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51 Men In Black

 In the bath, Misaki was glad that her bathtub was rather large. Otherwise, there would be no way to fit three people in it if it was a normal size. Misaki leaned up against Chiho while Chizuru leaned up against Misaki as all three girls soaked for a while. Chizuru had to have tissue stuffed up her nose because as soon as Misaki took off her clothes her nose started bleeding like a broken faucet.

"Next time let's go to a bathhouse... this is a bit cramped" Misaki felt a little squished as she was sandwiched between the two girls. She would rather go to a bathhouse where there was more space and she could soak without being squished like a piece of meat between two slices of bread.

Chizuru, the oldest of the three, was not even paying attention as her mind was focused on the small but squishy softness on her back of her head. Oh how much she would love to turn around and lay face first right in between that softness. But she had a feeling she would die from blood loss if she did.

After a nice long hot bath, the girls had breakfast before Chiho pulled out the machine to test their grip strength and allow her and Chizuru to get used to their new found strengths. Luckily the strength of the two was not much. Even though they did have a bunch of [Status Points] after Misaki killed the hundred plus monsters in the dungeon. But they only received about ten percent of the experience from each monster killed. It was still enough to raise their levels quite a bit. Chiho was now Level 39 while Chizuru was finally catching up and was now Level 36. Shinji who was the same level as Chizuru also reached Level 36.

"This time around I think the two of you should sink half of your [Status Points] into [Stamina]. You will need the extra [HP] more than anything if we fight things in real life." Misaki suggested.

Chiho and Chizuru also thought this was a good idea so they did just that. After which Chiho invested the rest of her status points into [Strength] and [Agility]. Chizuru stuck the rest of hers into [Intelligence] and [Mind].

As the two girls were getting used to the changes in their bodies, Misaki found that after raising her intelligence she was able to memorize an entire book in a matter of seconds by quickly flipping through the pages. Misaki already had a photographic memory but now it was heightened to such a degree. She no longer needed to read it a few times to remember it all. This was a pleasant surprise to Misaki since she could now go to the library and read everything there in one day's time and still remember it all afterward. She could be her own walking information center.

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As the day went on a knock came at Misaki's door. Misaki felt it strange that someone would be knocking on her apartment door since the building needed a key to enter unless buzzed in by someone else. Misaki got up from her seat and went to the door. When she peeked through the peephole she saw a bunch of men in black suits standing on the other side of the door. Seeing this Misaki was not afraid. The current her was not someone these men would deal with easily.

Misaki opened the door in a friendly manner and asked: "Can I help you?"

"Yes, Miss Misaki. Our boss would like to have a meeting with you." The man in the black suit who had knocked on the door answered.

"Oh? Does your boss know that sending so many men in black suits to a young girl's door is very suspicious? Tell your boss if he wants to meet with me then he should come by himself instead of sending so many men." After saying this Misaki did not hesitate to close the door and lock it.

The dumbfounded men in black did not even have a chance to react as the door was closed in their faces. When the leader of the group came to his senses he really wanted to cry! He quickly pulled out a mobile phone and dialed a number. "Boss I told you to come by yourself why did you send us? We are just regular programmers! To top it off you made us wear these black suits now she thinks we're some kind of weirdos! She said if you want to talk to her to show up by yourself." The other five men who were standing next to him all nodded their heads. They did not want to do this!

Watase Toshi was surprised that Misaki just closed the door in their faces! He thought that seeing all those men dressed in black suits she would be scared and would follow along obediently. He was trying to scare her into giving him the answers he wanted to know! Thinking for a minute he could only sigh. "Okay, I will be right up."

No more than ten minutes later another knock came at Misaki's door. Misaki once again got up and answered the door. This time a young man in casual clothes wearing sunglasses was standing there. "I guess you are the boss of those fake men in black."

Misaki's words shocked Watase Toshi. 'How the hell did she know they were fake!?'

Misaki could read the man's expression and knew exactly what he was thinking so she figured she would enlighten him. "When you send people in black suits and sunglasses that all have basically no meat on their bones and look awful in the suits themselves, anyone would know they were fake! Do you take me for an idiot? I mean come on if you want to put up a facade at least put some effort into it! Plus you chasing after a young girl like me makes you a lolicon please stay away from me! " After finishing what she had to say Misaki once again closed the door and locked it. Leaving a dumbfounded Watase Toshi standing there. He really did not know what to say!

Watase Toshi stood there for a long time before he came back to his senses. He did not knock on the door again instead he walked down the hall and made a phone call. "Sis can you help me out..."