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41 Slime!

 Two days passed by and Misaki and Chizuru had finally met up with Chiho. Chizuru had made it to level 19 while Chiho had gotten two levels while waiting on Misaki and Chizuru to show up, she was now level 22. Misaki had tried making new armor as she traveled but found that the needle she tried to use was not strong enough to penetrate through the hide of any of the monsters she killed. She figured she would need to make a needle out of one of the ores in game since real life needles were too weak. She did, however, make a bunch of undergarments for herself and Chizuru from the clothes she got back in the village where she first started the game. She also planned to make some for Chiho as well after she got the measurements.

With all that said the three were currently entering a black forest. Everything from the trees to the dirt itself was completely black. If it was not for the sun overhead those who entered would not be able to walk safely through this forest without some kind of light. Even the monsters here were completely black inside and out. This area was a level 40 area and was a good place to get a few levels on Chiho and Chizuru.

"Angel, attack from the back! Mimi buff Angel and heal her if needed!" Misaki was yelling out commands as she tanked a large rock type monster.

Chiho was a ranged magic archer type class. Her bow would generate energy arrows when the bowstring was pulled back. It worked in a manner that the more fingers you had on the bowstring the harder it would be to pull back but the more arrows it would produce. Chiho was currently able to pull it fully back with only three fingers and that was because she had invested a bit of her [Status Points] into strength. Her current accuracy was not the best due to her investing into strength instead of dexterity and agility. But this could be offsetted later on as she grew in level. Having the ability to fire more than one arrow at a time was not so bad at a lower level and in teams since monsters were pretty slow at lower levels while at higher levels they would have a tank to hold the monster's attention allowing them to fire off all the arrows without much need to aim.

After a four hour session, Misaki wanted to take a small break before starting up again. "Not bad today you both got three levels each. Let's stop here for a few hours. Get some dinner and take a bath."

For some reason when Chizuru heard the word bath she looked at Misaki and her cheeks turned pink. Chiho caught this and gave Chizuru a smug look as she said: "That sounds good I'll wash your back for you Misaki." Chizuru gritted her teeth and humphed when she saw the smug face Chiho was giving her. She felt it was a bit unfair that she could not wash Misaki's back!

After logging out Misaki took off her Full Dive gear and got up and stretched her arms and legs before turning around to Chiho, saying. "I am going to go to the store. Do you want anything?"

"No, I am fine but are you going to be okay going by yourself? Do you want me to go with you?" Chiho asked.

"I should be fine I mean who can do anything to me with my current body. I am basically a superhuman." Misaki said jokingly as she flexed her nonmuscular arms

"Alright just be careful and try not to show your powers unless it is absolutely needed. Also, hide your face!" Chiho made sure to remind Misaki to be careful about showing her powers out in public. As well as exposing her identity.

"I know!" Misaki said as she ran out of the bedroom and got herself ready to leave.

Misaki had not been able to go out for a walk alone in a while. Her current fame had died down a lot but she still put on a face mask and a hat just to be on the safe side like Chiho had told her. She locked the door behind her and happily skipped down the hallway of her apartment building and took the elevator to the first floor. Opening the door to the outside and breathing in the night air relaxed Misaki who had been stressed out the past few days due to all the changes around her. She had no idea if the changes to her body would be permanent or not but she figured as long as she could live like always she would not let it bother her too much.

Misaki walked down the street which was aligned with a few apartment buildings, stores, and a few other businesses. Right as she rounded the corner to walk down the street that the convenience store was on she heard a very familiar yet spine tingling sound. "Splugie!"

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Misaki halted her steps and looked in the direction of the sound. The place where the sound was coming from was a small alley that was positioned in between flower shop and a small office building. Misaki slowly crept her way into the alley as she looked around. She got about a few meters in when she spotted something near a trash can up against one of the buildings. It was a blue roundish shaped object made out of gelatin.




"Am I seeing things!?" Misaki felt like her mind was about to explode. "What the fuck is a slime doing here!?" Misaki realized she had yelled a bit too loud so she quickly picked up the slime and ran out of the alley back towards her apartment! She had no idea why this thing had appeared in the real world or if this was actually a species of this world that she did not know about but truth being, she was holding a damn slime in her arms in the real world! Her only thought was to bring it back home and try to figure out what was going on with Chiho!