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50 Systems Part Three

 Chiho got to the bottom and saw no signs of Chizuru. All she saw was the same thing that was described by Misaki and Shinji. Since she saw no signs of an injured Chizuru, Chiho could only go down the alien like hall and follow the path as she was told by Misaki. When she reached the end of the left corridor she saw the sludge like a monster that was described to her. She quickly took out her bow and waited for the sludge type monster to leave the glowing white orb before shooting an arrow into it killing it. She then walked over and placed her hand onto the glowing orb.


[Upload Successful]

While Chiho was doing her thing, Chizuru was currently surrounded by a barrier with a sludge type monster trying to cover her whole body. "Ahh! It's trying to eat me!" Chizuru quickly took out her staff, closed her eyes, and waved it around wildly. The head of the staff smacked the sludge type monster over and over until it finally died. But it was still a while before Chizuru opened her eyes again and stopped waving her staff back and forth. When she finally did and saw the glowing orb in front of her. She walked up to it and placed her hand onto it as she was told to by Misaki.


[Upload Successful]

After getting the notification the two girls retraced their steps and headed back up to where Misaki was waiting for them. Chiho was the first to climb up and still saw no signs of Chizuru. She was really starting to get worried so she said: "Misaki I lost track of Chizuru and I have no idea where she went!"

"It's okay. I had a hunch that when you two got to a certain point that you might lose each other. Do not worry Chizuru is just fine. Look." Misaki said pointing to the milky white hand that was holding the edge of the cliff trying it's best to get a good hold. "Come let's help her up."

Misaki and Chiho ran over and assisted Chizuru up from the side.


Eternal Games Headquarters...

"How is it that not only is Misaki able to climb down into the abyss but also her two friends!?" Watase Toshi was at a loss. His team had quadruple checked the abyss side of the dungeon and not a single one of them could enter without dying!

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"Sir the brain waves of both girls spiked just like how Misaki's brain waves did the first time she disappeared but after a few seconds they went back to normal." One of the brain wave analysis said.

"Sir do you think there might be some connection between this and what has been happening in the real world?" A man at Watase Toshi's said asked.

"I do not know but we will need to meet with these three girls as soon as possible. Find out what information you can on them. I will speak to them personally." Watase Toshi looked at the file in his hand. He had no idea why things from his game were appearing in the real world or how it was even possible. All he knew was that these monsters were attacking people and regular weapons were not able to do a damn thing to them. So far the death toll was in the hundreds and still counting. This was just the deaths they knew about and the worst part was that it was not just a local event it was happening all around the world. The top governments in the world have been covering the incidents up but if this continues there will be no way to cover it up any longer!

Watase Toshi sighed and went back into his office. There he saw his sister sitting in his chair. "Eriko what are you doing here?"

"What's with your attitude? Is this how you talk to your sister who brought you something good? I came here today to show you some footage that would help you in your investigation about the anomaly and it has something to do with that loli you watch day in and day out." Watase Eriko smiled as she waved a USB stick in front of Watase Toshi's face.

Watase Toshi took the USB drive and plugged it into his computer and double clicked the file that was on it. It was a video file. He started watching it and his eyes went wide at what he was seeing. "How!? How was she able to kill it in one strike!? Even bullets can't kill these things!" Not even giving Watase Eriko a chance to react to his question he picked up his phone on his desk and dialed a number. "Get that information to me fast I need to talk to these girls today!"


Misaki, Chiho, and Chizuru had no idea that they were going to be having an encounter with the president of Eternal Games. After successfully getting the upload successful message everyone logged out. This game session Misaki, Chizuru, and Chiho all stayed at Misaki's house. This was so that when Chizuru and Chiho woke they could get used to the new system and not have to be alone while doing so.

"We should take the day off from school today. Until you two are used to your new strengths." Misaki recalled how she crushed the doorknob and almost broke everything in her house until she finally got used to her new strength.

"Luckily I am used to handing my Full Dive gear gently or I might have broken it when I took it off." Chicho was very glad that she treated her Full Dive hear with the utmost care.

"Un! Me too!" Chizuru was the same she handled her Full Dive set so gently it was as if it was a newborn baby to her.

"Okay you two can now play around with your systems I am gonna go wash up." Misaki said as she got up and stretched her limbs.

Chizuru, of course, would not let this chance slip by so she quickly got up and said: "I'll go with you!"

Seeing the two leaving the room Chiho quickly followed after them "Wait for me!"