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48 Systems Part One

 The team of four pushed hard through the dungeon. It was a little tougher since it seemed more monsters spawned due to the number of people in the dungeon itself. "Astero! Firewall! Block those adds from attacking Mimi and Angel! Do not let Mimi take any damage. She is the only one who can keep us healed. Mimi. concentrate on healing and casting barriers on Angel and Astero! Do not worry about me! I can heal myself if needed. Just be sparse with your mana. We have no way to recharge mana during a fight right now. So only heal when it's needed!"

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"Yes, Master!" Chizuru was used to listening to the commands of Misaki now. Any time she yelled a command Chizuru would change her tactic accordingly. Chiho and Shinji where veteran MMO players so they were used to one person being the team leader and all the calls Misaki made were correct calls. Her ability to see the whole situation and make plans to deal with them on the fly was something not many players could do.

"Shit more are coming! Dammit, this dungeon was not this hard when I did it solo!" Misaki complained. The first time she had entered this dungeon she had to only fight a few enemies at a time. The most she had to fight was the twenty spiders. Now they were being forced to face hordes of enemies almost fifty at a time coming towards them. If it was not for Misaki's genius shot calling they would have already wiped. What was making this hard was that both Chiho and Shinji could only do little damage to the enemies because of how low their level was. These enemies could be considered elites compared to regular monsters they had more health points and were a lot stronger.

"You three need to keep an eye out for a big hulking tank that can stand in front of us and hold aggro on hordes of enemies!" Misaki shouted out. she really wished she had a tank right now!

"Misaki maybe we should fall back the horde of monsters is only getting bigger!" Chiho who had a bird's eye view of the situation below because she was up on a small ledge firing energy arrows down at the monsters below. She could see a mass of monsters charging towards them.

"We can't fall back the entrances to this place closes when you enter! There is only one thing we can do! Mimi, Angel, Astero fall back to the small room to the side that we cleared earlier. Astero, maintain a firewall at the entrance. I will do what I can to settle things here. I can move around more freely if I do not need to tank." Misaki was not trying to call them dead weight but she had no way to keep good control of the monsters as the horde got bigger and bigger.

She could not imagine such a horde like this entering the real world. So many lives would be lost if such a horde really did show up. She did not know if real world weapons would have much effect on monsters in the real world.

"Master, I think I should stay and heal you!" Chizuru did not feel right leaving Misaki behind. She felt that she was not being of any help if she did turn and run away.

"Just do as I say. Angel, drag her out of here!" Misaki shouted out she was already gritting her teeth as she was doing her best to block ten huge rock monsters that were trying to push their way through.

"On it!" Chiho knew if they stayed Misaki could not fight to the fullest as the highest level in the team with her absurd stats she should be able to pull through without a problem.

Once Misaki saw that her team was in the clear, she let out a sigh of relief. "Now to really pull out all the stops!" Misaki opened up her character window while she started to parkour her way around the group of monsters.

She looked at the 158 [Status Points] she had left and dumped them all into [Intelligence].

[Intelligence] 173 (271)

[Magic Power] 78(81)

[MP] 250/304

[Status Points] 0

"This should allow my magic to do more damage! Just wish that my [MP] would auto fill when upping my stats!" Misaki mumbled to herself. She closed her character window as she continued to move non stop. She had now gotten the focus of all the monsters.

Misaki did a cartwheel in the air as she continuously shot out water balls at the rock monsters. These were the hardest of the monsters here. As long as she dealt with them first everything else would be easy. She had no issues using half her [MP] to soak the Rock monsters. These things were round balls of rocks with one large eye socket that had an eye that rolled around within. It rolled and bounced all over the place to attack its enemies. Misaki soaked the rock monsters with water first and then started to bombard it with fire. Causing them to become brittle and lowering their defenses. Only then did Misaki move to attack the only weak point that they had, the eye.

She used the other monsters that were in the way as footholds to parkour her away around the horde as she precisely struck out with her sword stabbing the rock monsters in the eye each time she passed one. Once she had killed all ten rock monsters she then started to springboard her way through the rest of the monsters.

As time ticked by almost forty in game minutes had passed by and the three who were in the small room that they were hiding in were watching intently at their HUDs. They watched as Misaki's [HP] went up and down. It was only when they finally heard Misaki sent a voice message did they finally let out a sigh of relief.

"All Clear!" Misaki sent a voice message to everyone in her team.

The three walked out of the chamber and back to where the monster horde was and all stood stunned as they saw Misaki sitting on top of a pile of monsters swinging her legs back and forth with a big smile on her face like nothing had happened. With her horns and tail attached to her body and a bit of blood smeared on her face, she truly looked like a demon lord as she sat there holding her sword which was stuck into one of the monsters.