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42 Worlds Merging?

 Misaki ran back through the door of her apartment and quickly closed it. When she turned around she found Chiho with a pair of her panties in her hand and sniffing it? "Chiho that's my... Ahhh! Never mind that we got bigger problems!"

The issue with the slime was much more important than Chiho's pervertedness! Chiho who did not expect Misaki to come back so soon was frozen stiff with Misaki's panties under her nose. "Chiho put the panties down and come sit. There might be a bigger issue than me having a system!"

Chiho finally snapped out of it and stealthy stuffed Misaki's panties in her pocket and went and sat down on the couch. "What you saw just now was not what you think... I was just checking if they were clean or not... "

"Chiho! Just forget about the panties already! Look at this." Misaki said as she pulled a blue roundish shaped object made out of gelatin.

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"Ahh! A slime!" Chiho screamed out before pausing for a few seconds as she gathered her thoughts and confusingly asked: "Wait! A slime!? Why is it in the real world!? Misaki did you bring a monster out of the game?"

"Of course, I didn't! I found this near a trash can on my way to the convenience store. I have no idea how this thing got to our world. All I know is I went to the damn store and picked up a slime!" Misaki really wished she knew how this thing appeared in this world.

"What are you going to do with it? Although it can eat a child... For us, it's basically harmless and it is very cute..." Chiho couldn't help but want to pet the cute slime with its big round eyes.

"Chiho it might be harmless to you in game but in the real world it might bite your arm off. The only reason I am fine is because I have a system!" Misaki reminded Chiho.

Chiho, who was stretching her hand out to pet the slime, quickly retracted it when Misaki reminded her that she was not in game! "Now that you mention it yeah that is true. So what do we do with it? Are you going to kill it?"

"In order for it not to be a threat to you or anyone else, I think I should... No?" Misaki was not sure what to do. It was indeed a threat to mostly anyone other than her that she knew of.

"Then we should kill it, maybe it will give you experience points!" Chiho wanted to know if Misaki killed something in the real world if she would gain experience from it.

"Alright, here it goes." Misaki flicked the Slime with her fingers. It swelled up and then exploded splattering slime goo all over the living room. No experience was given...

Misaki who was holding on to the slime was completely covered in slime goo. Chiho was a little more lucky and only got a few drops of slime goo on her. "Well, that was not exactly what I was expecting... Anyway, Mitsu, take your clothes off and go clean up. I will clean up out here and wash your clothes... We can discuss what just happened after that." Misaki nodded her head and quickly stripped down to her underwear before running off to the bathroom. The feeling of being covered in slime goo was very uncomfortable.

After cleaning up Misaki came out of the shower room with her hair still wet. Chicho had already had a towel waiting as she pulled Chiho to go sit in front of the couch which was now cleaned up and proceeded to dry Misaki's hair for her. "We will need to keep an eye on the news from now on. Since we do not know if that was the only one or not."

"If a slime was able to show up here in the real world I wonder if other monsters will appear as well. But this leaves me to question one thing. Chiho when you first logged in did you log in in a village?" Misaki never asked Chiho if she had experienced the whole Changeling episode like she did.

"Now that you mention it I did. I actually almost died because the villagers all chased me out of the village with pitchforks and other farming equipment right after I first logged in. If it was not for my agility being high I would have certainly died." Chiho shivered remembering the people chasing after her trying to hit her with their farming equipment. Screaming obscenities and calling her a devil. She really had to run for her life or she would have died.

"I went through the same thing. Except it was not as bad as your experience. I only got slapped then told to leave when no one would notice. Which makes me wonder why the townspeople had such a reaction... normally an NPC would not chase you out of the starting zone. But these people acted like real people who had emotions and everything! " Misaki really wanted to know what exactly was going on.

"What your saying is?" Chiho had an idea but she wanted to confirm it with Misaki.

"What I am saying is that I do not think Eternal Phantasy's world is fake... I know it sounds really out there but I have a feeling that Eternal Phantasy might have been an actual world or dimension... And because we were only sending our minds into that world we could only "spawn" by taking over an already existing person as a host body for us to connect to and use. And because of the programming on how we wanted our characters to look, the body of that world or dimension was changed to the appearance we made at character creation. Basically, the bodies we took over were completely changed at the ground level. I know it sounds far fetched but that is what my gut is telling me. But the scary thing is that if slimes made it into this world that might mean that the two worlds are merging!" Misaki kicked her legs in the air in frustration. She did not know if her thoughts were correct or not. All she could do was slowly investigate the world of Eternal Phantasy. She just hoped that no large monsters made its way into this world. If the worlds were indeed merging then everything they knew would end up changing drastically.