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27 Nasty Spiders!

 The school day ended and Misaki went back to her home with Chiho via car. Chiho was going to stay at Misaki's house tonight until Grandpa Nagasawa finished settling the shifts to guard Misaki's house. Chiho had Tetsu bring her Full Dive equipment so that she could play while sleeping. There was only one bed in Misaki's house and no futon so the two girls would have to share it. "Chiho I'm going to do my homework, eat, and wash up first before I start playing. What do you want to do?"

"I will do the same. I want to make sure I do all that before I start playing or I might never end up doing it..." Unlike Misaki who could do her homework in a short amount of time because to her it was "simple", Chiho still had to take her time to do her homework.

"Okay if you need any help just let me know. I will order some food so we can eat when it gets here." Misaki did not have much money but since Chiho was staying the night she could not give her friend cup ramen. So this little visit was going to cause her wallet to be a little tight for the rest of the month.

"Let me order I will pay. Jiji gave me a black card that I hardly use. Which means buying some food is easy. I know you are on a tight budget. " Chiho said as she waved the black card in her hand in the air.

Misaki was almost in tears as she ran over to Chiho and hugged her. "Chiho, it's only you who cares about me!"

"Yeah, yeah enough of the mushy stuff!" Although Chiho said this she was actually enjoying the warmth and did not push Misaki away.

After homework, food and a bath together. The two girls laid down on Misaki's bed and put their full dive helmets on. "Mitsu when you get out of that dungeon we will need to meet up so you can power level me!"

"Okay, I will once I finish this dungeon." Misaki said right as she turned her Full Dive helmet on.

After logging in Misaki was relieved to see that she was still in the dungeon and did not get kicked out. She was afraid she would be kicked outside the dungeon and then have to wait a set amount of time for it to open again. There was only one issue when she logged in. The room she had deemed safe to log out in was now infested with a spider type monster. There were around twenty of them all in the same room. Luckily she had not moved yet or the login invisibility buff would disappear. Misaki really wanted to know if the devs did this on purpose for soloing the world bosses or not. Because this room should have been a safe area!

Misaki had no choice but to wait for the spiders to move away from her enough so that she would not aggro them as soon as she became visible. Each spider was level 61. [Inspect]

[Cave Spider]

[Level: 61]

The sight of these spiders did cause Misaki to shiver. One thing she hated the most was spiders and being stuck in a room full of huge spiders was not a happy experience. Misaki got her Queen's Blade ready. When the Spiders finally wandered to the other side of the room Misaki rushed forward along the wall parkoured up it did a backflip landed on the back of one of the spiders and before it could react she stabbed down into its head. The spider did not even get a chance to cry out in pain before it died. But this did not mean that Misaki's actions went unnoticed the death of one of their own caused the other nineteen spiders to take notice of Misaki.

"Shit!" Misaki was hoping to fight one on one not nineteen on one! Misaki moved quickly as she dodged attacks from the spiders.

Misaki could only move backward and stop them from encircling her. She wanted to get close to the wall so she could parkour up it and flip herself on to one of the backs of the spiders as she had just done. The reason being was that now that they were all clustered together she could easily use the backs of these spiders to parkour herself from spider back to spider back.

Finally, after many near misses, Misaki was finally close enough to the wall where she could turn around and run up it. Misaki ran up it as far as she could to give herself the height she needed and sprung off the wall flipping herself backward. She twisted her body mid air and landed on the back of another spider. But this time she came down with sword first, stabbing it directly into its head. Once her sword was pulled back out from the spider's skull, Misaki flipped herself to another spider and did the same. After many flips, twists, and turns Misaki had finally cleared all the spiders out. What laid before her now was nothing but spider corpses. Msaki looked around the room and her eyes widen in surprise. The spot that she used to flip from before was melting away as a purple fluid seemed to be sprayed all over the wall.

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"What!? Is that poison? It melted the damn wall!" Misaki realized how lucky she was during this fight. If that poison had hit her she would have melted away as well. Just thinking about the trauma she would get if such a thing happened really scared Misaki! "Thank god I did not fight them head on!"

Misaki looked down at her sword and frowned. It was currently covered in green goopy blood. "At least its blood was not corrosive."