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30 Watase Toshi Calls

 Misaki was confused as to what this upload thing was. There was no further information than the notification. Misaki decided since she could not figure out what it was she would just go back the way she came and check the right passage. When she did she walked all the way to the end and found nothing there. Seeing that there was nothing else here Misaki figured it would be best to backtrack to where she came down and leave the dungeon.


Eternal Games' main building...


The door to Watase's office was slammed open and a young woman who was out of breath came running in. "Sir! She's back and everything seems fine! Her brain wave patterns did spike once but it was only for a second before returning to normal. We did a full scan and there are no problems with her brain."

Watase Toshi let out a sigh of relief. "Okay monitor her closely. If there are any changes let me know."

"Yes sir!" the girl said before turning around and running out of the office.

Watase thought for a moment before going to his desk and turning on his monitor. He brought up a program and hit one of the buttons. "Hello, This is Watase Toshi of Eternal Games, Miss Misaki, I would like to ask a few questions about what just happened."


On the other side, Misaki had just sat down to rest after climbing back up the cliff inside the dungeon when she heard a ringing in her head.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

A window popped up in front of Misaki.

[System Admin Calling]

Misaki was surprised to see such a thing so she hit the yes button to accept the call. "Umm... Hello?"

"Ahh yeah, Miss Misaki. My name is Watase Toshi president of Eternal Games. I need to ask a few questions. When you entered the abyss did you do anything special?" Watase Toshi could only rely on Misaki's description of what she did to enter the abyss to figure out if there was some kind of loophole or bug in the system.

"Umm... No, not that I know of..." Misaki answered. She did not see anything special when entering the abyss, it was too dark to see.

"How did you enter the abyss?" This question was so that he could put a few members of his team on bug testing to see if they can replicate what had happened.

"I used a bunch of Spider Silk that I took out from spiders to climb down." Misaki's answer caused Watase to be confused even if she used a rope she still should not have been able to climb down.

"Okay and last question. What was the area like that you had entered when you finally hit ground level in the abyss?" Depending on her answer here Watase Toshi would know if she had entered her own cerebral cortex or not.

"I was in a long hallway where the walls were grey and looked as if they were breathing. There were tubes in the wall and constant blue lights flying through them." Misai explained.

"Okay thank you for answering my questions, Miss Misaki. If you have any issues please contact me directly. I have sent an email to your inbox with my contact information. I will hang up now. Thanks again for your cooperation." After leaving these words Watase Toshi hung up. He then had bug testers work on testing out what Misaki did to see if they could experience what she did. He still had a bit of worry since it sounded like she did, in fact, enter her cerebral cortex.

Misaki saw that the line was disconnected and wondered why she was asked so many questions. "I wonder if I went to an area I was not supposed to go to?"

Shrugging her shoulders Misaki got up and headed out of the dungeon. Seeing the sun's light again caused Misaki to smile as she let out a long sigh as her five-minute log out warning popped up. "I guess I will log out then."

Misaki woke up to find her hand being interlocked with Chiho's. Misaki thought nothing of it as she pulled her hand free, got up, and took off her full dive helmet. A few minutes later Chiho also woke up. "Morning Mitsu..."

"Good Morning Chiho come wash your face with me so we can get ready for school. Otherwise, we will be late." Misaki said as she got up from the bed and went to grab the doorknob.

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Misaki looked down and saw the doorknob in her hand was now crushed in her palm. Misaki stared at the doorknob in disbelief. Misaki then twisted the knob and pulled the door only to have the whole door come off the wall! It was only then that she realized in her peripheral vision had not changed since she exited the game! In game there were a bunch of icons that could be seen in her peripheral vision and normally they would disappear when she logged out but for some reason, they are still there. Misaki looked at the door in her hand and felt extremely confused. She turned to Chiho who was staring at her wide eyed. "Chiho am I still sleeping?"

"No, your wide awake Mitsu..." Chiho came out of her daze and answered.

"Then why do I still see my in game hud? Why am I also able to crush doorknob with my bare hands and even rip the door off the wall?" Misaki was very confused! If this was not a dream then why was she like some superhero all of a sudden!?

Misaki's questions were something Chiho could not answer so she could only say: "Why don't we skip school today I will have Jiji call in for us."