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45 Tsuchida Shinji

 Misaki looked at the young man covered in green blood. She knew that bringing out her sword she might give away that she has some kind of special powers but for now all she could do was ask. "You said you needed to take out your sword. Where were you going to take it out from?"

The young man's face paled... He was going to make something up but when he saw the gleam of Misaki's sword he could only swallow his saliva hard and answer truthfully. "I fell off a cliff while running from monsters in Eternal Phantasy. But instead of dying, I found myself in a hallway with alien like walls with tubes of blue light running through them. In there I found two hallways which I went down both. One had a white orb covered in with some kind of goo type monster. I killed the monster then touched the glowing orb and got a message saying uploaded. When I logged out I saw the game hud in my peripheral vision as well as have access to my in game inventory and other menus in the real world."

Hearing this Misaki's grip on her sword relaxed. "So you're like me. What's your name?"

"Tsuchida Shinji." Tsuchida Shinji said.

"Alright then Mr. Tsuchida, I would prefer it if you called me Misaki and not Queen. I still have to head to school today so I will be leaving. I am having a meeting with two of my friends after school about everything that has been going on. Give me your phone number and Lime. I will contact you once school ends. I will start a group chat and add you two. By the way what class are you?" Misaki figured it would be helpful to explain everything with one more person who had a system.

"Then Misaki here is my number as well as my Lime and feel free to call me Shinji. I was actually on my way to work before running into this Horned Tiger. Just to let you know, be careful when fighting monsters. Although we have a system we can still die to the monsters in our world. Unlike in game where you can respawn if we die, in real life if a monster kills us we will die. I found this out the hard way when my friend died to a monster that spawned near our apartment. We thought that because we had a system we could defeat it with ease but the monster that showed up was very high level and ended up killing my friend. I was only just able to finish it off during that time. His funeral is this weekend... Ahah... Sorry I was rambling. It's just that I finally found someone else like me so I was able to tell someone how my friend actually died. To answer your question I am a mage." Tsuchida said his eyes growing dim as he talked about his friend.

"I am sorry for your loss Shinji. But I am confused... Did you not say that you were going to take out your sword?" Misaki asked.

"Yeah well, the low level staff did nothing for my magic power and having a sword on me allows me to protect myself a little better. I did not cast any spells just now because I was afraid of anyone seeing me." Shinji explained.

"Alright then... Remember I am holding a meeting after I get out of school I would like you to be there." Misaki was glad she got a bit of new information today. Although it is sad to hear someone died for real. The knowledge of knowing that you will permanently die because of that person's death was priceless.

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"Yeah, I will be there just give me the time and place when you are out of school. As of now, I am giving up on going to work. I need to go shower and get this blood off me now." Shinji got up from the ground and felt the stickiness of the blood on him. He could not wait to get home and take a nice hot shower.

After exchanging information they said their goodbyes and Misaki and Chiho continued on towards school. They still had enough time to get there even though such an incident happened.

Chiho was currently staring at Misaki as they walked, causing Misaki to feel uncomfortable. "Why are you staring at me?"

"Don't fall in love with him!" Chiho stated bluntly.

Misaki stopped her footsteps and looked at Chiho dumbfounded. "Where the hell did that come from? Why would I fall in love with him? I just met the guy today! Plus he is like five to ten years older than me. It would be more likely that I fell in love with you right now than me falling in love with a man I just met for the first time."

Chiho blushed as she realized her statement was a little off the wall. "Un... I understand. Sorry, Mitsu~!"

"It's fine as long as you understand." Misaki continued her steps as they made their way to school.

Now more than ever Misaki wanted to get Chiho a system as well. This way she could at least protect herself if she was ever alone and a monster appeared. The thought of dying in the real world was now real to Misaki and it seemed that very powerful monsters were also showing up. She would have to be more careful when entering combat with monsters now in the real world. She would also need to step up her training in game and try to gain as many levels as she could.