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38 New Discoveries!

 Misaki was amazed at Mimi's speed of learning, she was doing really well for only a few hours of in game training. She was keeping up pretty well with Misaki and even learned a bit of parkour just from watching Misaki. Her spell casting was getting faster as well as her aiming was becoming really good. Misaki also made leaps and bounds in her magic casting. She could now simultaneously cast three of the same or different spells at one time. She had integrated her spell casting fairly well with her parkour and movements. But all fun things must come to an end. Misaki got her five minute warning and it was time for her to log out.

"Mimi I have to log out. I will talk to you again soon!" Misaki said as she sat down on the ground near a tree.

"Okay, I will see you next time then... But how am I supposed to know when you log in..." Mimi did not want to be logged on unless Misaki was logged on.

"Umm... Is your system set up to receive offline messages to your email?" Misaki asked.

"Yes, it is! I forgot about that system. Then send me a message when you log on!" Mimi was happy she would now know when Misaki logged on.

"Don't worry, I will. You are our healer now so I need you to meet up with my friend as well." Misaki would not go back on her words. She would need Mimi to be in the same area as her in order for her to be of any use. Since Mimi would not be able to get anywhere on her own, Mimi had to be with Misaki when she was traveling.

After saying her goodbyes to Mimi, Misaki hit the logout button. She opened her eyes and carefully pulled her Full Dive gear off. But when she looked at her hud she saw that she was still teamed with Chiho and Mimi!

Chiho logged out not too long after Misaki and pulled her Full Dive gear off as well. She looked at Misaki with a pout on her face as she asked: " So did you have fun with that Mimi girl? Humph!" Chiho had no idea why she was so aggravated. But it bothered her to no end that Misaki was with another girl that was not her!

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Misaki not thinking anything of it replied: "Un! She was quite smart and learned quickly. She was able to keep up with me as I was parkouring around. She even learned a bit of parkour just from watching me."

Chiho looked at Misaki's smiling face and for some reason felt her position was being threatened by some friend stealing hussy! "Just don't forget about your best friend who is laying right next to you! Humph!"

Misaki looked at the pouting lip on Chiho's face and found it to be very cute. She leaned over and gently gave Chiho a hug. She was being very careful not to use too much strength. Feeling the warm embrace from Misaki, Chiho finally put a smile on her face as she enjoyed the warmth.

"Chiho you are my best friend who is like family to me. There is no way that I would have more fun with anyone else but you!" Misaki tried to reassure Chiho that no one was going to take her place as her best friend.

"Good! As long as you understand that I am your number one!" Chiho said as she broke free from Misaki's hug. "We need to wash up and get ready for school. Today will be the real test for you on controlling your strength."

"I know... I will do my best to control it. But Chiho before that I have to say that I can still see your name in the team section of my hud." Misaki paused for a second as a thought came to mind. "Call Angel..."

Chiho who was standing next to Misaki suddenly got a 3d holographic screen appearing in front of her that said [Player Misaki Calling] Chiho was startled at first but then pressed the accept button and said: "Hello?"

"Heh, so even that works to huh?" Misaki gave a bright smile. She then held her palm up facing the ceiling. She then imagined a ball of fire floating in the air above her hand. Right as her thought appeared in her mind a flash of light appeared above Misaki's hand and a baseball sized fireball was floating above her hand spinning in place as swirls of flames rolled around.

"Mi-Mitsu! That's magic! Magic! You can even use magic in the real world!?" Chiho's eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw the fireball floating in mid air in Misaki's hand.

"I was not sure if it was possible since I did not try out my plant controlling skill yet in the real world. But since I do not need to be outside to create a fireball I thought it would be safer to test this inside than outside. Well as you can see it is possible." Misaki said as she made the ball of fire float around her. She had already had plenty of practice in game with controlling her spells so she was able to manipulate the fireball with ease.

"Misaki make sure you do not show anyone else this. I am afraid that if someone else saw you use magic like this they would imprison you and turn you into a scientific experiment." Chiho was worried about Misaki's safety more than anything. If people found out she was some kind of superhuman. Misaki might be deemed a threat and imprisoned and experimented on.

"Don't worry Chiho, even if I did use such magic I can spawn them wherever I please as long as it is in my line of sight. Plus I wouldn't use magic anyways unless it was a necessity. Like protecting my beautiful best friend from some fiendish man who wants to make you his plaything." Misaki said jokingly.

"Okay... Just be careful." Chiho knew Misaki would never do anything that would cause herself harm.

"I will! I promise! Come on, we need to get ready or we will be late for school!" Misaki said as she gently took Chiho's hand and pulled her up off the bed and head to the bathroom to wash up and get ready.