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53 Protecting Themselves

 Misaki took a deep breath. 'Misaki get ahold of yourself! I can't act all scared just because someone found out. If anything I can just get rid of them... No no what the hell am I thinking! But if it did come down to it...' The current situation was really switching on Misaki's survival instinct.

Feeling the air around Misaki was becoming heavy Eriko quickly tried to diffuse the situation. "I do not want you to think we are trying to threaten you with this video. We just want to know how you were able to damage the monsters? You see it seems normal weapons have no effect on them. So we would like to know what weapon you used and what it is made out of that it was able to kill the monsters..."

Misaki looked at Eriko her eyes looked as if they were trying to peer into her soul. She would not trust someone she did not know. "Even if what you say is true what does it have to do with me? I do not owe anything to your company and in a way, you guys have made my life a living hell by posting videos of me on your website. I do not like attention and all of a sudden I am some famous person all because I defeated a world boss. Not to mention I got a lolicon watching my every move when I play the game. I can't even change clothes because I am afraid of being looked at. I am not sure what your company policies are but continuously watching a young girl's every action is pretty sick. I will have to ask the two of you to leave."

Misaki got up to show them out but right as Misaki got up so did Chiho. She looked at Watase Toshi and Erkio with cold eyes and said: "Let me add one more thing to that. Do not think that the police of the army can do anything to Misaki because I will tell you right now my family will not stand for it. I already know that the government is wary of my Nagasawa family so do yourselves a favor and stay away from Misaki from now on. Otherwise, you will face consequences I am sure you are not able to handle."

Watase Toshi and Erikos' faces both paled upon hearing Chiho's say Nagasawa. The Nagasawa name was well known among the rich and government officials. They were a hidden force within Japan that had power on par with that of the government. They just did not intervene in government affairs unless you messed with one of their own. Knowing this they could only dejectedly leave with their heads held low.

After they left Misaki looked at Chiho and said: "Thanks Chiho. I know you hate using your family name."

"If it's to protect my best friend I will do what I need to do. If they try to do anything to let me know. I will have Jiji handle it for you." Chiho's tone of voice was very cold. She would never let anyone threaten Misaki or do anything to her.

"Un! Thanks, Chiho! I love you!" Misaki said as she gave Chiho a big hug. Chizuru who was sitting on the couch looked on in envy. She could not help but shout out "Not fair!" before jumping off the couch and running over to join in on the hug.

Outside in the hall, Eriko was a little depressed. She had thought if they showed the video that Misaki would help them but it seemed to have backfired and on top of that, they seemed to have angered a big fish! "Eriko what if we ban her account and tell her if she is willing to cooperate with us we will unban it?"

Eriko looked at her brother like he was an idiot. "Toshi do you really think that is wise? Did you not see the Nagasawa girl there? If we do anything to Misaki now we will be finished and we will never get any information from Misaki! Our only course of action is to take things slow. For now, we will just play things out and wait and see. Also, stop all observations on Misaki for the time being. It seems we have given her a bad taste with our current actions."

Watase Toshi could only sigh. He did not realize his actions would cause such a big mess. Now their only hope in fighting the monsters has been completely blocked due to him! He did not say another word and just followed after his sister quietly.

Back inside Misaki's apartment Misaki picked up her cell phone and dialed a number. "Hello, Shinji. Pack a bag and come to my house things have gotten a little deep. For now, you will stay with Chiho, Chizuru and I. "

The three girls had discussed it and they figured this would be the best plan of action. They would move together when they went out and no one was to act on their own until they saw how things went. Before Misaki hung up the phone Chiho stopped her and said: "Hold on we will move to my house. It's more well protected and we won't have to worry about people showing up at our doorstep."

"Okay, we will do that. Shinji, give me your address we will come to pick you up instead. We will be heading to Chiho's house afterward where we will be staying for the time being." Misaki liked this idea. The fact that the people from Eternal Games were able to walk right upstairs in a lock and key building is disturbing enough. At least at Chiho's house, they will be safer.

"Alright, I will see you in a few then. Thanks for thinking about me. It would have sucked if these people came knocking on my door." Shinji was truly thankful to Misaki for thinking of him. Otherwise, he would have to go all out if someone tried to capture him.

"You are my teammates, of course, we would think about you. Right now we are all in this together." After a few more words She hung up with Shinji. "Okay let's get our gear packed up. Chizuru we will also go to your house. Just stuff everything into your inventory that you need."

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