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49 Systems Part Two

 Looking at the mountain of dead monsters that Misaki was sitting on caused the other three to gulp. There were at least over one hundred monsters underneath her and what was amazing was that she had defeated them all by herself!

"Misaki are yo..." Chiho wanted to ask if Misaki was okay but was interrupted as Chizuru dashed forward pushing her out of the way and wrapped her arms around Misaki yelling: "Master are you okay!? Are there any wounds? Let me heal you just in case!"

Chiho eyebrow twitched as she ran up the mountain of monsters and started pulling on Chizuru. "Let go of her! She does not need your germs being rubbed all over her."

Behind them watching the scene in front of him, Shinji let out a hearty laugh as he said. "You really do live up to your name as Queen. I think only you could actually take on a horde of dungeon monsters of the same level by yourself."

"You might think it was easy but it was somewhat tough if not for my passive I would have died a long time ago." Misaki was lucky she had [Treant King's Grace] if not she would have died.

"I am sure it was not easy. What I do not get is why there are this many monsters inside this dungeon?" Shinji was truly wondering why so many monsters were here it was like they had pulled the whole dungeon in one go.

"I know what you are thinking and I think you are right. These are all the monsters in the dungeon. Why they all decided to charge over I do not know. This dungeon is only so big and these monsters are already enough to fill the entire dungeon. With only a little spacing in between. What I am wondering is if they were trying to attack us or trying to leave the dungeon altogether since the path did open." Misaki wondered if the monster horde's movement was due to the entrance being opened. But after they entered it closed so she was not sure if her theory was correct on this.

"No matter what the cause was at least now we can complete the task we set out to do." Chiho said as she held a whining Chizuru in a headlock.

"Like Angel said we will leave the small stuff for later, for now, let's finish our task at hand." Misaki said as she pulled her Queen's Blade out of the monster's body. "Let's grab all the loot we can. All materials can be used for things later on. Just shove all the dead monsters into your inventory for now. We will take care of extracting what we need from them later on." Misaki had noticed that the monsters in this dungeon were different from the ones outside. The ones outside dropped items and their bodies turned into balls of light when they died. While the ones inside the dungeon would need to be dismantled manually and their bodies did not disappear.

After gathering all the monsters, Misaki's team headed to the spot she had descended down into the abyss before. They did not meet any more monsters on the way which helped prove part of her theory that all the monsters in the dungeon did, in fact, rush towards the entrance of the dungeon. Though, why they rushed there, was still up in the air for consideration.

With all the monsters dead, it took no time at all before they reached their goal.

"Okay I will go down first and check it out and see if it is the same." Misaki took out the spider silk from her inventory and tied it up as she did before. She climbed down as far as she could before setting up another strand of spider silk.

As Misaki climbed down into the abyss someone else was staring wide eyed at his screen.


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Eternal Games Headquarters....

Watase Toshi was eating some noodles when he watched as Misaki just as before easily climbed down into the abyss like it was nothing. His eyes opened wide as she lost sight of her. He couldn't help but shout out in surprise.

"What the fuck! I know my team fixed that bug! But yet she was able to climb down into the abyss again!" Watase Toshi shot up from his seat spilling his bowl of noodles onto the floor. He quickly ran out of the room and headed to the department that monitors brain waves.

When he arrived he was already out of breath as he shouted out. "Check on player name Misaki watch her brain waves! The damn girl disappeared again and in the same spot!"


Misaki reached the bottom once again and found it to be the same as before. She quickly ran down the same alien like hallway as she did last time. She walked up to the glowing white ball that resided in the left corridor and touched it once again. But nothing happened this time. Satisfied with the fact that this was the correct place she retraced her steps and headed back up to where her friends were waiting.

"Okay, it is fine. Angel, Mimi the two of you should head down now. I will collect the spider silk after. Just be careful climbing down." Misaki advised. The two girls were nervous but they still nodded their heads and one after the other descended down into the abyss.

Chiho was the first to make her descent followed by Chizuru. Their descent was a lot slower than Misaki's. Although the Abyss was very dark and it was hard to see they could still faintly make each other out after their eyes got used to the darkness. It was not until they reached the third strand of spider silk did Chiho lose sight of Chizuru.

Chiho did not understand why she suddenly lost sight of Chizuru. "Mimi!?" Chiho called out but she got no answer. This gave Chiho a chill. She could only think that maybe Chizuru had fallen and it was so dark that she did not see it happening. But she did not hear a scream or anything else either! Chiho panicked and decided to hurry her way down just in case.