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54 A Helping Hand

 After gathering everyone and making sure everyone was safe. Misaki and her team were currently inside a room inside the Nagasawa residence having a meeting. "Misaki why did you not just tell the people of Eternal Games how to get a system?" Shinji asked. He was confused as to why Misaki did not just give them the information.

"Think about it. If I told them how to get a system the government would also know that I have a system. Now, what would the government do to a freak who had special powers? Now only would I be forced to kill monsters day and night with no freedom at all. I would be put under twenty four seven surveillance. I would rather us help fight monsters in secret. But not until we have enough strength to do so. They might think that just because I killed one monster that I would be able to kill any monster. What if I end up being forced to fight a monster that was ten or a hundred times my level? I would die instantly. I have already died once in the game. I do not want to die permanently in the real world. I am sure there are many more people like us that they can ask how they got a system. Let those people who want to be in the limelight and be a slave to the government do their thing." Misaki was very adamant about this decision of hers. She did not want to or have her friends be the one to tell anyone else how to get a system.

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There was basically no way of telling what the government or other organization would do to a group of young people who had unexplained powers. She for one would not be the one to find out. It was sad that people might die and Misaki did regret this fact but she wanted to wait and see what was actually happening. If a big event happened then she would try to help out. But she would not do so now when things were still not one hundred percent certain. Now was still too dangerous of a time to let others know that they had systems.

"Then what if we let them know via an encrypted email?" Shinji's suggestion piqued Misaki's interest.

"If we can do it without it being traced back to us then let's do that. I have Eriko's business card that has her email on it." Misaki liked this idea. If they had the knowledge to allow people to gain their own systems then the government can do what they need. As long as it did not get traced back to them she was fine with whatever method that could be used to anonymously give this information.

"Alright leave it to me then. I will make sure it is not trackable." With Misaki's okay Shinji took out a laptop from his inventory and started working on sending the information over.


Eternal Games Headquarters....

Watase Eriko was sitting at her desk when a ping sound sounded off notifying her that she had a new email. "Oh, who is this from? Sender's name is A Helping Hand..."

"To whom it may concern. In your battle with the monsters that have shown up in the real world. The only way you may be able to fight them is two things. Weapons made from materials from within Eternal Phantasy and having a system in the real world. To get a system try jumping off a cliff that leads to nowhere. These are the only things I can suggest. Good Luck..."

After reading the message Watase Eriko smiled as she whispered to herself. "A very smart girl... Untraceable email... Well in any case at least we now have a clue of what to do." Watase Eriko let out a long sigh. "But what the hell does jump off a cliff even mean!?"


With the message sent Misaki felt a lot better. It was not that she did not want to help it was she was concerned for her own and everyone else's safety. She was not some hero from a novel or manga!

"Okay with that out of the way... Chiho, Chizuru, Shinji it is time to train! You will need to learn martial arts and parkour. If things get bad in the real world we will need to move quickly. On this Chiho is there any way to turn the warehouse we used last time into a training center?"

Chiho thought for a minute and nodded her head. "Yeah should be possible since we do not use it for anything anymore. Let me go ask Jiji." Chiho quickly ran off.

"As for training, I will show you everything I know. Shinji... about your job..." Misaki knew that Chizuru, Chiho and her could still go to school with no issues but Shinji was another problem... he could not go to work by himself in case anything happened and none of them were there to assist him.

The mention about his job caused Shinji to laugh dryly as he rubbed his nose. "Ahaha... do not worry about that. I am currently jobless. Looks Like I will have to take on a few hacking jobs to make ends meet."

"You know how to hack!?" Misaki's eyes lit up. She had never met a hacker before!

"Yes, but it is not something I like to rely on. Even if the money is good." Shinji scratched his head. He had almost been caught once and sentenced to a few years in prison. So now he only hacks when he has no job and needs the money to survive.

"Will you teach me!?" Misaki really wanted to learn!

Shinji was somewhat reluctant but looking at Misaki's big doe eyes that were pleading with him to teach her he reluctantly nodded his head. "Fine but remember the main thing about hacking is to cover your tracks!"

"Un! I will learn from you!" Misaki felt this was very good knowledge to have. Something that could be useful down the road. Like hacking CCTV cameras that might be near a scene where they are fighting a monster in the real world.