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 Enteral Games' main office...

"You still have not found her?" Watase Toshi was getting really anxious. It had been over three hours since Misaki had disappeared. They could not trace her no matter how much they tried.

"Sir this is the world designer for the Golem King's Lair. " A man came over and introduced a young man around twenty five years old.

"Good, tell me is that whole dungeon sealed off? There are no cracks in the world layers?" Watase Toshi did not even greet the young man before he started asking questions.

"Sir the black abyss is supposed to have a kill zone for the player if they enter it." The young man answered.

"Some fucking kill zone that is! She fucking climbed right the fuck down into the abyss! If the kill zone did not work then she probably entered her cerebral cortex! Fuck!" Watase Toshi was losing it. There was no way of knowing what happens when someone enters their cerebral cortex. If she accidentally damaged anything in there it might have adverse side effects and could cause her to become brain dead or even kill her! "You pack up your things and leave, your fired... I said many times during the process that all spaces must have a fucking mesh! If there were any holes it could cost more than you can imagine to fix. You better hope that Misaki is okay otherwise you will be going to jail with me and the rest of the team. You might have just ruined a teenage girl's life because of your laziness! "

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"But sir I know I added a kill Zone! There was no..." The young man could not finish his words when he was suddenly punched in the face.


"Ahh!" Watase Toshi could no longer control his rage and punch the young man in the nose.

"A fucking kill zone can bug out! Just adding a fucking kill zone means nothing if you do not fully make sure there is a mesh to backup the kill zone! Are you a fucking idiot? You don't even know how to follow simple instructions! If there was no mesh in the abyss area all you had to do was send it back to the modeling team!" Watase Toshi yelled.

"Sir there was a mesh there... I have the model on my computer. The whole thing was fully sealed." The artist responsible for the Golem King's Lair came into the room and spoke up.

"What!?" It was not just Watase Toshi who said this but everyone else in the room as well. Everyone's reaction was the same.

"Sir even in the live version there is a floor at the bottom of the abyss just under where it goes black. Take a look here." Everyone looked at the screen where the abyss was located with the effects for the abyss turned off there was indeed a floor underneath. Not only was the dungeon fully meshed but the entire abyss also had a kill zone there. And all the collisions were working. There should have been no way for her to go through the floor.

With this, everyone was at a loss. No one understood how Misaki disappeared. "How is her signal? Is she still logged in?" Watase Toshi could only ask this as of now. It was the only way to see if Misaki was okay.

"Her signal is still there and her brain wave patterns also seem to be okay. We just can not track her location." A young woman said.

"Ahh! Fine, keep watch on where she might be. See if she shows back up! The guy I just fired revoke what I said and take him to the hospital and pay for his medical fees also give him a bonus..." Watase Toshi could only walk back to his office and hope things turned out okay.


Meanwhile, Misaki was walking down a grey hallway that had tubs with blue lights flashing through it. She had come to a location where there was a split. "Hmm which way should I go? I still have about three hours left before I have to log out. I guess I will just do this old school style and go left!"

Misaki turned left and followed the hallway to the end where she came to a location where a small ball of light covered in a black sludge was located. "I wonder what this is?"

Misaki took out her katana and poked the sludge. The sludge wiggled when being poked and started to slowly move towards Misaki. Seeing this Misaki put away her katana and took out her Queen's Blade. "[Inspect]"

[Cerebral Protector]

[Level ???]

"Now there is a unique name and that level... Well, the level does not matter with how slow it's moving. Let's see how much experience points it will give me." Misaki said with a smile.

Unfortunately the grand battle she thought she was going to have did not happen nor did she get any experience points. As soon as her Queen's blade sliced into the sludge it stopped moving altogether, shriveled up, and then turned into dust before disappearing. All that was left was a bright glowing ball in front of her. Misaki looked at it and said: "[Inspect]"

[Cerebral Interface]

Seeing the name caused Misaki's curiosity to peak. She walked over to the bright glowing ball and touched it. She felt a surge of information that she could not understand enter her brain. The information was all ones and zeros. Misaki never learned binary code so she could not make heads or tales of it.


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