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35 I Will Stab You!

 After almost an entire day of running away from the bokeman world boss. Misaki finally reached the edge of a strange looking forest. As soon as they stepped into the forest the large bokeman boss that was behind them roared out in anger before stopping and turning around. Misaki let out a sigh of relief as she stopped running and leaned against a tree to catch her breath. "Thank god it stopped following us."

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"Mmmm master smells good..." Mimi who was still riding on Misaki's back was sound asleep without a care in the world.

Not caring if Mimi was sleeping or not Misaki forced Mimi's fingers apart causing Mimi to fall backward smacking her head off the ground. Her legs were still wrapped around Misaki's waist so it was only her head that hit the ground. "Ow! Master how could you be so mean!?"

"Then don't say weird things in your sleep!" Misaki retorted. As she pried open the crab lock Mimi had on her waist.

There was an "Oof" sound as Mimi hit the ground. She slowly got up from the ground pouting her lower lip as she did. "Master you should treat me a little nicer!"

"Yeah, yeah..." Misaki rolled her eyes as she opened her inventory and tapped on her wooden house. The wooden house appeared in front of both Misaki and Mimi. Seeing the house Mimi's eyes opened wide.

"Master where did you get this?" Mimi was in awe as she looked at the wooden house.

"I made it. Come on, get in. I can't help make underwear for you outside the house or prying eyes might see more than they should." Misaki looked up into the sky as she said this.


Watase Toshi who was watching Misaki's movements blushed when he heard her say this. He quickly turned the monitor off figuring it would be best to not watch her for a while. "That girl's got good intuition."

What Watase Toshi did not know was that his sister, Watase Eriko sent in a secret update that added a notification to only Misaki's hud that let her know when she was being monitored. The update came with a simple message saying. "If you see the red light on do not get undressed and go inside a crafted house or inn if it is necessary for you too."

This was a precaution that Watase Eriko put into effect to keep her brother from becoming a criminal.


Misaki looked at her screen and smiled when she saw the red light go off. "Okay, Mimi take it off!"

"If Master, says so... It's just that it's my first time so please be gentle with me." Mimi said as she stripped down to nothing.

Misaki did not even know how to answer the damn girl so she ignored her and pulled out some cloth. She cut up a skirt so that she had a big piece of fabric and measured it up to Mimi's waist. For some reason, during the whole process, Mimi kept trying to spread her legs wider and wider. Misaki would then push the girl's legs back together so she could get proper measurements. After a bit of a struggle, Misaki finally got the measurements she needed. After standing up she turned to look at Mimi who was still standing there in the nude.

"Why do you have a look of disappointment on your face?" Misaki could see a very distinct look of disappointment on Mimi's face.

"Master are you not going to make me go Oooo, Ahhhh, and send me to heaven?" Mimi asked in all seriousness.

Misaki's eye twitched as she asked: "Mimi are you a lesbian?"

"Huh? No, I like men." Mimi gave Misaki a isn't it obvious look.

"Then why would you want me to take you to heaven if you are not a lesbian? In order to do that you would need to undergo an act of sexually related actions with me who is of the same gender." Misaki explained.

Misaki was from the internet generations so she knew all about that stuff at her age. She even looked it up out of curiosity. Mimi looked at Misaki with a questioning look that slowly changed to one of having an epiphany as she said: "Then I might be a lesbian... "

Misaki laughed as she said: "Well keep it to yourself for now until you are sure which way you go or if you go both ways. But just to let you know I am too young for any of that. So you will not be having me bring you to heaven anytime soon."

"Then how about starting off as my girlfriend!?" Mimi blurted out suddenly.

"No, sorry, I do not want a relationship with anyone." Misaki was getting tired of this conversation. She was hoping it would finish up soon. She had no idea how taking measurements to make the damn girl underwear turned into a talk about the girl's sexual preference and being confessed to.

"Then friends!?" Mimi felt some tears pushing into her eyes after being so flatly rejected.

Seeing the watery eyes in front of her Misaki let out a long sigh as she said: "We can be friends. But nothing more."

"Un! Un! Nothing more for now! I will prove myself to be a loveable person so you will come to like me!" Hearing this Misaki wanted nothing more than to just log out but she had to cover more ground before her eight hours was up so she could meet up with Chiho!

"Just do as you please but if you annoy me I will stab you!" Misaki threatened.