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43 Preparing For The Wors

 Chiho listened to everything that Misaki had to say and felt that her thoughts might have a bit of truth to them. Why would the NPCs act in such a manner? It was almost as if they were not NPCs at all! "Mitsu if what you think to be true is in fact what is happening. Then when we get in game later can you take me to where you entered the abyss? I want to try doing what you did and maybe I will get a system in the real world like how you got now."

"Yeah, I can! It will take about three days to get there though. And we can also level along the way as well. If more monsters do show up in this world I do not think we will be able to get any experience from them. But it is hard to say since slimes are level 1 monsters." Misaki really had no idea if killing monsters in this world would actually give experience or not.

If things are going to go how she thinks they will. Then she might be able to test whether or not she can get experience in this world at some point and time in the future. What effects this will have on the world around her, she did not know.


"Mitsu your phone has been going off like crazy." Chiho noticed that Misaki's phone was vibrating non stop on the coffee table.

Misaki picked up her phone to see that her Lime chat had blown up with over one hundred messages! And they were all from the same person! Seeing all the messages from Chizuru made Misaki's face turn black. Ninety percent of them were just crying face emojis! While the rest were "Master don't abandon me!" It was only when Misaki looked at the time that she realized that it had been almost three hours since they last logged off. Seeing this she felt a bit bad because she had forgotten to message Chizuru and tell her that they would be a little longer. Letting out a sigh Misaki finally sent a reply to Chizuru saying sorry and telling her that they would be on in a few minutes and to make sure to log in ten minutes.


Chizuru replied not even a second after Misaki sent her reply: "Thank god Master did not abandon me! I love you, Master!!! See you soon~~~~~ " Seeing how cheerful Chizuru was now made Misaki chuckle.

"Let's get logged in. We need to get to the Golem King's Lair which is a long trip. It will most likely take three days just to reach it. Also, I want to have Chizuru attempt to get a system as well. If you're able to get one we will need a healer that can heal us in the real world in case we get injured. Although I can cast healing spells, Chizuru is a master at heals and buffs. So it would be better to have a back liner who can support us." Misaki said seriously.

She wanted to be ready for anything. She still needed a tank and a mage as well. Although she was an all rounder herself, it would still be good to have these classes. But before she had them get systems she had to make sure they were trustworthy. That is if anyone else is able to get a system for that matter. While some people were preparing for the zombie apocalypse, Misaki was preparing for the MMO apocalypse. She also wanted to get more levels so she can use some of the dark magic skills in the grimoires she read. Some would allow her to summon monsters to fight for her and some summoned undead beings.

But before any of this went into play she wanted to see if getting a system was easy or not. She also did not know if dying in the real world with a system was permanent death. She knew it was not so in the game so she would need to use the game to level up, farm resources to make gear, and create and learn new spells. The next step right now was to bring Chizuru into the mix of knowing.

Misaki and Chiho logged into the game and waited a few minutes for Chizuru to log in. Which she logged in ten minutes on the dot as Misaki had requested. As soon as Chizuru saw Misaki she leaped at Misaki embracing her and rubbing her face all over Misaki's chest. "Cut that out!"

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"Ouch! Master that was mean! I was just energizing my Master batteries!" Chizuru complained.

"You do not need to rub your face all over my breast to do such a thing! Anyway, let's get out of the forest we have to head back to the Golem King area." Misaki said as she walked off in the direction she had stated.

Chiho glared at Chizuru but did not say anything. As she quickened her steps and followed after Misaki. "Hey wait for me~!"

Along the way, Misaki did not say much as she was trying to figure out how to explain all this to Chizuru. She was talking with Chiho in private voice chat on how to go about it. "I think I should invite Chizuru to my house to explain everything in person. It would be easier than trying to explain it in game."

"Are you sure that is a wise idea she seems to be obsessed with you. She might try to do something weird to you." Chiho was concerned about Misaki's purity if she invited Chizuru over!

"She probably won't do anything any weirder than you who went and sniffed my previously worn panties!" Misaki said teasingly.

Chiho got flustered and blushed as she quickly said: "I was just checking if they were clean since they were not fully in the clothes basket!"

Misaki did not answer and only smiled while shaking her head. She had seen how deep the breaths were that Chiho was taking. That was not just checking if they were clean or not. But it was fine. Friends sometimes do weird things right?