing. He felt it was right to not go and tell people they didn't know that they had a system.

"Grandpa we want to make a training space and also a place where we can use the materials we gather in game to create armor and other things here in the real world. With what has been happening there is no telling how much worse it will get. If a horde of monsters spawns out of nowhere we have to be ready to protect ourselves. Not to mention if things get too far out of hand things might really change in the future and our society as we know it will cease to exist." Misaki explained. "And also... I will call my parents later..."

Nodding his head Grandpa Nagasawa knew Misaki had been busy lately so it had probably slipped her mind. "You brats do not need to worry. I will have some people from our construction company go down and refurbish the old warehouse. Also, I will grab a few people from my other companies to help out. I am guessing you will need someone good with chemicals, a tailor and a blacksmith. At least that is what I know of those games you girls play."

"And also a butcher someone who can dismantle monsters for us." Misaki added in.

"Okay consider it done. I will heighten security around the warehouse as well as build a wall around it. I will turn the place into a military compound. But I need you girls to help some of my guys get these so called systems. I want to protect the Nagasawa clan no matter what!" This was the only condition that Grandpa Nagasawa had. He would give the girls whatever they need as long as they were willing to give back to the Nagasawa clan.

"Jiji we will do as you ask. Have Tetsu come in. We will have him get a system and after he shows a few more from the clan I would like to have Tetsu become a tank for our group..." Chiho had thought about it and came to the conclusion that it might be a bit dangerous to bring in someone else that they did not know into the group. Tetsu was very loyal to the Nagasawa clan and would never betray them.

"Chiho that is a great idea!" Misaki never would have thought to bring in Tetsu. Because Tetsu was not someone to play video games in the first place!

"Okay, I will give you Tetsu. At least then I can relax a bit having someone else from the clan with you girls. It's not that I do not trust your friends here. But You know how the old saying goes. Trust those who you know more than a stranger on the street. Although I know this saying can't hold up in some families. But in my Nagasawa Clan, everyone is trustworthy." Grandpa Nagasawa said the last sentence with much pride. He prided himself on his clan members who were very loyal.

With everything set in stone Misaki and her team were now able to concentrate on leveling and farming inside the game. The warehouse updates would be ready in a few weeks with all the new things added to it. For now, they could just fill their inventories with resources so that they can then turn them into things in the real world. Misaki had a feeling the combination of the game world and the real world will be a major thing in the time to come. So stocking up now before places get farmed cleaned was the best bet.