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44 Queen Saves The Day!

 Earth Strider a wolf looking monster that can merge its whole body into the ground and reappear ten meters away almost as if it had teleported. Misaki, Chiho, and Chizuru had walked into a pack of twenty of them as they were crossing a massive plain. If you were not able to deal a lethal blow to an Earth Strider on the first attack you would need to attack it right as it emerged from the ground to finish it off quickly. Otherwise, a long battle would be ahead of you. These monsters were relatively weak but because of this ability, they made for annoying enemies. They were also highly aggressive.

Misaki was playing vanguard. She was not killing them in one blow because these types of enemies were very good practice for Chiho and Chizuru. For Misaki at her current level she could easily kill the whole pack in a few minutes but she wanted to allow Chiho and Chizuru to train since there was no telling what was going to happen in the future. "Angel fire ten meters to the right! Mimi, keep the protection shields up!"

There was only one Earth Strider left. Chiho lifted her bow and pulled the bowstring back with three fingers, creating three energy arrows and let it go. She was aiming for the ten meter mark in the direction Misaki had called out. The three arrows flew through the air with a humming sound before arching down and stabbing right into the last Earth Strider's head as it emerged from the ground killing it instantly.

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The three of them with Misaki's command had been working in perfect tandem with each other. The battles they had been through so far on their journey back to the Golem Kings Lair have all gone seamlessly. Sadly after this battle they will need to log out since the eight hour time frame would be up and all three had to be at school in the morning. They still had two more days of traveling to do to reach their destination.

"Okay, that will wrap it up for today. Let's stop here. Mimi do you have plans after school tomorrow?" Misaki asked. She had planned to explain everything to Chizuru about what was happening and why they were heading to the Golem King's Lair.

Hearing Misaki ask a question that sounded like she was inviting her somewhere, Chizuru's eyes shined with stars as she shook her head violently saying: "No plans whatsoever so if Master needs me for anything just let me know!"

"Good, then tomorrow after school go home with me and Angel." Misaki replied.

"Alright! I will make sure I get all my work done before the end of the school day!" Chizuru was fired up! She would get to go to Misaki's house! "Now I will need to make an excuse to go to the bathroom and check to see if there are any pan... No... No... What am I thinking!? If Master ever caught me doing something so perverted she would definitely hate me! Ahh! But I want to smell them! I just have to not get caught!" Chizuru's cheeks were red as she started mumbling to herself. Her voice was so low that it was basically inaudible so Misaki and Chiho were not able to make out what she was saying.

"We will be off then. See you tomorrow Mimi!" After saying their goodbyes all three girls logged off.

It was already early morning when Misaki took off her full dive gear. She did her daily routine of washing her face and eating breakfast before brushing her teeth and heading out the door. Instead of taking a car like they normally would, Misaki and Chiho decided to walk. They wanted to see if they could come across any more monsters on their way to school.

Sometimes certain thinking can bring about results. Misaki and Chiho we're rounding a corner when they heard a loud roaring sound from a back alley. Along with that loud roar, they heard a young man yell out. "Son of a bitch! What the hell is this doing here!?"

Misaki and Chiho looked at each other nodded their heads and ran towards the back alley. Luckily it was early morning and not many people were roaming the streets yet. When they entered the back alley, the sight of a young man around twenty years old using a long metal pipe to fend off a large Horned Tiger came into view. The Horned Tiger's long sharp fangs gleamed in the early morning light as the Horned Tiger opened its large mouth to try to take a bite out of the young man.

"Dammit at least let me pull out my weapon before attacking me you son of a bitch!" The young man yelled out in anger.

Hearing these words Misaki already knew this young man was like her. She was originally hesitating to help because she was not sure if she should pull out her weapon or use magic with a stranger around. But when she heard the young man's words she no longer hesitated. Misaki pulled her Queen's Blade out and parkoured her way through the alley. When she got near the Horned Tiger she used a dumpster to spring her body into the air as she did a backflip off it and twisted her body mid air slashing at the Horned Tiger's neck with her Queen's Blade. The horned tiger was caught off guard and before it realized that there was another threat, Misaki had already sliced its head off sending green blood spraying all over the place.


[Experience Gained +200]

Misaki landed and looked at the notification that showed up. One of her questions was finally answered. She was able to gain experience by killing monsters in the real world. Misaki flicked her Queen's Blade to get the blood off of it and turned her gaze towards the young man who was drenched in green blood.

The young man looked back at Misaki. He raised his hand and pointed at her saying in an excited voice: "Queen!"