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52 People From Eternal Games

 Watase Eriko heard what had happened from her brother, causing her face to turn black. "Toshi are you a fucking idiot? What did you expect to happen? You do realize this girl learned how to make a forge and create her own sword with ancient means and you want to try to use some stupid trick to get information out of her? No wonder she called you a lolicon. What you did is no different than driving up in a black van in front of an elementary school and asking kids to get in if they want candy!"

Watase Toshi who was being lectured over the phone felt very depressed. He really did not think things through! He waited until Watase Eriko was finished with her lecture before asking in a pleading tone: "Big sister can you please help me with this? We really need the information she has."

"Fine but you owe me! I will be there in ten." Watase Eriko then hung up the phone.

Inside Misaki's apartment, Misaki walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch and leaned her head against Chiho. She felt exhausted for no reason. "Mitsu who was at the door?"

"A lolicon." Misaki did not go into detail. But her simple answer caused both Chiho and Chizuru to start laughing.

About fifteen minutes later another knock came at her door. Misak was now getting tired of all this. She got up once more and looked through the peephole and was surprised to see a beautiful woman standing on the other side. Misaki opened the door and frowned to see the lolicon standing behind the beautiful woman. "Can I help you?"

"Yes sorry to bother you, Miss Misaki. My name is Watase Eriko co-founder of Eternal Games as well as this lolicon's older sister. First, let me apologize on my brother's behalf since he doesn't seem to know how to talk to or act around women and young girls so he ends up being misunderstood." Watase Eriko said as she handed Misaki her business card.

Taking the business card and looking at it Misaki nodded her head and replied: "Okay, you can come in but if the lolicon tries anything funny I will toss him out the window. It will hurt when he falls down, we are on the fifth floor."

Watase Toshi who was standing at the side, being completely silent, face turned black when he heard his own sister calling him a lolicon and to top it off Misaki called him a lolicon a second time! But Misaki was not done there! "Just so you know Miss Watase..."

"Eriko is fine" Eriko interrupted.

"Then Eriko... You should get your brother some kind of help. Chasing after young girls who are still in high school is not mentally healthy. He will end up getting himself imprisoned one day. Then he will be treated as a plaything by those really big burly men who after being in prison for so long no longer care if they are a man or not." Misaki found it funny that every one of her words caused Watase Toshi's eyebrows to twitch. She was actually having a bit of fun teasing him.

"It's fine it will be a good life's lesson for him to spend some time with a big burly man." Eriko said as she smiled. She really liked Misaki's temperament.

"Okay then please come and sit. My two friends are here so do not mind them." Misaki said as she led them into the living room.

Seeing strangers walking into the living room Chizuru went into full on teacher persona. She sat up straight and gave the two people a good look before returning to talk to Chiho. Chiho only gave them a glance before continuing the story she was telling Chizuru. It was only when Misaki said something that the two actually paid attention to what was going on.

"Chizuru, Chiho, this woman here is Watase Eriko. She is the co-founder of Eternal Games and the man next to her is her brother Watase something or another he's the lolicon who wanted me to follow me." Misaki never did catch Watase Toshi's name. So she just introduced him for who he was!

Watase Toshi could no longer hold it in and through his gritted teeth he said: "Er... My name is Watase Toshi and for the record, I am not a lolicon." But his words fell on deaf ears as the girls seemed to be all chatting in a friendly manner.

"Yes, we had many complaints about how low the health was. We will be rolling out a small update next week that will add a [Vitality] stat that will raise health by ten points for each point you have in vitality. [Stamina] will now raise [Defense]. Those who have invested into [Stamina] will have all the points refunded and you will be able to redistribute them how you see fit." Eriko had answered one of Misaki's questions over Misaki's concern about her lack of health.

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"I will look forward to that update then!" Misaki was really excited she had put in so many points into her [Stamina] now she can reallocate those points to her [Vitality] and get a tone more health!

"Now Misaki I have a video I would like to show you and I hope you can answer a few questions for me." Eriko said as she opened a bag that she had brought with her and pulled out a laptop. She turned it on and hit the play button on a video file.

Misaki watched the video and her eyes shot wide open and her hearts started to beat fast. Sweat started to build upon her forehead as she watched herself slay a Horned Tiger. Seeing how nervous Misaki was getting Eriko smiled and said in a gentle voice "Do not get nervous we will not do anything to you we just need some information from you."