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28 Descending Into The Abyss

 Misaki sat down on top of one of the dead spiders and cleaned her Queen's blade off. "I am not sure if these spiders have one but as spiders, they should have silk right?"

Misaki hopped off the spider and walked around to its butt. Misaki had remembered reading that spiders had a few holes called spinnerets that they took the silk out from. It starts off in a liquid form then hardens when meeting with the air. Misaki took out her katana and dug it into one of the spinnerets and pulled it back out. A white thin thread was attached to the tip of Misaki's katana. Seeing the white silk made Misaki happy. She took out a piece of wood from her inventory and started to spin the wood winding the spider silk around it. Misaki did this for each of the nineteen spiders. "This should help with making armor later on."

After collecting the spider silk, Misaki made her way through the dungeon. She killed her way through until she had finally reached a large double door. Misaki looked at the door crossed her arms across her chest and nodded her head. "Yep, definitely the boss room. Although I might die it will still be a good chance to see what a dungeon boss is like in this game."

Misaki pushed open the big doors in anticipation. She walked in with a sword in hand as she looked around. She was already standing in the middle of the room but nothing was happening. "Where's the boss?"

There was nothing in this room. It was completely empty.


[System Message]

[A Slime Appeared]


"What the fuck kind of boss is this!?" A slime appeared out of nowhere. Seeing the adorably cute creature with its big round eyes Misaki walked over to it, reached out with her dainty hand and flicked it dead.


[World System Message!]

[Player Misaki has conquered the Golem King's Lair]


"Anyone want to tell me why the fuck a slime showed up as the boss for the Golem King's Lair?" Watase Toshi was mad. Real mad. This was the first completion of a dungeon and the last boss was a damn level 1 slime!

"Sir we do not know either... No matter how many times we look at the code there is just no way for a slime to have been able to spawn there. That is a level 60 dungeon! The miniature Golem King was supposed to spawn but for some reason, it did not. " One of the Eternal Games tech people reported.

"How can that be? You're telling me there is nothing wrong with the code? A slime... A fucking slime just spawned in place of the dungeon boss! Did the fucking dungeon boss go on vacation or something!?"

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While the higher-ups at Eternal games were screaming and yelling at each other Misaki was now standing at the edge of a drop off that leads down into the black abyss below. "Since the boss room was very lackluster and gave nothing but another ore rock." After Misaki killed the slime a large ore rock appeared that was about the same size as the starlight ore.

"Instead of risking falling to my death as I climb down the side I mise well use the silk I gathered as a rope." Misaki mumbled to herself as she pulled out the silk she had gathered from the spiders.

Misaki unwound the silk from the stick and tied one end to a large rock. After tugging on it quite a bit to make sure it would support her body weight she tied the other end to her body and tossed the excess off the edge of the cliff leading to the abyss below. After once again checking to make sure the spider silk would hold her weight Misaki slowly started to climb down into the abyss.

As Misaki descended she took out one of the glowing rocks she dug from the walls earlier to give herself some light. As soon as she got a few meters down. light ceased to exist and was completely pitch black. The still of the darkness did not bother Misaki. In fact, it rather excited her adventurous spirit to want to know what lay beyond the darkness.

Misaki continued to descend until she got to the end of the first batch of spider silk. She then took out another batch and continued down. Hours passed and Misaki finally planted her feet on the ground. The area she was in was not rocky like the cave above but a more organic location. There was what looked to be tubes that had constant bolts of bluish light running through it. While the walls seemed to be made of some kind of alien like material that looks slimy and wet. Misaki did not notice this on her climb down since she did not really touch the wall since the rope extended out away from the wall the further down she got. "What is this place..."

Misaki looked around in awe. The whole area reminded her of a science fiction movie where someone ended up in the alien's lair where the walls were actually alive. There only seemed to be the one path so Misaki could only go in a straight line as she walked along the path.


Inside an office in the Enteral Games building, Watase Toshi was having an issue. He had been watching Misaki as she descended off the side of the cliff in the cave but after descending a few meters all ability to track her was gone. He tried many things but was not able to get a focus on her again. Frustrated Watase Toshi hit a number on his phone: "Send me whoever created the Golem King's Lair." Watase Toshi scratched his head as he mumbled: "Where did that damn girl go!?"