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32 100% Bonafide Gamer

 The two girls got back to Misaki's house and Misaki with a dejected face followed behind Chiho as Chiho opened the door and handled everything. Seeing the pitiful look on Misaki's face made Chiho feel somewhat bad. "Mitsu~ You will be able to control your strength soon. Did you not take your Full Dive gear off just fine when you logged out?"

"That was because I always handle the Full Dive gear with delicacy. I'm afraid I'll break it. It had cost me so much money that I have had to eat ramen for months now." Misaki explained.

"Well, how about you treat everything with the same delicacy and that should help you with your strength issue." Chiho suggested.

"I will try... For now, I just want a bath and relax a bit." Misaki wanted to use a hot bath to relieve some of her stress.

In the bathtub, Misaki was sitting in Chiho's lap resting her head up against her chest. "Chiho your boobs make good pillows."

"At least they are good for something other than hurting my back and getting in the way. To be honest I would prefer small ones like yours." Chiho leaned her head back and closed her eyes. It has been a stressful day for the both of them mentally.

"Small ones? You call this small? More like flat as a board..." Misaki squeezed her chest with her hands. "Okay I'm hot, I'm getting out." Feeling a bit depressed about her chest size Misaki decided to just get out of the bath altogether. After drying off and carefully getting changed Misaki did her best to treat everything she touched with delicacy.

A few hours later, Tetsu arrived with a bunch of strength testing equipment. After dropping the equipment off and showing them how to use it he left right away. There were many different styles from two kilograms to ninety kilograms. As well as a machine that tested grip strength. Misaki went right to the ninety kilogram handgrip picked it up and squeezed.


"Uh... Chiho, I'm sorry I broke it!" Misaki said all flustered as she looked at the broken handgrip in her hand.

"It's fine I expected this to happen. Use the machine instead." Chicho said with a smile. She had figured the little handgrips could not withstand Misaki's grip.

Misaki turned her attention to the machine which Chiho had just turned on. She was not sure if she should touch the machine or not. She was afraid she might break it like the other one. "Relax, Mitsu this machine can withstand two thousand kilograms of pressure."

Hearing that it could withstand so much Misaki felt a little bit better as she gripped the machine's handgrip. "Six hundred and eleven just like my strength stat."

"Do you have any status points?" Chiho asked.

"I do. Should I add a few points into strength? " Misaki seemed to have the same thought process as Chiho. She summoned her menu and went to the status screen. Like the Inventory, this screen was also a 3d projection that allowed Misaki to touch it. She added two more points into strength and then squeezed the handgrip again. "Six hundred and thirteen. So it seems that my current strength is due to my stats. So does this mean in the future when I level up in game I will grow stronger in real life?"

"It seems to be that way. Mitsu maybe you should not play anymore..." Chiho was worried something might happen to Misaki.

"No! I will play! I don't care if I get stronger in the real world. I spent so much money on this game and waited for so long for it to come out, I will continue to play even if I become a monster." Misaki said with determination. She was a one hundred percent bonafide gamer. No one could stop her from playing a game she wanted to play!

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"Alright, alright. Just so you know Mitsu no matter what happens in the future I will always be by your side. You were the first friend I ever made. There is no way that I will leave my friend when she needs me the most. Even if you do become a monster. Well, unless you turn into a slime then I might stab you..." Chiho knew she could not change Misaki's mind so she at least wanted to let her know that she would never leave her side even if she became a monster.

"You had a bad experience with the slimes too I see..." Misaki shivered just thinking about the cute little things.

"Un... I almost wanted to sue Eternal games for making such a cute creature. Who would have thought that even if it was that cute it had such a mean bite!"

After a few more hours of practice, Misak finally got her strength under control to a point that as long as she was not overly excited she would not crush anything with her hands. After eating some food the two girls decided to play more Eternal Phantasy. "Misaki when we get in game I will send you a message. I think you can invite me from there to join your team. After which you can find my location on the map. "

"Okay, then I will wait for your message then." Misaki said as she laid down next to Chiho and carefully put her Full Dive gear on.

A few minutes after she got into game she received a message from Chiho.


[Player Angel would like to voice chat with you.]

Misaki hit the accept button right away. She already knew that it was Chiho because it was the same name she always used when playing MMOs. "Mitsu are you able to invite me to team?"

"Hold on checking now." Misaki clicked on Chiho's name which brought up more selections. She smiled when she saw the invite button and quickly pressed it.


[Player Angel has joined your team!]