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33 Please Be Gentle

 "Okay, Chiho I will work my way to you. But I am amazed that you are already level twenty." Misaki could see the Chiho's level on her hud where it displays her level, health, mana, and stamina.

"Yeah, I've been grinding like crazy to try to catch up to you. Do you know how many slimes I had to kill!? It's not easy to level up when you reach a certain level. The starting weapon and armor are shit and I can barely survive in a one on one with a monster of my level." Chiho complained.

"Okay go grind I will come to you as fast as I can but you are like on the other side of the world so it will take me some time." Misaki frowned when she saw how far Chiho was from her current position. It seemed that the game randomly spawned you all over the place.

"Okay, I will try to work my way towards you as well." Chiho knew it was a long trip so she could only try her best to move in the direction Misaki was coming in.

Misaki had a long trip ahead of her as she started off in the direction that Chiho was in. She had no idea how long this trip would take since she could only play for eight hours at a time. She had no idea where any towns were or what level an area each place she came to was until she saw a monster.

Right now she was currently in a level twenty area and in front of her was a plant like turtle with a cute face. It actually reminded her of one of those bokemons from that famous anime show she used to watch when she was younger. Misaki walked over to it as it stared at her with those big round watery eyes that just made you want to pick it up and cuddle it. She raised her hand into the air and... slashed down with the sword that was in her hand, slicing the damn cute bokemon in half! "I won't be tricked again!"

Misaki was still on a kill all cute things trip. As she picked up her loot from the bokemon. She went to continue on when she heard a yell coming from not too far away. "Help me! "

Misaki turned to see a girl with a staff that looked kinda familiar running right towards her. Behind her was a very large bokemon! Seeing the large monster chasing after the girl with the staff made Misaki want to curse out loud! In fact, she did just that! "What the fuck are you running to me for!"

"Ahh! Save me! Save meeeeeeee!!! I do not want to die!" The girl with the staff yelled out.

It was only now that Misaki remembered who this girl was. She was the damn girl who was talking about r*pe this r*pe that and yelling at her not to eat her. Seeing this same damn girl come running right to her with a world boss trailing behind her really gave Misaki a headache! "Yep, I do not want to get involved with her."

Misaki turned around and started to run away! Seeing this the girl's face paled as her only salvation seemed to be running away! "Why are you running away!? Are you not supposed to act as a knight and shining armor and save the damsel in distress!? Please save me!" The girl then mumbled some words and her little legs shot forward as her speed increased drastically!

To Misaki's surprise, the damn girl was really fast! She caught up to Misaki then jumped and clung on to Misaki's leg! "Why did you run aw..." Finally taking a good look at Misaki the girl's face turned pale as she yelled out "Ahhh Demon!"


"Don't make me hit you!" Misaki couldn't take the damn girl anymore so she could only hit her!

"You just did hit me! Wait... your the r*pist!" The girl with a staff shouted out of nowhere.

Misaki's face turned black she shook her leg violently and... shook the damn girl with a staff off! "Sorry! I have no time for your antics. "

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The girl fell to the ground on her butt letting out a yelp of pain. "Fine! If you save me I will let you r*pe me! At least being r*ped will feel better than dying!" The girl with a staff once again mumbled something and shot towards Misaki.

Before Misaki could get very far her leg was once again latched on to. "Damn girl! Let go of me!"

"Just save me! I am even letting you r*ape me!" The girl shouted out at the top of her lungs.

"R*pe yourself who would even want to r*pe you. Do you have some kind of r*pe fetish?" As Misaki's words finished a loud booming sound was heard as debris were flying everywhere.

Both Misaki and the girl with the staff were sent flying. When Misaki finally got her bearings again she looked down at her arms where the girl was curled up into a ball in a princess carry. She looked up at Misaki with her beautiful big watery eyes and said softly "Please be gentle it's my first time..."

Misaki's brow twitched as she tossed the girl to the ground and started running away again!