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36 Casting Magic Part One

 Under Misaki's threat, Mimi nodded her head vigorously as she put her clothes back on and waited patiently while Misaki made her pair of undergarments. Mimi did not want to get on Misaki's bad side. Mainly because she did not want to get stabbed. Misaki has already shown her once that she would not hesitate to strike someone with her weapon. If not for Misaki's interest in magic she would have been killed already. It only took Misaki a few minutes to make a quick side tie underwear for Mimi.

"Here check it and see if they fit okay. Just tie the sides to keep them on." Misaki said as she handed her underwear creation to Mimi.

Mimi quickly put them on and checked the waist before jumping up and down to make sure they would stay on. "Master everything seems to be fine! Thank you!"

"That's good. Now just because you have underwear now does not mean you can go flashing every person who asks you to lift your skirt." Misaki said sternly. She wanted to make sure she reminded this damn girl once again to not lift her skirt for just anyone.

"Un! I won't lift it for anyone but Master!" Mimi said as she slightly blushed.

Misaki figured it was probably best if Mimi kept her thought process like that so she did not try to correct her. "Okay, I saved you and made your underwear. Show me the magic books."

Mimi quickly took out the two books she had and handed them to Misaki. Misaki was surprised to see how thick the books were. Instead of books, they were more like grimoires. After flipping through the pages Misaki could tell there was a ton of magic spells in these books. Not just beginner spells either there were even some ultimate spells as well. But the magic points needed for one cast was huge! Now Misaki was not sure if she would not have done the same thing and lifted her skirt for a few seconds to get these two books. They were priceless!

Misaki sat on the bed and started to read the grimoires seriously. Mimi was amazed at Misaki's reading speed. She had read an entire grimoire in less than a few minutes and then reread it another few times before moving to the next one. After twenty minutes Misaki handed the grimoires back to Mimi. "Here you go I have already memorized them."

"Huh? You already memorized them!?" Mimi was seriously amazed she could barely get her head around the first page never mind memorize both grimoires in less than a half hour!

"Yeah, I can remember anything I have read a few times and can then extract whatever I want from what I read later on without needing to look at the book again. Now I am going to go practice. You can either stay here or follow me." Misaki got up and turned to leave.

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Mimi also quickly got up and followed after Misaki yelling. "I'm coming with you!"

Misaki stored her hut away after Mimi exited it. She then walked out of the tree line into the open field. The bokeman world boss had long since left so Misaki decided to test out the spells from the grimoires she had just memorized.

"Let's see for attack magic the one with the least amount of mana usage is a fireball." Misaki held her hand out and opened her mouth and shouted: "Lyrical Magical.... Why the fuck am I supposed to say such vomit-inducing words!" The incantations that were in the grimoires all sounded like something you see on a Saturday morning Peppy Cure anime show! "Mimi I now understand why you mumble your spells..."

"Un! They are horrible! Every time I say a spell I feel like I want to vomit!" Mimi agreed one hundred percent with Misaki.

"Let's try this then... " Misaki once again stretched out her hand and shouted out "Fireball!"

A bright light flashed in front of Misaki's hand as a ball of fire came into being and hovered in the air. Misaki could feel her connection to the fireball as she used her mind to direct it to shoot forward towards the ground.


The fireball shot out at an extremely fast speed and hit the ground with a loud booming sound. Misaki was not expecting her one word incantation to work at all and was extremely surprised! After getting the feel of casting the fireball, Misaki decided to try out silent casting. This time she did not stick her hand out but instead just thought about the fireball forming in front of her and shooting out towards the ground. And just as Misaki had imagined the fireball formed in the spot she pictured in her mind and shot forward towards the ground causing another booming sound to reverberate within the air.

Misaki was so happy it worked she jumped up and down in excitement. Mimi who had just witnessed such a thing stood there dumbfounded. "Master how did you do that!?"

"I just pictured the whole thing in my mind. From creating the fireball to it shooting out towards the ground." Misaki gave a simple explanation. She did not want to explain too much since she herself did not get it since the grimoires themselves said that you needed an incantation in order to use magic. So she did not know exactly how this worked for her and was not sure if it would work for others.

"Oh! It works..." Mimi who was at the side had a shining barrier around her body.