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47 Preparations

 After a long journey and many battles, Chiho and Chizuru both gained another five levels. Chiho was now Level 30 and Chizuru was now Level 27. They were coming up on the Golem King's area where Misaki had killed the Golem King and where the Golem King's Lair was located. Standing just outside the zone entrance was a tall man in a long robe. At his side was a short sword that was tucked into his waistband. This man was none other than Shinji, also known as Astero in game.

Seeing Shinji, Misaki smiled and waved: "We are finally here! Sorry, it took so long!"

"It's fine I spent my time farming slimes and making potions." Shinji said as she pointed to casks made out of bark and large leaves laying in a pile on the ground. "They might not look pretty but they can heal up to 500 [HP] when you drink them. I figured we should have some extra heals while in a dungeon."

"Good thinking! We should think about getting some containers from the real world and use those to fill with potions. Now that I think about it they should work in real life too... When we are done let's make the cute little fuckers extinct in this area!" Misaki announced seriously. This was not just her hate for the slimes, it was also because she wanted to have a supply of potions for the real world. There was no telling when and where you would be attacked. If everyone in her team had a healthy supply of potions then they would at least have a bit of a lifeline to keep themselves alive in a desperate situation. At least until help could arrive.

"I am one hundred percent with you on that Misaki. Those evil things..." Chiho still had a bit of a trauma due to the slimes.

"Okay let's get going we need to go to the spot where the dungeon is and then wait for it to open. I am not sure if the Golem King has a respawn to it. If it does then we might need to sneak around it or just plain go all out and defeat it." Misaki had no idea if the world bosses would respawn or not. She did know that it would be a bit of a difficult battle to fight it if it did come down to it.

"Master please do not jinx us!" Chizuru was on the sneak around the world boss team. She had a feeling that fighting a world boss might hurt.

"Actually the last time it showed up was when you were in the Golem King's area with me. It showed up right after you logged out. I wonder if this place needs a certain number of people in it to trigger the golem king." Misaki pondered but at the same time, she was teasing Chizuru.

"Master your not funny!" Pouting, Chizuru gently punched Misaki on the shoulder.

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They walked into the Golem King's area which was still nothing but rocks, boulders, and flat plateaus. The Horned Earth Rabbit were as abundant as ever as they walked through the rocky area. Everyone in Misaki's team was of a higher level now and none of the Horned Earth Rabbits attacked them. Which made getting to where the Golem King's Lair entrance was, a lot easier. Now they just had to play a waiting game. While they were waiting Misaki explained to them how things were going to work.

"Last time I used spider silk to climb down. I will do the same this time as well. I will then check out the area at the bottom to see if it is indeed the same area as I was last time. Once I am sure I will climb back up. Far as I know this dungeon does not respawn when you clear out the monsters. Well, monsters might migrate when you are offline. But other than that I do not think they move much within the dungeon. The monsters to watch out for the most are the spiders. They spit a very acidic venom that can even melt the dungeon walls. As long as there are not more than twenty of them at a time we should be fine. They do not seem to spit venom at their own kind." Misaki also explained about a few of the other monsters as well that she ran into while clearing the dungeon the first time.

"Misaki how did you defeat that twenty spider monsters at the same time?" Chiho asked. She had an idea of how she did it but to curb her curiosity she had to ask.

"I jumped from spider to spider and stabbed them in the head. " Misaki answered the question as if what she had done was the easiest thing in the world to do.

"So how are normal people supposed to fight twenty spider monsters at the same time?" Chiho asked teasingly.

Misaki scratched her nose. She knew what she was able to do was not exactly something many could do. She had no way to answer Chiho so changing the subject was her only way out. "Anyway, that is the plan. Any spider monsters I will handle them myself."

Time ticked by and the four of them talked and joked around. Shinji fit well into the party as Chiho and Chizuru started to warm up to him. Which was a good thing because in a team if teammates are not getting along it could spell disaster during a fight. Especially if they were fighting a monster in the real world. It had been a few ingame hours when the Golem King's Lair once again opened up.

"Okay everyone get ready! I will play vanguard. I will do my best to keep monsters on me. Keep your damage minimal and only assist when you see an opening. Call out if you pull aggro! Everyone ready!?" Misaki asked.

She got a unanimous three yeses. Getting the confirmation he was looking for she shouted out "Move out!"