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34 Acquired A Slave

 Misaki once again did not get too far before the damn girl caught up to her with tears in her eyes and snot dripping from her nose. "Why do you keep leaving me behind!?"

Not able to take it anymore, without answering the girl's question Misaki raised her sword and swung down at the girl with a staff. "Ahh! Please don't kill me! I will do anything for you! I will become your slave! Just please don't kill me, I don't want to die!" Misaki, on the other hand, was too fed up with the girl and swung down even harder!



There was a loud bang as Misaki's sword hit a shield that surrounded the girl. The shield broke and shattered to pieces. But seeing the shield caused Misaki to halt her attack.

"You know spells?" Misaki was surprised to see the girl knew spells. This was a chance for her to learn some spells!

"Yes, I do!" The girl with the staff looked at Misaki with fear in her eyes.

"Good! If you teach me the spells you know I will save you and not kill you." Misaki gave the girl her ultimatum.

"I'll teach! I'll teach!" The girl with the staff shouted out excitedly as long as she did not have to die she did not care what she had to do!

"Okay get on my back and hang on. And do it fast that world boss is almost here." Misaki said as she knelt down to let the girl with the staff climb on her back.

The girl did not hesitate as she quickly scrambled onto Misaki's back and held on for dear life. Misaki then took off running trying to get as far away from the World Boss as fast as possible. All they had to do was get out of its territory. As they were running Misaki decided to check the girl's stats. "[Inspect]"

[Player Name] Mimi

[Race] Human

[Level] 12

"Mimi, why are you all the way out here when you are only level 12?" Misaki asked. This area was for level 20s and over. She found it hard for Mimi to be here at her current level.

"I got lost while wandering around...." Mimi had a slight blush on her cheeks as she said this.

Misaki looked at the cute blushing face and realized this girl was pretty cute when she was not screaming r*pe this r*pe that. "Well, you were lucky to survive until now. How did you learn magic?"

"I met an old man who said if I lifted my skirt he would teach me magic." Mimi's blushing cheeks became even more crimson.

Hearing Mimi's explanation caused Misaki to facepalm. "Did you really lift your skirt so he would teach you magic!?" Misaki yelled.

"Only for a few seconds... Then I quickly put it back down." Mimi answered.

"Well, at least you had underwear on right?" Misaki had to ask this because if she didn't the damn girl was nothing but a flasher!


Hearing No answer and how Mimi pushed her head into Misaki's back, Misaki already knew the answer to that. This poor girl was taken advantage of! But it was her own stupidity that led her to be taken advantage of! "The old man did not touch you did he?"

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"No! Once he saw under my dress his nose bled and he handed me two books on magic and told me to leave." Mimi explained.

"Well, you were lucky. From now on do not lift your skirt for any man that asks even if it is for a magic book. You never know what they might do to you. " Misaki scolded.

"I will do as Master says..." Mimi nodded her head seriously.

"Master? Why are you calling me that?" Misaki was confused as to why the girl was calling her master all of a sudden.

"I said if you helped me I would be your slave so that makes you my master!" It was only now that Misaki remembered that Mimi did in fact say something like that.

"Listen Mimi there is no need for you to become my slave. I am helping you because you are willing to teach me the magic you know." Misaki did not want a slave girl. It made her feel awkward.

"No! I made a promise and I must keep it!" Mimi pumped her fist in the air to show her determination.

Misaki felt another headache coming on but if the girl acted normal she would not care about her hanging around. "Do as you want then... Anyway, Mimi, are you wearing underwear now? Or do you need some?" Mimi once again started to blush. Seeing this Misaki already knew what the answer was. "So you've been running around with nothing?"

"Yes, for some reason my beginner gear had no underwear... " Mimi bit her lower lip. How was she supposed to know that the weapon she chose would give nothing but a long skirt!

"Ahh... yeah, I can see that since mine did not either but I also happen to take some from the house I was in when I first spawned into the world." Misaki was now somewhat happy that she spawned in that house. Because she was able to have a pair of underwear when she first arrived. "Alright, when we can stop running from the damn world boss. We will see if what I got will fit you if not I will make you a pair out of the extra clothes I have. I will have to do measurements but just bear with it."

"Thank you, Master!" Tears welled up in Mimi's eyes she had been running around with nothing covering her butt since she started the game. She even showed her important bits to an old man for magic spells! But now here, her Master was willing to make her a pair of underwear!

"It's fine we should all help each other out. You will be teaching me magic and I will be helping to protect you and make you some undergarments." Misaki thought nothing of it. It seemed the girl was not the brightest person in the world but she did seem to be a good girl at least.