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40 Chizuru

 "Kido Sensei let go of my leg and remember where you are!" Misaki really wanted to kick her teacher across the room! It was a good thing no one other than Chiho was seeing this because there would be some serious misunderstandings!

Kido Sensei froze as she realized that she had completely broken her work persona! Her teary eyes looked up at Misaki and then Chiho. She slowly got up from the floor and dusted her clothes off. After clearing her throat she said: "I hope the two of you will not tell anyone about my real personality! I have to keep up such a front at school or I would lose my job within a day."

Misaki smiled and said: "I can't let my teacher get fired because I uncovered her true self. I was just surprised is all and what I said before about not teaming with you anymore was me probing you. Your reaction was much more than I had expected."

"Master that was so mean! I really thought you were going to abandon me!" Kido Sensei bit her lower lip and pouted. Even though she was in her early twenties Kido Sensei was still a very beautiful woman. So this pout was enough to soften anyone's heart.

Everyone except Misaki that is: "Well if you did keep walking away I would have ignored you in game... Anyway, you should hurry home because I will be logging in in about three hours."

Kido Sensei's eyes lit up as she nodded her head and said: "I will hurry home then. By the way, Misaki, Nagasawa, in private you two can call me Chizuru." Kido Sensei considered Misaki and Nagasawa her friends now so she was fine with them calling her by her first name in private.

"Then you can call me Mitsu." Misaki was not one to not return kindness when it was being shown to her.

Although reluctant to let Kido Sensei call Misaki by her first name Chiho could only smile bitterly as she said: "And you can call me Chiho..."

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"Alright, Chizuru I will message you when we log in so that you can log in as well. Do not log in before I message you. The area we are in is too high of a level for you to be walking around alone." Misak had remembered that the spot they logged out in was full of level thirty monsters and Chizuru... well Mimi was only level fifteen with no way of killing anything with her current gear.

Misaki and Chiho were about to leave when they were stopped by Chizuru."Wait! here take my number in case anything happens and you can't log in!"

Chizuru wanted to take this chance to pass her phone number to Misaki. Not only that but also so that she would not be sitting around waiting for a notice for when Misaki logged in if Misaki could not actually log in at all.

"Okay... Well, give me your Lime as well. It will be easier to stay in contact. " Misaki suggested. If she had Chizuru's Lime then she can directly send a message right before logging in.

Chizuru was very happy to also be able to talk to Misaki on Lime. she now felt that Misaki and her had a closer relationship now. Chiho, on the other hand, was irritated by how things were going between Misaki and Chizuru. But she didn't know why she was irritated! All she knew was that she did not like how Chizuru looked at Misaki!

After saying their goodbyes to Chizuru, Misaki and Chiho left the school. "Chiho can we stop at a bookstore and also a convenience store before heading to my house?"

"Sure what do you want to get?" Chiho had never known Misaki to go to a bookstore. It was more normal for her to go to a video game store than a book store.

"I need to get a book on sewing as well as a needle and thread set so I can make new armor. Although I am not sure if the needle and thread will work or not for making armor." Misaki still wanted to use the snakeskin she got in the Golem King's Lair to try to make a new set of armor with. If anything she could at least sew everyone a few more pairs of underwear to wear.

After purchasing a few books on sewing and a thread and needle set, Misaki and Chiho headed back to Misaki's house. They did their homework before Misaki sent Chizuru a message on Lime telling her to log in in the next ten minutes.

"Chiho if everything goes smoothly I should be able to meet up with you in game within the next two days then I can help power level you. I am trying to power level Chizuru as well hoping she can reach your level range by the time we reach you. If all goes as planned we can find a level sixty area and really start leveling you up!" Misaki really wanted to get Chiho and Chizuru closer to her level range then they can start searching for dungeons.

Luckily when a higher level is teamed with lower levels all the [XP] will go to the lower level. Of course, the amount of [XP] they get from the monsters that are higher level than them is capped to twenty percent the actual amount of [XP] they would have received if they had soloed it themselves. But with Misaki killing quickly they will still be able to gain [XP] faster no matter what. Once they reach Misaki's level range then Misaki will once again start gaining [XP]. Misaki did not mind not getting [XP] at this time since she only cared about getting the other two leveled up.