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46 Not A Game Anymore

 The school day went as normal, Chizuru hurried through her paperwork so that she could meet Misaki promptly after school. The three girls got into Chizuru's car and headed to Misaki's house. Chizuru was extremely nervous about visiting Misaki's house but when she got there she frowned when she saw a young man standing by the front door of the apartment building. She had no idea who he was but he had a handsome face and was very good looking. She felt threatened! She was going to go up and say something but stopped when she saw Misaki's smile and wave.

"Hey Shinji I'm glad you could make it." Misaki said with a smile. Although the young man was very handsome Misaki did not seem to be fazed by his good looks one bit. Which made the two people beside her let out a sigh of relief.

"I said I would come so I am here. I am guessing this is also one of your friends?" The young man looked Chizuru up and down. Chizuru was still young and was very pretty so she had caught the young man's eye instantly.

Being looked at by someone so intensely caused Chizuru to feel uncomfortable so she slid herself behind Misaki to hide. "Yeah but don't stare it's creepy." Misaki was very blunt with her words which caused Shinji to choke on air as his cheeks turned red.

Giving a dry laugh Shinji said: "Ahah... Sorry about that... I just couldn't help but think she was very beautiful."

"She is very pretty but any girl who gets stared at like that would think of it as a turn off or be scared away. I am guessing you have women trouble don't you!" Misaki said the last part in a teasing manner.

Blushing hard Shinji did not say a word. His silence was all Misaki needed to know that what she said was true. Chizuru, on the other hand, was swimming in happiness even though it did not show on her face and it was all because Misaki said she was pretty!

"Anyway, Chizuru this is Shinji. Shinji... Chizuru... We will all be friends from now on so no need for formalities." Pausing for a second Misaki clapped her hands and said: "Okay! Enough! Let us go in and talk for a bit!" Misaki waved everyone on.

In her apartment, Misaki set out a few drinks and some snacks for everyone to munch on. After which she sat down and turned to Chizuru. "Chizuru the main reason for this meeting is to bring you up to speed on what has been happening and what is going on. Some of the things I am about to tell you may seem a little far fetched but they are all true."

Misaki's expression on her face was very serious. Seeing this seriousness caused Chizuru to straighten her back and listen carefully. Misaki continued after she saw that she had Chizuru's full attention.

"Eternal Phantasy is not just a game anymore. To explain what I mean watch..." Misaki opened her inventory and pulled out her sword and rested it on her shoulder.

Chizuru's eyes felt like she was seeing things as she reached up with her hands and rubbed her eyes. "Ma-Ma-Master! Your sword!? But how!?"

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"Like I said Eternal Phantasy is no longer a game. I have a system and so does Shinji here. Not only do we have systems but monsters from the game have been appearing in the real world. Why there has not been any news about it yet is beyond me. Most likely it is being covered up. But the truth is it is all very real. Just today I saved Shinji here from a Horned Tiger. That was how I found out he had a system. The worst thing is that even if you have a system you will die for real. There is no respawn. Shinji has already lost a friend because a monster killed him in the real world. Today if I did not save Shinji he might have lost his life as well. The reason why we are heading to the Golem King's Lair is because I want both you and Chiho to try and gain a system as well." Misaki finished explaining everything leaving Chizuru a bit bewildered.

Chizuru looked at Misaki and could tell that she was very serious about what she had said. She did not hesitate to nod her head and say: "Whatever Master wants me to do I will do it. Although dying is scary I will do whatever I can to assist you in game and out of game."

"I had a feeling you would say that Chizuru. I will say this, no matter what, we will be sure to not put our lives on the line. We will intensely train within the game where dying is not an issue. I want to raise our levels as fast as possible and also get a few more people into the team." Misaki then turned to Shinji. "Shinji, are you willing to join my team?"

Shinji smiled and said: "Being able to be in the Queen's team is always my pleasure. I will also work hard to raise my levels. I just so happen to be bear the Golem King's area. I had wanted to check out the place where you had killed the golem king. So I am only a day's journey out."

"Alright accept my invite then. We will need two days to reach there. I had just picked up Chiho and we are making our way back." Misaki said as she opened the team window and invited Shinji to the team.

[Player Astero Joined Your Team!]

A message alert popped up for everyone in the room. Even Chiho and Chizuru could see it. "Ah!"

The suddenness of the menu popping up caused Chizuru to scream since she was not used to seeing a message like that in the real world.

Laughing Chiho jokingly said: "Chizuru, what will you do when you see a real live monster if a little menu scares you?"

Chizuru's face turned red. "I was just startled because I was not expecting it! " She then let out a humph as she turned and complained to Misaki. "Master she's bullying me!"

Misaki couldn't help but laugh at the antics that were going on. One was a teacher and one was a student but their roles had been completely reversed!